3PM – 4PM

3:00 P.M. – After the other end of the phone goes silent, Jack calls out for Robert Ellis. In New Orleans, an unseen killer rummages through Ellis’ belongings looking for clues. The person then hangs up Ellis’ cell phone, disconnecting Jack. Ellis lies dead on the floor of the restroom. At CTU, Milo briefs Jack about the three possible shooters he uncovered. One of them is Alexis, Victor Drazen’s son who had been trained in Belgrade’s special forces.Meanwhile, Elizabeth Nash phones her lover, Alexis, with news that Senator Palmer changed his travel plans. The campaign staff is remaining in Los Angeles. They agree to meet at 4:30.

3:05 P.M. – Jack phones the safe house to speak to Teri. He had sensed in their last conversation that something was wrong, but when he asks her about it, Teri avoids revealing anything.

3:06 P.M. – Milo forwards the photos of the suspected assassins to the Secret Service, and Agent Pierce shows them to the assembled Palmer campaign team. Elizabeth reacts when she realizes that Alexis is possibly a killer. Palmer goes to her, concerned.

Nina questions Kim about Rick’s involvement in the kidnapping, but Kim defends him as a helper to their escape. Although Nina suspects that she has developed Stockholm Syndrome for her kidnapper, Kim claims she does not know where Rick is. Teri finishes her prematurely ended interrogation with Nina, saying that she absolves her of blame for having a relationship with Jack. When Nina suggests that Kim may have developed feelings for Rick, Teri abruptly denies the assessment.

3:10 P.M. – Palmer notifies Jack that Elizabeth Nash had been conducting an intimate relationship with Alexis Drazen, and Jack sends a helicopter to pick her up for questioning. Jack lets Palmer know that he lost contact with Robert Ellis. He assumes that Ellis is dead.

3:15 P.M. – Kim calls Rick, and explains that although Nina is pushing her to confess, she is covering for him. Rick cuts short their conversation when a girl named Melanie enters his room.

Nina once again attempts to glean information from Teri, but Teri is abrasive about the Jack situation. Nina gives up her questioning, and suggests that another agent finish the interrogation with Teri.

Deputy Director George Mason arrives at CTU to tell Jack that he is his new supervisor. Alberta Green was sent to District with Ryan Chapelle. Mason brings up the Drazen connection, and Jack explains that Palmer is a target because he chaired the subcommittee that authorized the mission to kill Victor Drazen. Jack also informs him that Robert Ellis may be dead, and that a member of Palmer’s advance team is involved with Alexis Drazen. Mason suggests that they just arrest Alexis, but Jack is insistent that they question Elizabeth Nash first and allow her to help lure in Alexis.

3:20 P.M. – Palmer promises Keith that, although he hasn’t been a good father in the past, he will be there for him in the future. Yet when Keith inquires about telling the police the suspicions surrounding George Ferragamo’s death, Palmer admits that they have decided to hold off for the time being. Keith jumps to the conclusion that his father is merely putting his campaign ahead of anything else.

3:23 P.M. – Outside the safe house, the man who pretended to be an FBI agent at the clinic phones Andre Drazen. The man, whose name is Jovan Myovic, has killed the CTU agents guarding the safe house. He assures Andre that he will soon get to Teri and Kim.

3:28 P.M. – When Jack tries unsuccessfully to log into his computer, Milo tells him that his security access has been downgraded. Milo hooks him up with a temporary entry onto the network. Jack asks if Milo has noticed anyone acting strangely at CTU. He fears that there is another traitor inside the agency.

3:31 P.M. – Keith angrily talks to Carl on the phone, but agrees to meet him at the Griffith Park Observatory. He enlists his sister Nicole to help him slip out from the Secret Service agents. She creates a diversion, and Keith exits the hotel suite unnoticed.

When Elizabeth Nash arrives at CTU, she tells Mason and Jack that she met Alexis in a bar. Jack brings up the possibility of her planting a tracking device on Alexis, but Elizabeth is uneasy about ever seeing the man again. Yet faced with the prospect of something happening to Senator Palmer, Elizabeth agrees to play the spy for them.

3:36 P.M. – At the safe house, CTU Agent Paulson runs through mug shots with Teri and Kim. He notices that they both exhibit some awkwardness when Eli’s face comes up on the screen, but Kim quickly replies that she knows nothing about him. Unbeknownst to them, Jovan Myovic, the shooter, enters the safe house and kills one of the agents.

3:41 P.M. – Agent Paulson continues to debrief the women, but Teri’s exhaustion causes her to lose focus. The events of the day, both physical and emotional, are taking their toll on her. Agent Paulson gives them a minute alone, and goes into another room. When he sees that none of the other agents are at their posts, he grows suspicious and hides Teri and Kim in a closet. Paulson trains his gun on Myovic, who comes out with his hands raised. As Paulson approaches Myovic, a second shooter named Mishko appears and grabs Paulson from behind. Myovic picks up his gun, but before he can kill Paulson, he hears a noise. Teri and Kim run to the garage and get in the car. The shooters hear this and go after them, firing as the car pulls away. Paulson gets up and kills Mishko. Myovic shoots Paulson, and then chases Teri and Kim with another car.

At CTU, Milo gives Jack the news that Ellis’ body was found. Jack is surprised when Nina arrives back at CTU since he specifically asked her to watch his family. She tells him that there was no reason for her to stay because Teri and Kim are safe.

3:46 P.M. – Myovic follows Teri and Kim into the hills. When she thinks she’s lost him, Teri pulls over at the side of a hill. She gets out to look for him, leaving Kim alone in the car. Suddenly, the dirt underneath gives way and the car goes crashing down the cliff. It explodes into flames. Teri watches, horrified at the thought of Kim dying in the crash. She becomes dizzy and faints.

3:52 P.M. – At the Griffith Observatory, Keith angrily attacks Carl, demanding justice for George Ferragamo’s death. Carl suggests that a lie to incriminate Keith could surface if he goes public with the truth about Ferragamo. Keith counters with a threat about exposing Carl to the money men behind Palmer’s campaign. Then Carl tells him that there is evidence in the Ferragamo fire that will frame Keith for the murder. Carl warns Keith to back off. When Carl leaves, Keith pulls out a tape recorder — he has taped their whole conversation.

3:55 P.M. – When he can’t find the women, Myovic gives up the search. Teri wakes up, dazed. A young woman named Tanya drives up in a car. She asks Teri if she is all right. Teri, however, can’t even remember her own name. Tanya offers to give her a ride, and with no other option, Teri accepts.

3:59 P.M. – Near the crash site, Kim wakes up on the side of the hill. She is bruised, but alive. She sees the smoke from the nearby car from which she escaped before it went up into flames. Kim looks around the empty road, and calls out for her mother.

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