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5:00 A.M. – The doctors attempt to revive Janet as her blood pressure crashes in surgery. Jack tells Teri not to let anyone near Janet because she may be in real danger. He pulls up to CTU, and hands over the body in the trunk of the car to Nina. Jack gets into a waiting helicopter, asking Nina not to let on that he requisitioned it for personal use. Tony immediately warns Nina about covering up for Jack, but she tells him to back off.5:05 A.M. – Gaines has Rick bury Dan at the compound. Kim confides in Rick that they should both try to escape since their lives are in danger.

5:06 A.M. – Palmer summons Carl to the hotel suite, and inquires whether he not only knew about Keith’s involvement in Lyle Gibson’s death, but he covered it up without Palmer’s knowledge. Carl comes clean about helping Keith, who only struck back at Gibson in self-defense. He had hidden the truth to save the election. Palmer claims he would have gone to the police. Carl notes that Sherry was the one who sent Keith to him in the first place.

5:14 A.M. – Kim helps Rick dig the grave. He bares his guilt to her, admitting that they were only supposed to hang out with her and Janet. No one was to get hurt.

5:16 A.M. – Jack arrives at the hospital, warning the security there to protect Janet. He greets Teri, and begins to question Alan York. Knowing that York has been a comfort, Teri is bothered by Jack’s interrogation.

5:19 A.M. – Palmer confronts his wife about her sending Keith to Carl. The entire family had been keeping the secret from him to protect the election. Palmer admonishes Sherry of being too ambitious. She wants to do anything to keep the story from coming out because Keith may be sent to jail.

5:27 A.M. – As they dig, Kimberly and Rick talk about their mothers. Feeling she has made a bond with him, Kim urges Rick to help her escape. Gaines takes Kim to the house.

Nina still has no name attached to the unidentified body. Jack has her put Jamey on the case so that it’s solved sooner.

5:29 A.M. – Teri apologizes to York for her husband’s behavior. Jack pulls her away, and reveals that there is a threat on Palmer’s life. Janet was endangered because she was with Kim, who may have been kidnapped because of Jack’s work. Teri is upset, but Jack assures her that Kim most likely will not be hurt.

5:37 A.M. – Nina pulls Jamey off decoding the key card to help forensics on the unidentified body. Jamey is clearly disappointed that Nina brought in Milo, an outside contractor, to work on the key card.

With a threat against his campaign and family, Palmer wakes up his chief of staff, Mike Novick.

Meanwhile, York rushes up to the ICU to speak to Janet, who is awake. Jack gets a call from Nina with news that the body has a custom-fabricated surgical pin in its ankle that can be traced to an orthopedic surgeon. Nina is hopeful that she’ll soon have a name for the John Doe.

5:40 A.M. – After Palmer explains the situation, Novick gives him a realistic analysis of its impact on the election. He advises Palmer to release the story before the network, and suggests that it be at the breakfast planned for that morning. Unfortunately for Palmer, he will need his whole family to support him in the announcement.

5:42 A.M. – The doctor explains to York that she is optimistic about Janet’s full recovery. York agrees to let Jack question Janet after he has talked to his daughter first. Jack and Teri are in the hospital hallway when his phone rings. He assumes it is Nina, but it is Gaines, watching from the hospital security cameras. Gaines tells Jack to not alarm Teri and walk away. Gaines threatens to kill Kimberly if he does not obey. Jack listens, and exits out the corridor.

5:46 A.M. – York is taken into ICU alone to see his daughter. Janet looks at him and asks who he is. “Where is my father?” she whispers through shallow breaths in her oxygen mask. York answers by pressing his hand down on her mask and suffocating her. Janet dies.

5:51 A.M. – Still talking to Gaines on the phone, Jack is led to a waiting car in the hospital parking garage. He asks whether his daughter is still alive, and Gaines briefly puts Kim on the phone for proof. Then Gaines has Jack place a small object in his ear. With this device working as a transmitter, Gaines orders Jack to throw his cell phone out the window, and he has him drive toward the CTU office. York, meanwhile, tells Teri that the girls were partying with some boys who got too aggressive. Janet gave him an address in Bel Air where Kim may have gone. York lures Teri to his car so that they can track Kim down. Teri tries calling Jack, but her husband doesn’t pick up his cell phone.

As she watches Rick bury Dan, Kim assures him that her father will save them.

5:57 A.M. – Milo tells Jamey that he was able to quickly break into the key card, and she is somewhat put off. Nina tells her that, based on the surgical pin, they have identified the body.

In the car, Teri notices a scratch on York’s wrist. Although he had received it while killing Janet, he lies about its origin. Nina calls Teri when she can not reach Jack. They are both confused, because they each thought the other was with him. Nina tells Teri to pass a message to Jack: the murder victim’s name he was looking for is Alan York. Teri is speechless, knowing that the man next to her is not really York.

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