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6:00 P.M. – Jovan Myovic watches as Teri and Dr. Parslow enter the Bauer home. When the house’s security alarm sounds, Teri does not know how to turn it off. The alarm company calls, but Teri is unaware of the password. The guards from the company arrive, and Teri pretends to look for her purse to show them ID. She notices photographs of Kim and Jack in the living room. The guards recognize Teri from the photos, and they turn off the alarm for her.6:05 P.M. – At California Plaza, Nina informs Jack that the man who was receiving the payoff is named Alan Morgan. Although he is now dead, he was supposed to turn off the electricity in one section of the city’s power grid. Nina heads back to CTU. Jack gets a call from Palmer, who has uncovered the missing Drazen file from the Pentagon. In it is an address in California city called Saugus. Jack alerts Tony, who finds that the address falls within the grid coordinates that were going to be blacked out. Mason accompanies Jack to Saugus.

6:09 P.M. – Frank is furious that Dan has not yet arrived with his money. When Frank walks out of the room, Kimberly tries to make her escape. Melanie stops her, and Kim blurts out that Dan isn’t coming back. Frank overhears this, and Rick is forced to admit that Dan was killed. Frank is concerned that he doesn’t have the money for the drug deal. It is too late to call the deal off.

6:15 P.M. – At the dinner table, Sherry gets angry with Keith for causing her family so much pain. Palmer says that they all should accept blame for something. Yet Sherry takes a tougher stance and questions whether Palmer has enough strength to become President. Suddenly, Nicole hyperventilates and struggles for air. She apologizes to her father, saying that everything is her fault.

6:18 P.M. – At CTU, Nina discovers that the address in Saugus is actually a wildlife preserve. She notifies Jack and Mason as they drive toward the location. When Jack mentions that he is happy that his family is safe, Mason become uncomfortable.

Teri searches Kimberly’s room for memories, but nothing comes back to her. Dr. Parslow tells Teri that he never met Kim. He says that she had asked Jack to move out because he had become too removed. Parslow had hoped for something between him and Teri, but she was afraid of losing her family. Teri says that she feels comfortable with him now, which may be the reason why she is not scared.

6:22 P.M. – As Frank makes plans for his drug deal, Kim confides to Rick that she wants to make a run for it. Rick warns her not to do so. Frank’s friends arrive with a duffel bag full of guns. With no money to lay out, he intends to rob the drug dealers.

6:28 P.M. – After a doctor checks out Nicole, Palmer asks his family for their support in making his announcement. Sherry acts detached from her husband, and she doesn’t want to argue about what he plans to do.

6:30 P.M. – Teri rifles through her date book, hoping to jar her memory. Nothing is on the calendar for today. The door bell rings, and Parslow greets his friend, Chris, whom he invited over. Teri is frightened when she sees that Chris has a gun, but Parslow thought that Teri might have needed protection. She realizes that she doesn’t really know Parslow or Chris, and she is not sure who she can trust. Parslow assures her that he is only looking out for her best interests, and Teri reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Myovic tells Andre Drazen that Teri is in the house, but he is waiting for the right moment to kill her.

6:33 P.M. – In a press conference, Palmer divulges to the media that he misjudged the intentions of some of his Los Angeles campaign backers who acted without Palmer’s consent or knowledge in murdering George Ferragamo. Palmer turned over the confession tape to the authorities. He then tells the reporters that Keith will turn himself in and that he will stand by his son. Palmer is convinced that Keith will be deigned innocent. He asks the press to leave his daughter Nicole alone, because this situation does not concern the rape she endured. Meanwhile, Carl watches the press conference with two of the financiers, Tuttle and Jorgensen. Although Carl vows to take care of the situation, Jorgensen says that it is too late.

6:40 P.M. – At CTU, Nina learns that Teri and Kimberly are missing. She becomes angry with Tony for not informing her. She calls Mason and asks why he hasn’t yet told Jack about his family. Mason ignores her and covers up his answers so that Jack will not overhear. Knowing that Nina will call Jack directly, Mason asks to borrow Jack’s cell phone. Mason turns off the phone’s power.

6:43 P.M. – As they walk through the woods toward the address, Jack fills in Mason that Victor Drazen had worked for Milosevic and had masterminded all the ethnic cleansing campaigns in Eastern Europe. Jack’s unit killed Drazen and now they are seeking revenge. Jack and Mason stumble upon a brand new power transformer in the middle of the field. Jack then becomes suspicious when he suddenly realizes that this supposed “wildlife preserve” is devoid of water and animals.

6:46 P.M. – The drug dealers arrive at the house, and question Frank to why Kim and Rick are present. Frank brushes them off, and demands the twenty thousand dollars worth of Ecstasy. The dealers see Frank’s gun and pull out their own. Suddenly, there is a standoff as Frank’s guys appear with their weapons. The dealers drop their guns, and as Frank goes to disarm them, he smashes Rick in his injured shoulder, saying, “All this because you couldn’t keep my brother alive.”

6:51 P.M. – Nina checks out the local hospitals, looking for anyone that resembles Teri or Kim. Tony assures her that he has an agent at the Bauer house and that he is checking the area near where Kim called from a phone booth.

Frank clocks one of the drug dealers in the nose with his gun. The dealer tells Frank that he has the right to remain silent. He is a cop. Suddenly, a SWAT team bursts through the doors and arrests Frank and his cronies. Kim begs for mercy because she was not part of the drug deal.

6:55 P.M. – Palmer continues his press conference, explaining that he bears full responsibility for not knowing about what was going on. He closes his remarks by asking the public to consider still electing him because he is not the first person in public office to make a mistake. Palmer leaves the podium and sees his son. Keith hugs his father and tells him that he loves him.

At the Bauer house, Teri notices a box and remembers that Kimberly made it for her. She is staring at it when Myovic enters the house and shoots both Chris and Parslow. He demands to know from Teri where her daughter is, but Teri has no idea. As he is about to kill her, a shot rings out and Myovic falls to the ground. The shooter is Tony, and he saves Teri. She cries, and remembers that she lost Kimberly in a car crash.

As Palmer hugs his daughter, Sherry passes him without saying a word.

6:59 P.M. – Jack and Mason follow their handheld GPS to the address, and they are lead into a Saugus field. A helicopter approaches them. Jack is convinced that someone knows they are there.

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