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7:00 A.M. – Having been shot (and saved by the flak jacket that Jack gave her), Nina wanders off from the industrial area, dazed and bruised.Palmer tells his wife Sherry and son Keith that he plans to admit the truth in his breakfast speech. Sherry and Keith are not pleased.

The assassin Jonathan arrives for the Palmer breakfast at the San Clarita power plant. With the face and identification of Martin Belkin, he is admitted in by the Secret Service.

Gaines directs Jack to pick up a briefcase. When Jack begins to waver, Gaines briefly puts Teri on the phone. He sends Jack to the San Clarita power station.

7:08 A.M. – Gaines sends Jamey an instant message. At CTU, Jamey grabs her handheld device and goes into a bathroom stall, as Gaines watches all this on his surveillance monitor. Through the handheld, she tells Gaines that Milo is aware that he has the wrong keycard, but that she will handle it. She is shocked when Gaines informs her that Nina is dead.

7:11 A.M. – Teri is brought to the shack where Kimberly is being held. Kim explains that she met Rick and Dan through Janet, and she is upset to learn that Janet has died.

7:17 A.M. – Nina finds a phone and dials Jamey. Jamey is not at her desk to answer it. Nina then calls Tony, asking for Jamey. Tony is about to hand the phone to Jamey, but overhears her telling Milo that Nina is at an all-day meeting. When Tony questions her about her information, she says that she just spoke to Nina. Tony senses she is lying, and he tells Nina about what Jamey said. Nina realizes that Jamey cannot be trusted, and explains to Tony about CTU being infiltrated. He sends a car to pick her up.

7:25 A.M. – Jack arrives at the power plant. While clearing Jack for entry into the breakfast, Secret Service Agent Pierce asks Jack to open the briefcase. Inside is a laptop computer. Although Jack is unsure of what the computer really is (a bomb?), it safely powers on. The Secret Service allows him entry into the event. Jessica, Palmer’s press assistant, recognizes Jack from high school and greets him warmly. Jack nervously moves away from her, as Gaines orders him to wait for his contact. Jack makes eye contact with Palmer and resists the urge to warn the Senator. Palmer moves on, and gets introduced to who he thinks is photographer Martin Belkin. No one knows that this is the candidate’s intended assassin.

7:29 A.M. – As Kim sleeps, Rick brings breakfast to the women. Knowing that he is the one who kidnapped her daughter, Teri hits him. As Rick tries to explain, Eli interrupts. He warns Rick not to make friends with the two women because they won’t be around much longer.

At the power plant, Jessica approaches Jack again. He attempts to write a warning on his business card, but Gaines sees this and orders one of his men to break things up. Jack realizes that he is still being watched, and pockets his card. Gaines directs Jack deep into the facility to a closet.

Tony kisses Nina when she arrives at a CTU back door. He takes her into a secure room with no active cameras. She briefs him on Teri and Kimberly’s kidnapping, and he is sure that it has something to do with the Palmer case. Since their official mandate is to protect Palmer, they both decide that they must warn the Secret Service.

7:36 A.M. – Jonathan comes to the room where Jack is waiting and opens up the briefcase. Under the laptop computer are gun parts. While Jonathan puts on latex fingerprint patches, he orders Jack to assemble the gun so that his fingerprints will be on it. Jonathan begins to leave with the weapon stored in his camera bag, but Jack pulls his own gun on the hitman. Jonathan warns him that his family is in jeopardy if he is stopped. Jack lets the man leave.

7:41 A.M. – To set a trap, Tony makes sure he is within earshot of Jamey when he tells Milo that Jack did swap the key card. Tony contacts Agent Pierce at the Secret Service to inform him that Jack is a threat to Palmer. Pierce is to take any appropriate action. From the secure room, Nina watches on surveillance monitors as Jamey approaches the bathroom with her handheld device. Tony waits outside the bathroom. Nina, through an ear mike, directs Tony as he grabs Jamey and takes her out of the bathroom. Because the surveillance cameras are on a 20-second rotating loop, Gaines does not see Tony and Jamey.

7:44 A.M. – Agent Pierce pulls Palmer aside and warns him that a CTU agent at the event may be a threat. Pierce wants to remove the candidate from the premises, but Palmer decides to proceed. He is eager to make his speech. Pierce notifies his agents that they are to detain Jack.

Tony brings Jamey to the secure room, and she is surprised to see Nina alive. Although Jamey at first plays dumb, Tony and Nina threaten her with murder and treason charges. Jamey admits that she has been passing messages, but won’t reveal who her employer is until she talks to a CTU lawyer. Tony and Nina are worried that they do not have much time to help Jack.

7:52 A.M. – At the desert compound, Teri tries to find an escape from the cabin prison. Aware that they both might be killed, she tells Kimberly that she loves her.

While Jonathan puts Palmer in his crosshairs, one of the Secret Service agents approaches Jack. Knowing he doesn’t have much time, Jack reaches for the agent’s gun. The agent quickly disables Jack, and notifies the other agents through his headset to cover Palmer. Jack feigns innocence out loud for Gaines’ benefit. The Secret Service quickly swarm Palmer and remove him from the podium. Jack begs Gaines for mercy, claiming he was not involved, but when the Secret Service pins Jack to the ground, the transmitter falls from his ear. Gaines orders Eli to kill Teri and Kim, and then notices an instant message from Jamey. Nina and Tony, having seen the melee at the Palmer breakfast on television, instruct Jamey to tell Gaines that the CTU ordered Jack’s arrest because they have been tailing him all night long for insubordination. Gaines realizes this is plausible, and hangs up on Jamey. He receives another phone call. Instead of his usual bravado, he talks to this unknown person with deference. Gaines informs the mystery caller that he has a backup plan that will be put into effect the same day. As Eli is about to kill Teri and Kimberly, Gaines orders him to keep the women alive.

7:59 A.M. – At the power plant, Jack is taken into custody by the Secret Service.

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