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7:00 P.M. – After the helicopter departs from the empty wildlife sanctuary, Jack and Mason wander the premises and turn up nothing. Mason is alerted that Alexis Drazen has survived his gunshot surgery, and he goes to the hospital to wait for the suspect to awaken. Jack remains at the abandoned field because he knows there must be a reason why the power is going to be turned off. Mason agrees to send back a car for him.At the Bauer house, Tony quickly loads Teri and the ailing Dr. Parlsow into his truck. Teri is distraught after her breakthrough in remembering what happened to her daughter, but Tony assures Teri that he spoke to Kim and that she is alive. However, Kim wouldn’t let on to her location and they don’t know where she is. As Tony drives toward CTU, the now calmed Teri tends to Parslow’s shoulder wound. Tony calls Nina and fills her in on the situation. She orders him to bring Parslow to a clinic where he will be questioned. Nina sends backup to the Bauer home.

7:07 P.M. – Kim is brought to the police station for booking, along with Rick, Melanie and Frank. Although Kim begs to speak to someone, Melanie tells the cops not to believe Kim’s claims. Rick encourages Kim to admit the truth about what has happened to her today. Although he may get in trouble for his part in her kidnapping, Rick is prepared to face the consequences in order to help Kimberly.

7:08 P.M. – Palmer checks in on his daughter, who is relieved at no longer keeping a secret. Sherry comes in, and she is troubled that her husband is giving up on the campaign. Palmer disagrees with her defeatist assumption, believing that the voters could side with him. He then questions her feelings about the doom of their marriage. Sherry leaves without answering him.

7:11 P.M. – As Jack continues to search the vacant sanctuary grounds, security guards watch him from a distance. Jack stumbles upon a stairwell that leads to a locked door, and one of the guards radios this news to Andre Drazen, who is camped in a nearby camouflaged tent. Suddenly, an alarm sounds in the stairwell. A group of guards emerge from the door and shoot Jack with a taser dart. They grab the immobilized Jack and drag him inside.

7:16 P.M. – Jack awakes in a holding cell inside the underground facility. It is a top secret, government detention center. Mark DeSalvo of the Department of Defense questions how Jack found it and why he is there. Jack details the Palmer assassination attempt and clarifies for DeSalvo that someone from the power company was bribed to cut off the facility’s electricity at 7:20 p.m. DeSalvo acknowledges that a prisoner is being dropped there at that time, but the prisoner’s name is classified. Jack begs DeSalvo to call for backup in the five minutes before the delivery. Until then, Jack asks that the civilians on the premises be issued gear so that it appears to be fully secure. Meanwhile, in the camouflage tent, Andre Drazen readies his armed mercenaries. Although he hasn’t heard from his brother Alexis, Andre is sure that the plan will proceed as scheduled.

7:19 P.M. – As the helicopter approaches, Jack, DeSalvo and the men from the facility come out from underground with their weapons raised. The lights from the facility guide the helicopter. Andre Drazen’s men see the armed security and wait for the power to be cut off for their ambush. The lights, however, remain lit. A hooded prisoner is led out from the chopper, and Andre tells his men that their plan is still in action. The mercenary in charge tells Andre that it is too dangerous, and Andre reluctantly agrees to abandon the mission. Jack helps lead the prisoner down the stairs and into the facility without opposition.

7:27 P.M. – The cop who made the drug arrest at Rick’s place interrogates Kimberly. She doesn’t know anything about Frank’s drug deal, but provides the name of her father and the fact that she’s been kidnapped. The policeman doesn’t believe her and takes her to a holding cell. Kim gives him Jack’s number at CTU as a last ditch effort.

7:33 P.M. – After nothing goes wrong with the prisoner handoff at the detention facility, DeSalvo questions whether Jack’s claims are really on the level. Jack asks to speak to the prisoner, and DeSalvo tells him that approval goes over his head. Jack makes a phone call to Palmer. Meanwhile, Palmer breathes a sigh of relief when exit polls indicate that the public is behind his honesty. He gets a call from Jack asking him to pull strings at Defense to help him gain access to the prisoner.

7:36 P.M. – Jack notices a mounted camera in the facility with its wires threading into a narrow conduit that runs along the ceiling. An idea forms in his mind as he follows the conduit to an observation room with monitors watching every area under the ground. Jack spots the holding cell with the unmasked prisoner. DeSalvo catches Jack in the act and admonishes him for breaching security. Jack realizes that the prisoner is Victor Drazen — the man he thought he killed two years ago in Kosovo.

7:43 P.M. – Jack elucidates for DeSalvo that he was sent to take out Victor Drazen two years ago, but Victor’s wife and daughter were accidentally killed. Now Victor’s sons are enacting revenge by going after Jack’s family. If Victor escapes, then not only Palmer but also Jack’s wife and daughter will remain in jeopardy.

Andre Drazen makes a backup plan, and prepares to blow up the electrical substation for the sector that includes the detention facility. Although it may draw attention to their operation, it will help Andre release his father from prison.

Mason returns to CTU after checking in on Alexis Drazen’s health. Nina questions why he didn’t inform Jack about his family.

7:46 P.M. – Palmer tells Sherry that he doubts her commitment to him and their marriage. Since he can’t trust her anymore, he doesn’t know if he can still love her. She is confident that he will never leave her, and vows that she will be his First Lady when he is sworn into office regardless of his feelings toward her.

7:54 P.M. – Kimberly is placed into a group holding cell with a number of female prisoners.

DeSalvo wonders why Victor Drazen is being secretly held if the government had wanted him dead. Jack realizes that perhaps they had wanted the rest of the world to believe he was dead, and Jack was meant to fail on his Kosovo mission. DeSalvo gets a call from his superiors giving Jack permission to interrogate the prisoner. Jack goes into the holding room and explains to Victor Drazen that his wife and daughter were not supposed to be in the Kosovo building that blew up. Jack implores that his own family be reprieved, and threatens that Victor’s sons could be killed if they attempt to rescue him. Jack demands that Victor call off the mission. He can do so in the same manner that he has been communicating with his sons all along. DeSalvo, who was watching Jack’s interrogation on the monitors, agrees to move Victor. Jack secretly asks DeSalvo to prepare the men and use a way out that is not on the camera schematic.

As Dr. Parslow is taken away by a paramedic, Teri and Tony leave the clinic.

Palmer and Sherry steal a glance amid the campaign celebration.

7:59 P.M. – As Jack, DeSalvo and the guards hustle Victor Drazen down the corridor, the lights in the facility flicker and then fade. “They’re here,” Victor warns Jack.

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