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6AM – 7AM – A series of devastating terrorist attacks leads the new President to negotiate Jack’s release from the chinese so that he can put a stop to the attacks by giving up his life. Physically and mentally spent, Jack agrees, but everything changes when he learns that it is Fayed, not Assad, who is the man behind the attacks.

7AM – 8AM – When Jack fails to convince President Palmer and CTU that Fayed is the man behind the terrorist attacks, he realises that saving and then teaming up with Assad is his only option.

8AM – 9AM – Jack and former terrorist leader turned peacemaker track a suspicious man to a self-storage facility, while Fayed brazenly contacts President Palmer demanding the release of a hundred prisoners from a detainment facility in California.

9AM – 10AM – President Palmer asks Jack to take over the search for Fayed and the nuclear weapons, and Jack is forced to make a hard decision when Curtis has a violent confrontation with Assad. A shocking explosion shakes LA.

10AM – 11AM – Four more “suitcase nukes” are out there, and Jack’s only lead is a startling link between the bombs, his father and a Russian General named Dimitri Gredenko.

11AM – 12PM – Tom Lennox, President Palmer’s Chief Of Staff, forces Karen Hayes to resign as National Security Advisor. Jack finds himself confronting his father while the lead terrorist needs help if he’s to explode the remaining bombs.

12PM – 1PM – Jack has troubles with his brother and is outraged to discover the depth of his involvement, while CTU is shocked to learn that Fayed plans to use a CTU employee to arm his bombs.
1PM – 2PM – The President faces growing criticism within the White House when he meets with a known terrorist while Jack and CTU searches for Morris, Fayed seeks a trigger, and Tom Lennox makes a choice.

2PM – 3PM – Jack’s father threatens Graem’s wife, Marilyn, when he learns she’s trying to help Jack find Gredenko, and a secret conspiracy gathers momentum at the White House.

3PM – 4PM – While Jack confronts Marilyn believing she has betrayed him only to learn that his father not only threatened to kill her son, Josh, but has also killed his own son, Graem.

4PM – 5PM – A Bombing in the White House kills Assad and injures President Palmer, while a lead from Jack’s father results in an unlikely alliance between Jack and former President Charles Logan.

5PM – 6PM – As Vice President Daniels assumes the duties of the Oval Office, Jack and Logan go to the Russian Consulate in an effort to track down information to Gredenko.

6PM – 7PM – With Jack trapped inside the Russian Consulate, former President Logan reaches out to his ex-wife in hope that she will talk to their old friend, Russian President Suvarov.

7PM – 8PM – CTU’s satellite tracking system is compromised; a bomb-carrying drone heads toward an unknown city; and, US forces prepare for a nuclear retaliation on the Middle East.

8PM – 9PM – Jack enlists the help of an autistic man in the search for Gredenko, and Sandra Palmer makes a fateful decision.

9PM – 10PM – Jack baits Fayed with Gredenko, while the President faces a challenge to his office.

10PM – 11PM – To find the remaining suitcase bombs, both Jack and the President set up bluffs.

11PM – 12AM – The Chinese want Jack to give them Russian nuclear technology, and the President wants the Vice President’s resignation.

12AM – 1AM – Jack goes rogue to save a woman, and the White House needs a fall guy for Fayed’s success.

1AM – 2AM – A missing computer chip: the Russians get wind of Chinese espionage, the White House must find a leak, and CTU interrogates an unlikely witness.

2AM – 3AM – Russian ire worries the White House, while the Chinese take on CTU, and the damaged chip is in surprising hands.

3AM – 4AM – Russia presses the White House while Jack must try to thwart the Chinese and his oldest antagonist.

4AM – 5AM – Doyle prepares to hand Josh over to Phillip, while Jack, Karen and Buchanan conspire to ensure the trade doesn’t go ahead.

5AM – 6AM – The Vice President orders a strike on the drilling platform, Jack and Bill rush to save Josh, meanwhile Chloe has some good news.

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