10PM – 11PM

10:00 P.M. – As the missile enters its target airspace, Lennox tries pleading with Wayne to put a stop to it. He emphasizes that the ambassador pledged that Fayed’s actions were not state-sponsored.

10:01 P.M. – Karen calls Buchanan to ask whether Jack has broken Fayed. Buchanan cannot give her any intel on the suitcase nukes that would make the President end the attack.

10:02 P.M. – Wayne refuses to wait for Jack to come up with answers. The American missile gets picked up by the other country’s radar.

10:03 P.M. – The ambassador urgently calls Wayne and says his country has “uncovered new information.” General Habib in their central command has been arrested for helping Fayed orchestrate the attacks. Wayne accuses the ambassador of lying about their knowledge of Habib. With two minutes left to the bomb’s impact, Wayne aborts the nuclear attack but demands the ambassador come to the White House and provide intelligence on Habib.

10:06 P.M. – The Joint Chiefs Commander stops the missile, dumping it into the Gulf. Wayne was proven right when he had suspected the ambassador was covering up knowledge about the terrorist threat. So he bluffed. There was no warhead in the missile. Wayne was using force to get cooperation without risking lives.

10:08 P.M. – Jack beats up Fayed, who won’t tell him where the bombs are.

10:09 P.M. – Buchanan fills in Jack about General Habib, but they still don’t have a location on the bombs. Buchanan wants Fayed transported back to CTU in order to do something more drastic.

10:10 P.M. – While Jack’s on the phone, Doyle tries his hand at manipulating Fayed. He notes that Fayed’s number two guy will detonate the nukes and become the hero. “I serve the will of God,” Fayed snarls. Doyle raises his gun to Fayed’s forehead and Jack quickly intercedes, ordering Doyle to lower his weapon. Doyle asks Jack for more time with Fayed. Jack refuses.

10:15 P.M. – Lennox apologizes to Wayne for doubting his strength and leadership. He realizes that he was wrong for backing Daniels.

10:17 P.M. – Wayne asks Lennox if he has something over Daniels that convinced him to not go through with the Supreme Court challenge. “I’m here to inform you and also protect you,” Lennox says as he leaves. Wayne’s right hand starts twitching. He senses his own deteriorating condition.

10:18 P.M. – In the SWAT van headed back to CTU, Doyle questions Jack about the use of Burke’s methods. He has never found pharmaceutical torture effective. “I have,” Jack says. Doyle tries to threaten Fayed, but Jack commands him to stop. Suddenly, an armored truck lunges into the path of the van, sending it toppling over. Gunmen emerge from the armored truck and descend upon them.

10:19 P.M. – Jack knocks out the front windshield and shoots. Doyle goes out the back, returning fire. Doyle is hit in the chest and goes down. Jack is also hit. The gunmen grab Fayed, take him into their truck and speed away.

10:20 P.M. – As a number of CTU cars pull up, Jack, Doyle and the downed field agents wake up unharmed. So do the “slain” gunmen. Jack radios Buchanan that their cover team has Fayed. “Do you think he bought it?” Buchanan asks.
As they drive off in a follow car, Jack notes that Doyle is bleeding on his neck. “Mike, do you need medical assistance?” Nadia radios. He thanks her for her concern, but he is fine. Milo looks over to Nadia quizzically.

10:21 P.M. – Chloe patches in video from the cover truck to Jack. The pretend terrorists explain to Fayed that General Habib sent them. They say that Habib found him through his government spies. Fayed asks for a gun. The men hesitate, but then give him one. Fayed checks to see if it has ammunition, then he demands to speak to Habib. He refuses to give his hideout to the gunmen until he does.

10:22 P.M. – Buchanan tells Jack that he doesn’t know if they can make Habib happen, but he will call the White House.

10:27 P.M. – Buchanan tells Wayne and Lennox about the fake rescue. Jack believes Fayed won’t lead them to the nukes until he speaks to Habib. Wayne says he will pressure the ambassador to make the call to his countrymen interrogating Habib.

10:28 P.M. – Lennox questions whether they should try other means to get Fayed to talk. “If Jack Bauer says that’s a dead end, then it’s a dead end and I believe him,” Wayne says emphatically. Wayne appears woozy and stumbles. Lennox helps him, but Wayne assures him that he is OK.

10:29 P.M. – Wayne greets the ambassador in the bunker with a stern demeanor. They cannot get General Habib to talk, and Wayne suggests they shoot one of the man’s sons in front of him. America needs Habib to call Fayed immediately.

10:31 P.M. – Buchanan asks Nadia to translate the conversation between Habib and Marwan. She asks Milo to upload the link because he has a higher security clearance, but he blows her off. Milo can’t understand why she suddenly is nice to Doyle — the guy who just threatened her. They argue, but Milo gives in.

10:33 P.M. – Fayed instructs the armored truck to pull into a garage. Jack and Doyle tail them. Fayed will not move further until Habib calls, and he questions why he’s never heard of this terrorist cell before. Listening in, Doyle is nervous that their cover has been blown.

10:24 P.M. – The cover team’s cell phone rings. The agent gives Fayed the phone because Habib is calling. From a middle-eastern holding cell, a bloodied Habib tells Fayed that he failed to detonate any of the bombs. Habib orders him to get the other two nukes ready and he will give him a target soon. Fayed accepts this, and directs the cover team to his safe house.

10:36 P.M. – Karen notices that Wayne is considerably weaker, but he tells her he’s merely tired. Lennox notifies them that CTU is being led to the bombs. Wayne unexpectedly dismisses the ambassador from the White House. He gasps for air and begs Lennox to lock the door. “No one can know,” he wheezes as he collapses to the floor.

10:41 P.M. – Buchanan orders no raid of the safe house until Jack confirms the nuclear warheads are there. Nadia realizes that, in the conversation with Fayed, Habib referenced a former colleague named Sameer who has been dead for years. She thinks it might be a signal from Habib that he was speaking under duress. Buchanan alerts Jack.

10:43 P.M. – Jack dials the agent in the armored truck and warns him that Fayed might know this is a setup. Suddenly, CTU loses video and audio from the truck. The truck had gone into a short tunnel and stopped in the middle. Jack has the TAC teams seal the other end.

10:44 P.M. – Jack and Doyle head into the tunnel and stop where the truck is parked. The cover team has been hit and Fayed is gone. Jack sees a door in the tunnel that is opened. He goes in alone to a boiler room.

10:45 P.M. – Jack spots Fayed, who has just killed a sanitation worker and has taken his cell phone to make a call. “I’m on my way to you now,” Fayed tells the person on the line as he gets in the sanitation truck and pulls out.

10:46 P.M. – Jack is clinging to the undercarriage of the truck, just inches from the asphalt that speeds past his head. He radios CTU but they can’t hear him and lose the signal. Doyle reports that he found a dead sanitation worker but that Jack is missing. Chloe starts a satellite backtrace on the site from the past few minutes.

10:51 P.M. – The White House doctor checks Wayne. His blood pressure has significantly dropped and the adrenaline shots have caused him damage. Wayne refuses to go to medical, demanding another injection of adrenaline. The doctor will not give it to him. Undaunted, Wayne gets up even though it is painful. He wants to go back to work, and asks for updates from CTU.

10:54 P.M. – Fayed drives the sanitation truck to a warehouse, where he is met by Halil and the other men. He orders them to quickly load up the bombs in order to attack downtown Los Angeles. Jack slips out from the undercarriage and sneaks inside the warehouse.

10:55 P.M. – After he spots the suitcase nukes, Jack starts firing and takes out some of the guards. He hides behind large boxes, shooting to get the men away from the nuclear weapons.

10:56 P.M. – As both Jack and Fayed empty the rounds in their guns, Jack lunges at him and they engage in a fight. Jack manages to wrap Fayed’s neck in a heavy chain dangling from a mechanical draw. “Say hello to your brother,” Jack whispers as he turns the draw on. Fayed is hanged. Jack winces in pain as his ribs are injured once again.

10:58 P.M. – Doyle and the field teams arrive at the warehouse. They tracked the sanitation trucks by satellite. Doyle radios CTU that the bombs are secured. Buchanan and the team heave a sigh of relief.

10:59 P.M. – As Doyle starts to take Jack to medical, he gets a call on his cell phone and hands it to Jack. The woman’s voice on the other end stops Jack in his tracks. It’s Audrey Raines. Cheng Zhi grabs the phone from her. He instructs Jack to call back on a secure line if he ever wants to see Audrey alive.

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