11PM – 12AM

11:00 P.M. – The military takes control of the bombs.

11:02 P.M. – Jack grabs one of the terrorists’ cell phones and calls Cheng back. Cheng says that Audrey went to Beijing to find Jack, despite the objections of her family and the government. He asks Jack for the suitcase nukes because the Chinese want access to Russian defense technology. Cheng is not concerned that the Russians will know the leak came from America. If Jack refuses, Cheng threatens to kill Audrey. Jack explains that the bombs are under military control. Cheng says simply, “You’ll find a way.”

11:05 P.M. – Cheng puts Audrey on the phone with Jack, who assures her that he will save her. Cheng gives Jack one hour to complete the exchange.

11:06 P.M. – Noting Wayne’s visible weakened state, Lennox urges him to go to medical. Wayne refuses because this will only give Daniels another chance to go after his job. Lennox promises this won’t happen, and he explains that he has a tape of Daniels and Lisa Miller conspiring to commit perjury.

11:07 P.M. – Karen brings Wayne news that CTU has recovered the remaining suitcase nukes and that Fayed was killed. Wayne thinks they should make a press announcement as soon as possible, but he wants to do it outside of the bunker. There is no need to hide any longer. He’s returning to the Oval Office.

11:08 P.M. – While Buchanan briefs the entire CTU staff, Jack calls Chloe. He tells her that Audrey is still alive and that Cheng wants a nuke in exchange. Jack asks Chloe to get him the schematics for the bombs.

11:10 P.M. – Chloe remembers that Morris filed a report for the Defense Department. She goes to his station and finds it. Chloe sends it on a secure line to the cell phone Jack is using. It downloads just before Morris returns to his desk.

11:15 P.M. – Daniels comes to see Wayne in the Oval Office. Although Wayne disagreed with Daniels’s idea to bomb the enemy, it allowed him to consider the bluff that did work. Yet Wayne orders him to quit his post because he cannot run the country with Daniels undermining him. Daniels refuses, but Wayne tells him that he could expose Lennox’s tape recording. Wayne allows him a week to tender his resignation.

11:19 P.M. – Morris sees that someone has hacked into his system. Chloe is surprised to learn that he set up a program to spot unauthorized access.

11:20 P.M. – Chloe admits what she did for Jack and Morris is shocked. Jack gave her his word that he won’t let the bomb trigger get to the Chinese, but Morris doesn’t want to feel responsible for the bombs like when Fayed forced him to activate the trigger. He insists on telling Buchanan. Chloe says she will do it instead.

11:22 P.M. – Chloe goes to Buchanan’s office. “I’m sorry, there’s something you need to know,” she says.

11:23 P.M. – Jack enters the safe house where the Marines are guarding the nuclear weapons. He claims he has a Presidential order to take the circuit board from the bombs because the area has been compromised. He threatens to turn them in. The soldiers allow him to enter. As the Marines stand guard, Jack removes the FB-sub-circuit board that matches the schematics Chloe uploaded to his phone.

11:24 P.M. – Doyle orders Jack to stand down. Jack shouts back, and the two enter a standoff. Doyle tells one of the Marines that Jack is a rogue agent and needs to be taken out. The Marine smacks Jack with the butt end of his rifle. Jack passes out. Doyle places Jack under arrest.

11:29 P.M. – Doyle calls Buchanan to let him know he has secured Jack. Buchanan tells Jack that Chloe confessed, but Jack says he would have never turned over the circuit board to the Chinese. He only wanted them to see it long enough to give up Audrey. Jack pleads with Buchanan, but Buchanan rejects the idea. Jack demands to speak to the President.

11:30 P.M. – Wayne takes the call from Jack, who asks him to authorize a field operation to save Audrey. Jack explains what the Chinese want and he promises to destroy the circuit board once he sees Audrey is safe. Jack gives him his word that he would sacrifice his own life by using C-4 to bomb the circuit board. Wayne is hesitant, but Jack reminds him that he was willing to allow the U.S. to use his own life to barter with the terrorists. “Mr. President, you owe me,” Jack says bluntly. Wayne reluctantly consents. “I will not fail you,” Jack underscores.

11:38 P.M. – Doyle gets the word from Buchanan and he uncuffs Jack, who asks him to help him extract Audrey during the exchange. Jack explains that once Audrey is safe, he will destroy the circuit board and kill Cheng.

11:39 P.M. – Morris is surprised when Chloe lets him know the President agreed to let Jack pursue Audrey with the nuclear trigger circuit. She makes an unsubtle jibe about the President trusting Jack. Chloe is upset that Morris didn’t trust her. She vows to hold this grudge over him.

11:40 P.M. – Doyle calls Nadia and she confirms the tracking device on the circuit board is working. Jack calls Cheng and gets directions on where to meet.

11:41 P.M. – Doyle questions Jack on why he is risking so much for “this woman.” Jack says that Audrey served the country with honor.

11:42 P.M. – Daniels lets Lisa know he will comply with the President’s request to resign. Lisa apologizes for trying to convince him to lie about Karen, but he says it’s his own fault. Daniels touches her cheek. “At least we’ll have a lot more time to spend together,” he says warmly. Daniels wants his resignation letter in Wayne’s hands by the end of the press conference.

11:44 P.M. – Wayne announces to the gathered media that Fayed is dead and that the nukes have been recovered. He thanks law enforcement and the Armed Services. Wayne starts to struggle with his memory during the press questions and stammers. Suddenly, his knees buckle and he falls to the floor. Watching from the gallery, Daniels pockets his resignation letter.

11:52 P.M. – The White House doctor reports to Karen, Lennox and Daniels that the President suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Karen maintains that Wayne still would have agreed to be brought out of the coma even though it endangered his life. Wayne is being transported to a hospital. The doctor doesn’t think he will regain consciousness soon.

11:54 P.M. – Daniels has the Cabinet notified to enact the 25th Amendment. Lisa alerts the Vice President that Wayne authorized Jack Bauer to hand over Russian defense technology to the Chinese in exchange for release of a hostage. Karen explains that Jack guaranteed to destroy the military secrets. Despite the hostage being James Heller’s daughter, Daniels orders Karen to have CTU immediately stop Jack.

11:55 P.M. – Outside the Oval Office, Karen vocalizes her disdain for Daniels already ignoring Wayne’s wishes. Lennox argues that they have no choice because Daniels is acting President.

11:56 P.M. – Karen calls Buchanan and tells him that Daniels’s first order was to stop Jack. Buchanan reluctantly agrees to halt the mission.

11:57 P.M. – Buchanan has the California Highway Patrol put up roadblocks to prevent Jack from reaching his destination. He pulls Chloe off the job because she has shown she can’t be trusted.

11:58 P.M. – Buchanan calls Doyle and warns him that Daniels wants Jack brought back to CTU. He gives Doyle a location to exit the freeway where he will be met by roadblocks. Buchanan commands Doyle to disarm Jack.

Doyle tells Jack that CTU provided a detour because of roadblocks. Jack quickly pulls his gun on Doyle’s head. He warns him that he already killed a former partner and friend earlier in the day because he was going to thwart him. “Don’t think for a second I won’t do that to you,” Jack says coldly. He orders Doyle to pull over.

11:59 P.M. – Doyle stops the car, and Jack makes him stand against a chain link fence. Doyle tries to explain that acting-President Daniels called off the mission. “You can’t go against the White House!” he exclaims, trying to talk some sense into him. Jack pulls away, leaving Doyle calling after him.

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