2PM – 3PM

2:00 P.M. – Fayed lands his helicopter at the L.A. river basin where his team is waiting with the three remaining suitcase nukes. Fayed phones Dmitri Gredenko, the former Russian general who had contracted BXJ to decommission the bombs. Gredenko is annoyed that they are now down to only three bombs, but he has the delivery systems en route.

2:03 P.M. – Buchanan gathers his staff for updates. Milo was able to restore a fragment of an email correspondence between Fayed and Gredenko. They surmise that Gredenko has colluded with Fayed because he has an interest in harming America. They assume he is already in Los Angeles.

2:05 P.M. – Morris is brought into CTU. Chloe rushes to him, but he is embarrassed and refuses to respond.

Jack enters CTU for the first time in almost two years. Faces he doesn’t recognize stare back at him. Buchanan lets him know that they believe that Gredenko is aiding Fayed.

2:06 P.M. – Chloe thanks Jack for saving Morris’s life. “I’m really glad Fayed didn’t kill you this morning,” she says.

2:07 P.M. – Phillip is surreptitiously erasing messages on Graem’s cell phone in the CTU morgue. Jack comes in, observing his father’s mourning. “I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Jack says sadly, but Phillip acts like he doesn’t believe him. Jack gets down to business and asks what he knows about Gredenko. Phillip cannot hide his anger and claims he had no involvement in Graem’s work. Yet he offers to reach out to some of his other company executives for information.

2:10 P.M. – Chloe goes to check in on Morris, trying to find words of comfort. He is cold towards her, blaming himself for the other bombs that Fayed will surely set off.

2:11 P.M. – Phillip ducks into a corner to call Liddy, his head of security. Phillip orders Liddy to kill Gredenko before CTU gets to him. Gredenko could expose Phillip’s involvement.

2:12 P.M. – Buchanan shows Jack the toxicology reports on Graem. The coronary was caused by hyocine-pentothal used in the interrogation. The field reports show that Jack exceeded protocols, even after Burke warned him about the dangerous levels of serum. Jack explains that he might have killed his brother but then stopped when he saw Phillip. He swears that he never set out to harm Graem. Buchanan suggests covering up Burke’s report, but Jack won’t let him lie. “I killed my brother,” he says. “Whatever the consequences are, I accept them.”

2:20 P.M. – Wayne makes notes to Assad’s speech. He is interrupted by a call from Vice President Daniels, who is disappointed that Lennox’s plan was turned down. The majority of the Cabinet thinks that this is a mistake. Daniels will not support Wayne on his policies regarding Assad and Fayed.

2:22 P.M. – Assad warns Wayne that, by going alone, he might be alienating his constituents.

2:23 P.M. – Lennox furtively meets Reed in the boiler room of the bunker because it is not monitored. Reed says that he and others like him will not stand by while Wayne’s leadership causes more American deaths. Definitive action will remove the President. Lennox knows that this is necessary, but he is torn that the situation has resorted to this. Reed refuses to let on who else is involved or what will happen, because it allows them to retain plausible deniability. Reed asks him for Wayne’s itinerary regarding the Assad televised speech, and Lennox agrees to get it.

2:31 P.M. – Marilyn tells Jack that she doesn’t blame him for her husband’s death, even if it was caused by the interrogation. She wanted to leave Graem, but he had threatened to take her son away.

2:33 P.M. – When Jack asks about Gredenko, Marilyn admits that she once followed Graem to a house where there were men with Russian accents. She doesn’t remember where it was, but she might be able to retrace the route.

2:34 P.M. – Jack tells Buchanan that he may have a lead on Gredenko. Phillip, who has been watching Jack, approaches Marilyn and asks what Jack wanted from her. Phillip brings up the name Gredenko, claiming that Jack questioned him about the man too. Marilyn says she knows nothing but followed Graem to a group of Russians in a house in West Los Angeles. Jack wants to take her there, so she asks Phillip to stay with Josh.

2:36 P.M. – Buchanan sends Milo with Jack in case there are any hard drives with intelligence on the site.

2:37 P.M. – Phillip wants to bring Josh back to his house for a “friendly environment.” Marilyn reluctantly agrees, and leaves CTU with Jack.

2:38 P.M. – Phillip calls Liddy and orders him to find a house near West Los Angeles. He will lead CTU there. Phillip orders that Liddy not harm Marilyn because they need her to find Gredenko.

2:43 P.M. – Chloe asks Morris for help running tactical, but he accuses her of coming to him out of pity. “I know you’ve been through a lot today, but you’re really starting to piss me off,” Chloe grumbles before slapping him. She angrily urges him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get back to work.

2:44 P.M. – As they drive to West Los Angeles, Marilyn confesses to Jack that she thought about him while he was held captive in China. She believes that Phillip drove him away, forcing him to join the military all those years ago. Marilyn asks if she was another reason for his leaving, and Jack says no.

2:45 P.M. – Phillip phones Marilyn but doesn’t want her to let on to Jack that it’s him. He tells her that he murdered Graem, and that unless she does what she is told, he will kill Josh as well. Marilyn is stunned. Phillip gives her an address to lead Jack to. She terrifyingly agrees.

2:46 P.M. – Phillip lies to Josh about the roads being closed. He will take him to a hotel for the night.

2:47 P.M. – Marilyn sees the house where Graem had met with the Russians, but she says nothing to Jack.

2:48 P.M. – In that house, Gredenko and his men program targets on a United States map. He comments that his country was afraid to attack America with nuclear weapons during the cold war but that he will enact that revenge. “And the Arabs will take all the blame,” he says.

2:53 P.M. – Morris emerges from medical, cleaned and wearing a fresh shirt. He sits down, ready for work. The over-tasked Chloe tells Buchanan that she can use Morris’s help.

2:54 P.M. – As they enter the hotel, Josh comments to his grandfather that he knows he’s being lied to about his father’s death. He asks whether Graem had something to do with the nuclear attack, but Phillip doesn’t give him any answers.

2:55 P.M. – Marilyn points to the house at the address given by Phillip. Jack diverts all teams there, including Milo who is in a follow van.

2:56 P.M. – As Jack prepares the TAC teams into position, Marilyn attempts to talk to him. Jack is preoccupied with the mission.

2:57 P.M. – Jack and the TAC teams raid the house. It is empty. Jack spots the blinking red lights of a C4 explosive. He yells a warning and jumps out the window as the house explodes into a fireball.

2:58 P.M. – Milo pulls Marilyn into the van for safety. He realizes they are about to be attacked and peels out. Phillip’s henchmen follow Milo.

2:59 P.M. – The men blow out the wheels of the van, sending it crashing into a brick wall. They fire at the van as Milo detonates hand grenades inside. He grabs a gun and runs off with Marilyn as the van explodes. The men start chasing after them.

Jack wakes up amid the rubble and calls to his teams on the radio. No one responds.

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