3PM – 4PM

3:00 P.M. – Jack finds Milo’s torched van is empty. He briefs Buchanan about the ambush and goes looking for Milo and Marilyn.

3:02 P.M. – As Phillip’s henchmen pursue, Milo and Marilyn are on the run. They hide behind a garbage dumpster.

3:03 P.M. – One of Phillip’s men named Hacker calls him with news that they took out the CTU team. Phillip asks if Jack is dead, and Hacker says yes. Phillip reacts with a slight wave of remorse. “It had to be done,” he sighs. Phillip needs Marilyn to be kept alive so that she can lead him to Gredenko.

3:05 P.M. – When the ambush team spots him, Milo orders Marilyn to run while he shoots back at them. Marilyn freezes amid the gunfire, and Milo is hit in the arm. Hacker takes Marilyn. As the other two are about to kill Milo, Jack appears and shoots them down. He disarms Hacker and has Milo hold him at gunpoint.

3:07 P.M. – Jack grabs Marilyn by the throat and wants to know if she helped Gredenko set him up. Through tears, Marilyn explains that these are Phillip’s men and that he threatened to kill Josh. Jack is stunned, and the news hits him hard.

3:08 P.M. – When Jack promises to help get Josh back, Marilyn reveals where Gredenko really is. Jack has Buchanan send teams there, but he has to do something else. Jack refuses to give Buchanan any more information, but says that it is “personal.”

3:14 P.M. – Morris stares into space rather than doing any work. Chloe becomes worried, but he refuses to take her advice and talk to either the staff psychologist or his sponsor. Nadia informs them that Milo single-handedly fended off the hostiles until Jack arrived. Morris snidely remarks to Nadia that this only rubs salt in his wounds because he acted like a coward. Chloe offers to relieve him of his duties, but Morris claims he will be fine after he takes a walk.

3:15 P.M. – Jack needs Marilyn to force Phillip to turn over Josh before she leads him to Gredenko.

3:16 P.M. – In a hotel room near the airport, Phillip tells Josh that his father was proud of him. Josh is too upset to talk about it.

3:17 P.M. – Jack has Hacker relay to Phillip that he has Marilyn in custody. She is refusing to tell him about Gredenko until she sees her son. Marilyn gets on the phone with Phillip and holds firm in her demand. Phillip threatens to kill Josh, and Josh overhears this from the other room. Phillip gives Hacker his location, and Jack gets the address.

3:20 P.M. – Josh tells his grandfather that he is going to the soda machine downstairs, but Phillip stops him and shows him his gun. “No one’s life is worth the destruction of everything I’ve built,” he says.

3:25 P.M. – Lennox secretly meets with Reed in the boiler room of the bunker and hands over the President’s itinerary. Reed wants him to authorize clearance for someone to get into the bunker. This person will kill Wayne and the blame will be laid on Assad. Lennox gets summoned by the President, and leaves.

3:27 P.M. – Wayne asks Lennox to read over Assad’s speech. He says that he still values his judgment. Lennox complies.

3:28 P.M. – Gredenko urges his men to work quickly to reposition the target on two cities. He is a nationalist who wants to bring back the Soviet Union.

3:29 P.M. – Morris buys a pint of whiskey and a box of breath mints at a liquor store. He goes outside and takes a giant slug of the liquor, then immediately forces himself to regurgitate it. Chloe calls Morris and urges him to get to his workstation. He swallows a few mints as he heads back.

3:30 P.M. – Jack pulls into the parking garage of the hotel where Phillip is hiding. He has Marilyn don a flak jacket.

3:36 P.M. – Morris enters CTU and goes in to see Milo, who is being treated in medical. Milo says that the ambush in the field happened so fast and he didn’t know what he was doing. Morris tells him not to downplay his heroics to make him feel better.

3:37 P.M. – Wayne commends Lennox on his suggestions to change the speech and asks him to be there when Assad delivers it.

3:38 P.M. – Lennox goes back to the boiler room and assures Reed that their man’s clearance is in the works. Reed leaves. Lennox calls the ranking Secret Service agent and says to meet him urgently. Suddenly, Reed hits Lennox over the head with a flashlight because of his deceit. “Nothing justifies the killing of a President,” Lennox says in his dazed state and implores Reed to cancel the plan. Reed whacks him again on the head and Lennox passes out. Reed calls the Secret Service to cancel Lennox’s request.

3:39 P.M. – The CTU team assembles in the situation room. Morris quietly slips into his seat. Chloe lies about needing to fix something and she makes Morris come with her outside the room.

3:40 P.M. – Chloe tells him that she can smell liquor on his breath. Morris swears that he spit it out and is sober. He realized he didn’t want to throw everything away, including Chloe. Morris begs her not to tell Buchanan. She will only do so if he calls his sponsor.

3:42 P.M. – Chloe and Morris return to the situation room. They watch live footage of the TAC team raiding Gredenko’s hideout. The house is empty. Chloe texts a message to Jack, letting him know that they don’t have Gredenko.

3:43 P.M. – Jack has Hacker lead the way into Phillip’s hotel suite, but Phillip and Josh are gone. The room phone rings and it is Phillip. He tells them to look out the window to see him holding Josh at gunpoint on an adjacent roof. Jack offers up himself in return for Josh. Phillip instructs Jack to come alone or else the boy dies.

3:46 P.M. – Jack calls CTU and has a team pick up Hacker. He takes Marilyn with him to meet Phillip.

3:51 P.M. – Milo pulls Chloe aside to ask if Morris has been drinking. She explains that Morris said he spit it back out. She believes him because she knows when he’s drunk. Chloe asks Milo not to tell Buchanan. If Morris slips up again, she will personally turn him in.

3:52 P.M. – Jack leaves Marilyn in the stairwell of the second building. She touches his face tenderly and thanks him.

3:53 P.M. – Jack goes to the roof of the building with his hands raised. Phillip is not there. He enters a machine room, and Phillip emerges from the shadows with Josh. As Josh walks away from Phillip, Jack walks towards him. Jack directs Josh to where Marilyn is waiting.

3:54 P.M. – Josh reunites with his mother in the stairwell and they run out of the building.

3:55 P.M. – Phillip reveals that Gredenko blackmailed him once he found out about Phillip’s involvement in the assassination of David Palmer. It was Gredenko who forced him to keep some of the nuclear suitcase bombs. Phillip didn’t know that Gredenko sold the bombs to Fayed until one was detonated in Valencia.

3:57 P.M. – Phillip says he has been looking for Gredenko so that he could stop Fayed. “I’m a patriot, Jack,” he says. “I never wanted any harm to come to this country.” Yet Jack is furious that Phillip let all of this happen to cover up his own mistakes. Phillip notes that this situation would never have escalated had Jack worked for the family. Since CTU didn’t find Gredenko, condemning Phillip solved nothing.

3:58 P.M. – Phillip has Jack get on his knees. He cocks a round in his gun and raises it. Jack makes a final confession to his father. He never wanted him to feel like he turned his back on him or the family. “I just had to go my own way,” he says. Jack apologizes to Phillip and braces himself for death. Nothing happens. Jack turns around and Phillip is gone.

3:59 P.M. – Jack runs out to the roof and sees a cell phone left on the ledge. There’s a text message instructing Jack to call a number. He dials it and identifies himself. The person on the other end is former President Charles Logan, who knows that Jack has exhausted all his options to find Gredenko. Logan wants to meet because he can help.

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