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4:00 A.M. – As the helicopter heads west, Josh expresses confusion about why he’s not being taken to CTU. Doyle says that he will be given to his grandfather in order to prevent a war. Doyle injects Josh’s wrist with a tracking device and promises to save him.

4:01 A.M. – Jack pleads with the agents detaining him that it is wrong to give Josh to Phillip. However, their orders are to bring him to a detention facility.

4:02 A.M. – Jack calls Chloe, who explains that Phillip made a deal with Daniels to exchange the Russian sub-circuit board for Josh and safe passage out of the country. Doyle intends to rescue Josh once the trade is over. Jack knows that Phillip has no intention of giving up the component or Josh.

4:04 A.M. – Daniels begs President Suvarov for forgiveness and asks him to rescind the military that is ready to attack. Daniels informs him that he is making a trade with the man who has the circuit board.

4:05 A.M. – Karen excuses herself from the Oval Office when her cell phone rings. It’s Jack.

4:06 A.M. – Jack tries to convince Karen not to bargain with Josh. He believes Phillip will not give up the circuit board because it’s his only leverage against the Chinese. Although Karen agrees with him, the Vice President feels it is the only way to avoid war. Jack cannot do anything because he is in CTU custody. He demands that Karen do whatever is necessary to stop the trade.

4:07 A.M. – Karen tells Lennox that Jack is convinced Phillip will find a way to prevent the U.S. from retrieving the circuit board. She asks Lennox to circumvent Daniels, but Lennox is wary of doing so because he already distrusts him. Lennox agrees to look the other way if she goes behind the Vice President’s back.

4:08 A.M. – Buchanan is at home when his cell phone rings. He sees that it’s Karen and doesn’t pick up. FBI agents are going through his personal belongings under order of a subpoena. The home phone rings and Buchanan hears Karen appealing to him for help. He picks up, and Karen details Jack’s dilemma. Karen asks Buchanan to do whatever it takes to stop the exchange for Josh.

4:10 A.M. – The CTU staff watches on satellite as their chopper lands at the beach. Doyle unloads Josh and they wait under a light post.

4:11 A.M. – Doyle’s phone rings, and Morris patches into the cell so that they can listen. Phillip instructs Doyle to have CTU shut down their satellite feed because he is inside their system. Morris confirms this is true, but he doesn’t know how. He closes the satellite feed. Fortunately, Phillip cannot see the tracking system implanted on Josh.

4:13 A.M. – Phillip sees the satellite go off, and he orders Doyle to dismiss the helicopter. Doyle puts Josh on the phone. Josh tells his grandfather that he hates him. Phillip exhorts that he will not be safe in America because of Graem’s involvement in the terrorist plot. He says he is the only one capable of making Josh the kind of man his father should have been.

4:15 A.M. – Phillip hangs up and has men go pick up Josh.

4:19 A.M. – Nadia tells Doyle that they haven’t yet figured out how to circumvent Phillip’s tapping into the satellite. Chloe preps Doyle to upload the component’s data to his PDA so that she can confirm its veracity.

4:20 A.M. – Doyle tells Nadia that he plans to retrieve Josh if he sees a chance. She orders him not to do that.

4:21 A.M. – Karen calls Nadia with a request to view the internal deployment grid in order to track Jack’s transfer to a detention facility. Nadia is annoyed, but gives Karen the security code to access the grid.

Marilyn Bauer causes a commotion when she demands to see her son.

4:22 A.M. – Nadia tries to calm a hysterical Marilyn, telling her that Josh is being held at Division for questioning. Marilyn knows that he is a minor and that she needs to be with him. She threatens to call her lawyers.

4:23 A.M. – Nadia has Morris send additional security to deal with Marilyn. Chloe questions why Morris is obediently following orders when he knows it isn’t right to put Josh at risk.

4:24 A.M. – Morris tells Doyle that he believes what he is doing is absolutely necessary. “The next time I want your opinion I’ll ask for it,” Doyle snaps.

4:25 A.M. – A truck drives head-on toward the SUV carrying Jack. The CTU vehicle swerves off the road. As the driving agent goes to investigate, Jack steals the second agent’s gun and forces the man to handcuff himself. Buchanan emerges from the truck with his hands raised. He asks for Jack to be released. Jack sees that Buchanan is causing a decoy. He emerges from the car and knocks the agent out.

4:26 A.M. – Buchanan briefs Jack that Doyle is still waiting with Josh for instructions from Phillip. They leave in Buchanan’s truck.

4:31 A.M. – Stuart Pressman arrives at CTU to collect his brother Milo’s body. Chloe hugs him.

4:32 A.M. – Karen is surprised when her clearance to CTU’s grid is blocked. She calls Buchanan, who confirms that he has Jack. Karen thanks him for his sacrifice. She says that her denied access means that they’ve already pegged her as the source. Karen apologizes for all that’s happened and says goodbye to her husband. The Secret Service arrives at her office to detain her.

4:34 A.M. – Nadia admits to Stuart Pressman that Milo died while saving her life. Stuart acknowledges that Milo was in love with her.

4:35 A.M. – Chloe alerts Nadia that Jack escaped with help from Buchanan. Chloe spitefully references that Buchanan agreed with Jack about not using Josh as a pawn. Nadia orders tac teams to intercept Buchanan and Jack.

4:36 A.M. – Josh begs Doyle not to hand him over to his “crazy” grandfather. Doyle gives his word that he will get him back.

4:37 A.M. – Nadia radios Doyle that Jack has escaped and is on his way there, aided by Karen and Buchanan. They can’t move tac teams in because of Phillip’s demands. Doyle says he will handle Jack by himself.

4:41 A.M. – Daniels comes to see Karen in a Secret Service holding cell. She admits matter-of-factly to using secure information in order to help Buchanan break Jack from custody. Karen says she learned one thing from dealing with Fayed — never negotiate with a sociopath. They cannot trust that Phillip will turn over the component. Daniels promises to hold her and Buchanan to the strictest punishment. Karen swears that Lennox knew nothing about what she was doing. Daniels says that Karen will be held responsible if the Russians attack their bases.

4:44 A.M. – Phillip calls Doyle and instructs him to walk with Josh toward the shoreline.

4:45 A.M. – In the darkness, a small boat comes to shore with two men in commando wetsuits. Doyle approaches one with his gun raised. The man shows the sub-circuit board and places it on the ground. When Doyle picks it up, the component explodes in his face and he is thrown back. The man grabs Josh and runs back to the boat.

4:46 A.M. – Jack and Buchanan pull up and see Josh being taken away. They don’t have a clear shot without putting Josh at risk. The men in the boat fire back as they pull out into the water with Josh in tow. Jack tends to Doyle, whose face is bloodied.

4:47 A.M. – Phillip has his men scan Josh, and they locate the homing device in his arm. They short it out. From her system, Chloe sees that they have lost track of Josh. Morris puts the satellite back up.

4:48 A.M. – Jack phones Nadia and tells her that the component was a fake and that Doyle is badly injured. She is upset by this.

4:53 A.M. – Lost in thought, Daniels laments that he unfairly judged Wayne’s handling of the terrorist situation in the past few weeks. Lennox notes that, since Karen was proven right, he may want to pardon her in order to not let his misjudgment come out into the open. Daniels says he will consider it later.

4:55 A.M. – The trauma team arrives on the scene and determines that Doyle will probably be blind in at least one eye. “I should have listened to you, Jack,” Nadia says with remorse. Jack believes that the small boat must be meeting up with a larger vessel. Suddenly, he has an epiphany. Jack asks for locations of oil platforms in the ocean nearby. His father’s company has shelter corporations that own oil properties.

As Chloe goes to research oil rigs in the area, Morris notices that she is looking pallid.

4:56 A.M. – Phillip and Cheng wait at the Tomol Oil platform in the middle of the Pacific. Phillip agrees to hand over the repaired circuit board when he gets his grandson. “Your mistakes have been totally unacceptable,” Phillip says. “But China is still my future.”

4:58 A.M. – As Chloe works, her vision becomes blurry. She faints. Morris rushes to her side and calls out for help.

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