4PM – 5PM

4:00 P.M. – Gredenko arrives at an airplane graveyard and gets a call from Fayed. Gredenko expects their plan to deploy the nuclear warheads to take about two hours.

4:01 P.M. – Gredenko is annoyed that he has to deal with Fayed’s kind. “The Arabs and the West can destroy each other,” he says hopefully.

4:03 P.M. – When the ambassador arrives at the bunker, Wayne looks for the missing Lennox. Wayne introduces Assad to the ambassador, who is vocal in his displeasure. Wayne explains that he has no other choice but to work with Assad in finding the remaining three nukes. The ambassador acknowledges that Assad’s speech might work, but is insulted that the Americans would threaten his country in order to coerce its prime minister to issue a public statement of support.

4:06 P.M. – Morris has trouble getting information from the phone landline in the house where Gredenko was hiding.

4:07 P.M. – Jack calls Buchanan and tells him about Logan’s offer. Logan is under house arrest in Hidden Valley. Jack is outraged when he learns that Logan brokered a private deal after his ousting from office that would hide the fact that he was aligned with terrorists or involved in David Palmer’s death.

4:08 P.M. – Outside the hotel, Jack finds Marilyn and Josh and asks them to go back to CTU for their safety because Phillip has escaped. Jack promises Josh that he will explain the truth about everything that has happened. Jack and Marilyn share a compassionate moment.

4:09 P.M. – Reed escorts Bruce Carson through security at the White House bunker. The agent at the metal detector checks a cassette recorder in Carson’s briefcase. He plays back a voice recording and it passes as legitimate.

4:10 P.M. – Reed whispers to Carson that Lennox needed to be restrained because he tried to warn Secret Service about their plot. Reed doesn’t know whether Lennox changed his mind or was against them the whole time.

4:11 P.M. – Reed takes Carson to the boiler room where Lennox is taped to a pole. Carson wants to “take care” of Lennox and make it look like a suicide. Reed tries to convince Carson against this. He argues that Lennox could be convinced once Vice President Daniels takes over from Wayne.

4:12 P.M. – Lennox watches in horror as Carson starts to assemble a bomb in order to frame Assad for the assassination of the President.

4:16 P.M. – Reed nervously sends emails from Lennox’s computer. While slipping out, he bumps into the President’s assistant. She is looking for Lennox. Reed lies about his whereabouts.

4:17 P.M. – Chloe notices that Morris has become frustrated in his task. She points out a mistake. Morris assures her that he did call his sponsor, but Chloe doesn’t think he’s any better.

4:18 P.M. – When Morris is away from his desk, Chloe looks up the number of the AA sponsor named Jeannie on his PDA. Nadia comes looking for Morris and questions Chloe about his ability to be back at work. Chloe says they need all the manpower they can get.

4:19 P.M. – Chloe leaves a message for the female sponsor to call her back.

4:20 P.M. – Jack arrives by chopper at Logan’s retreat. He casts a steely eye over the former President and dismisses Logan’s small talk. Based on intelligence updates and news from sources, Logan knows that Gredenko supplied five nukes and that three are still at large. Jack assumes that Logan is out for a plea bargain, but Logan insists that he has reconnected with his faith and does not seek a pardon. He only wants to help.

4:22 P.M. – Logan knows that the Russian Consul General Anatoly Markov is Gredenko’s liaison, despite his lies to CTU about not being involved. Logan says that Markov is protected, and he is the only one who can go through back channels and speak to the man personally because Markov owes him. Markov was involved in the conspiracy and Logan never gave him up. Although Jack doesn’t trust Logan, he has no other choice.

4:28 P.M. – Jack calls Wayne and explains the Logan situation. He needs an executive order granting Logan temporary furlough. Wayne is leery of Logan, who was behind the execution of his brother. Yet Jack thinks that Logan only wants some kind of personal redemption and he promises to never let Logan out of his sight.

4:29 P.M. – Jack hands Logan the phone. Logan tells Wayne that he has a prior relationship with Markov that they can exploit. Plus, he has experience dealing with criminals like Markov. Wayne threatens to hunt him down if he uses this as an opportunity to escape custody. Wayne promises to never forgive him but reluctantly grants the furlough.

4:31 P.M. – Two flatbeds arrive at the airplane graveyard, and Gredenko inspects the cargo. They are U.S. military aerial drones that will be used to drop the bombs.

4:32 P.M. – Buchanan briefs his team on Markov and removes Morris from taking lead on decoding Russian consulate intelligence. Morris defends himself to the entire group, but Nadia disagrees. Buchanan overrules her and allows Morris to continue working at CTU.

4:33 P.M. – In the boiler room, Lennox struggles with his binds but cannot break free. Reed comes in to check on Carson. It’s just started to hit him that they are about to kill the President.

4:39 P.M. – Nadia shows Chloe a mistake that Morris made. Chloe says she told him to turn in his report incomplete. Nadia accuses her of covering for him, but Chloe claims she isn’t.

4:40 P.M. – Chloe approaches Morris and asks him once again if he’s been drinking. She has the report that Nadia gave her, but Morris dismisses any idea that he screwed up. He intended to fill in the rest of the report, and he charges that Nadia is only trying to prove that she is right about him.

4:41 P.M. – Alone in his bedroom, Logan prepares to change into a proper suit. He pulls out a patriotic flag lapel pin, and sees a photo of him and Martha from happier times. Logan pumps himself up by quoting the Bible.

4:42 P.M. – Jack, who has changed into a suit to look like a Secret Service agent, checks in with Buchanan. CTU has no red flags on Markov, and Buchanan wonders if Logan is being sincere. Jack sees that Logan’s Bible has highlighted passages and tells Buchanan that they have no other choice.

Chloe gets a return call from Morris’s sponsor Jeannie. The woman says she hasn’t spoken to Morris in years.

4:43 P.M. – Chloe goes looking for Morris. She storms into the men’s restroom and Morris emerges from one of the stalls. Chloe tells him that she spoke to Jeannie. Morris becomes incensed. He explains that he has a new sponsor and that he did call him. Chloe is embarrassed and apologizes. After she leaves, Morris pulls out a bottle of whiskey from his waistband. He considers taking a drink. Instead, he pours it down the drain.

4:45 P.M. – Wayne signs the executive order for Logan’s release. He asks after Lennox because he wants him there for Assad’s speech. Wayne has his assistant find him.

4:46 P.M. – Lennox starts coughing, so Reed removes the gag from his mouth and mops the blood on Lennox’s brow. Lennox pleads with Reed to stop with his plan. “You’re just as bad as Fayed,” Lennox avows. Reed asks if he was ever on board with the idea but Lennox says he was against him from the start. Reed puts the tape back over Lennox’s mouth.

4:48 P.M. – Reed gets a call from the President’s assistant, and he tells her that Lennox is on his way. Carson finishes assembling the small bomb inside the cassette recorder using explosive liquid from decoy dry erase markers.

4:49 P.M. – Carson gives Reed a PDA and a code to activate the bomb. Reed is the only one who can get close to Palmer without attracting attention, so he will have to place it.

4:53 P.M. – Reed tries to hide his nervousness as he enters the broadcast area where Assad will transmit his speech. The crew gets ready for a run-through, and Reed slips the bomb-rigged cassette player into the podium.

4:54 P.M. – Wayne and Assad arrive in the broadcast room. Assad thanks Wayne for taking a risk.

4:56 P.M. – Wayne pulls Reed aside and asks if Lennox’s disappearance means that he has doubts about them working with Assad. Reed assures the President that Lennox will show up.

4:57 P.M. – Lennox sees that he is tied up near the pressure valves on the boiler room pipes. As Carson is distracted, Lennox manages to twist one of the knobs with his foot. The pressure on the gauge rises and an alarm sounds. Carson runs over and turns the valve back to normal. He threatens to kill Lennox if he tries anything like that again.

4:58 P.M. – Reed excuses himself to the President in order to check on Lennox. Reed waits outside the broadcast room so he has full view of what’s going on inside. Although his hands are shaking, he plugs the password into the PDA and activates the bomb.

4:59 P.M. – Assad, who is at the podium, notices some brown fluid dripping. He leans in and sees a red light blinking on the cassette recorder. Assad yells “Bomb!” and darts from the podium. A Secret Service agent quickly lunges in front of Wayne as the podium explodes. More agents run into the room after the blast. They push aside the various bodies, including Assad, and find the President bloodied and unconscious. They summon medical teams. Reed walks away from the melee quietly.

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