5PM – 6PM

5:00 P.M. – A bloodied Wayne Palmer is rushed into surgery.

5:01 P.M. – Jack warns Logan that he is still a Federal prisoner. Logan leaves his retreat for the first time as they head to the Russian Consulate. Logan compares his solitary imprisonment to Jack’s sentence in China.

5:02 P.M. – Buchanan lets Jack know about Wayne. Jack is surprised that Assad is suspected to be behind the assassination attempt. Assad is dead.

5:04 P.M. – Reed looks in on the President’s surgery. Secret Service Agent Lowry approaches him looking for Lennox. Reed says that he is filling in for Lennox.

5:05 P.M. – The White House doctor updates the Cabinet on the President’s health. Vice President Daniels is teleconferenced in from Air Force Two. Secretary of Defense Ethan Kanin tells Daniels that he will be required to take over the President’s duties. Daniels wants a briefing with Lennox as soon as he lands.

5:07 P.M. – Kanin questions Reed over the missing Lennox. Reed lies and says he has no idea. Kanin summons Agent Lowry to sweep the bunker and find him.

5:08 P.M. – Reed hurries to the boiler room and updates Carson on Wayne. Reed still refuses to let Carson kill Lennox. He thinks Lennox can be reasoned with.

5:09 P.M. – Reed pulls the gag from Lennox’s mouth and defends his own actions by quoting Lennox’s urging of extremism. He says that Vice President Daniels will implement Lennox’s security plan, but if Lennox implicates them then the plan will be harder to push through. No one will ever believe him if tells the truth. Carson made sure that the bomb was linked to Assad’s group. “I know that you will do the right thing,” Reed implores. Lennox nods sullenly. Reed cuts Lennox free.

5:11 P.M. – They emerge into the hallway and come upon Agent Lowry. Lennox tells Lowry to arrest Reed and Caron for the attempted assassination of the President. He surrenders himself and asks to speak to the Attorney General.

5:16 P.M. – Air Force Two lands and Daniels is met on the tarmac by his chief aide, Lisa Miller. She connects him to Buchanan, and Daniels questions why Wayne granted Logan a furlough. He demands that the traitorous Logan be returned to house arrest as soon as CTU is done.

5:17 P.M. – When they pull up to the Russian Consulate, Logan tells Jack that Markov won’t talk to him unless he’s alone. Although Jack doesn’t want to let him out his sight, he reluctantly agrees but warns Logan about escaping. Logan contends that he’s only trying to help.

5:18 P.M. – Logan meets with Markov and asks him point blank where Gredenko is. Markov claims he had a falling out with Gredenko a year ago and doesn’t know. Logan threatens to send tapes incriminating Markov for his involvement two years ago that put the Sentox gas into the hands of the Russian separatists. Despite this intimidation, Markov maintains that he doesn’t know anything about Gredenko. Logan says he believes him and politely leaves.

5:22 P.M. – As they exit the grounds, Logan tells Jack that he thinks Markov is lying about not being in contact with Gredenko.

5:23 P.M. – Markov calls Gredenko to alert him that the Americans have connected him to the terrorists. Yet, since they sent Logan, they probably don’t have evidence. Markov assures Gredenko that by the time the Americans find anything it will be too late.

5:24 P.M. – Jack orders the limo driver to pull over outside of the Consulate gates. He calls Chloe and has her shut off the electricity in the Consulate for sixty seconds to make it look like a power outage. She has to do this without telling Buchanan.

Logan can’t believe that Jack would risk violating the sovereignty of another country when he just served a prison term for doing the exact same thing to the Chinese Consulate.

5:29 P.M. – As Karen waits for transport at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, she gets a call from Buchanan. She’s shocked to hear that there was an attempt on Wayne’s life since it hasn’t been made public. Karen realizes she must go back to the White House. Her resignation has not actually been processed yet.

5:30 P.M. – As he enters the bunker, Daniels tells Lisa he wants to use the Lennox plan that Wayne rejected. Daniels learns of Lennox’s accusation of Reed.

5:31 P.M. – Agent Lowry interrogates Lennox. Despite him telling the truth about the events of the last few hours, Lowry doesn’t believe him. Daniels comes in and Lennox claims his innocence. Regardless of what happened, Daniels would rather have Assad take the blame to make it easier to sell the security plan to the people. Lennox accuses Daniels of playing right into Reed and Carson’s conspiracy in order to reverse Wayne’s agenda. Although Lennox still believes his original security proposal is the only way to stop the terrorist attacks, he will have to silence any assertion that Assad is innocent in order for Daniels to clear his name.

5:34 P.M. – Daniels orders Agent Lowry not to send Lennox’s statement to the Attorney General until he sees it first.

5:35 P.M. – Jack scales the wall of the Russian Consulate and gives Chloe the go-ahead. As soon as the power is out, Jack is able to evade the security cameras and enter the building. He enters Markov’s office and locks the door, demanding to know where Gredenko is. “You are breaking international law!” Markov yells.

5:36 P.M. – Jack knocks Markov out and yells to Russian FSB Agent Vasili outside that he is holding the Consul hostage.

5:37 P.M. – Jack asks Buchanan to tip off the White House about what he’s just done. Buchanan tells him to get out, but Jack refuses to leave until he gets something on Gredenko.

5:43 P.M. – Lisa informs Daniels that she has written his statement for his live public address. She also says that Karen is returning to her post. The rumor is that she stepped down because she opposed Lennox’s security plan.

5:44 P.M. – Buchanan alerts Daniels that Jack took the Russian Consul hostage because Logan claims the man is lying about his Gredenko link.

5:45 P.M. – Daniels is interrupted by a call from Russian President Suvarov. Daniels says that the actions at the Consulate are based on the belief that Markov has ties to Gredenko. Suvarov warns Daniels to have his agent surrender and then investigate the charges through proper diplomatic channels.

5:46 P.M. – Jack beats up Markov, who says he hasn’t spoken to Gredenko since he entered U.S. soil. Jack never said that Gredenko was in America, which proves that Markov is lying.

5:47 P.M. – Jack picks up a cigar cutter from the man’s desk and chops the tip off Markov’s pinky finger. Jack threatens to shoot him, and Markov finally gives up that Gredenko is in the Mojave Desert. He is preparing to launch aerial drones to deliver the nuclear warheads. Jack punches Markov one last time in anger.

5:48 P.M. – As Jack walks towards the door, Vasili’s guards blast it open and take an unconscious Jack hostage. Markov orders Vasili to not let anyone near Jack.

5:54 P.M. – Daniels makes an address to the nation, blaming Assad for the attempt on Wayne’s life. He promises to be more aggressive with national security, which will suspend certain civil liberties.

5:55 P.M. – Nadia and Chloe are worried that they have not heard from Jack. Morris intercepts digital communications from the Russian Consulate and translates a message sent to Moscow. It says they have an American agent in custody. Buchanan doesn’t want to tell the Vice President just yet. He wants a plan prepared in case they need to take the Consul building by force.

5:56 P.M. – Jack pleads with the Russian guard holding him captive. He explains that Markov was working with Gredenko who supplied the nuclear weapons. The guard doesn’t want to believe it, but he knows that Markov is connected to Gredenko. Jack begs the man to call Buchanan at CTU and tell him what he knows.

5:58 P.M. – The guard leaves the room and dials Buchanan from his cell phone. Suddenly, Vasili shoots the guard in the head. When Buchanan picks up the call, there’s no one there.

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