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7:00 A.M. – Fayed and Sabir go looking for Jack in the tunnels under the river but they give up because they must focus on finishing their mission. They don’t see Jack, who is only a few yards away. Jack escapes.

7:02 A.M. – When Morris cannot locate Assad on the satellite, Milo remarks that Jack might have died for nothing. This annoys Chloe.

7:03 A.M. – Jack breaks into a parked car that has a cell phone left inside. He calls CTU and explains that Assad is not responsible for the bombings. Buchanan cannot rescind a Presidential order to stop the attack on Assad. He puts Jack through to the White House.

7:05 A.M. – As Wayne listens to Jack’s plea, neither Karen nor Lennox is convinced that Assad is innocent. Karen remarks that Jack’s ability to assess the situation is faulted by his current state. Jack insists to Wayne that they capture Assad to find out what he knows. Lennox encourages the President not to let his history with Jack affect his judgment. Wayne continues with plans to assassinate Assad.

7:07 A.M. – Jack uses the cell phone’s GPS navigation to plug in the coordinates that he memorized Fayed saying. This is Assad’s location. Jack finds the car’s key in the visor and he drives off.

7:08 A.M. – Ray Wallace gets nowhere trying to locate Ahmed’s father in the police department. Fayed calls Ahmed’s cell, and he finds out Ahmed doesn’t have the package that he needs. Fayed orders him to go retrieve it. Ahmed makes up an excuse to the Wallaces and leaves.

7:09 A.M. – The CTU and White House teams watch the monitors as the Cobra helicopters are en route to target Assad. Buchanan confirms that Curtis has a squad who will be in place at the site.

7:10 A.M. – Jack arrives at Assad’s safe house and sneaks inside the property gate. He distracts a guard and knocks him out with some chopped firewood. He takes the man’s gun.

7:11 A.M. – Jack enters the house. Assad recognizes him and raises his weapon. Jack explains that Fayed set him up and they are about to be hit. Jack says that there is a transponder in the house, but the guards say they already searched the premises. One of the men has it on him and is betraying Assad.

7:13 A.M. – Jack puts up his hands and Assad orders his men to empty their pockets. One named Omar does have the transponder. Jack surrenders the gun to prove he is telling the truth. Assad grabs Omar and runs out with Jack as the other two men try to secure the computer files.

7:15 A.M. – Jack, Assad and Omar barely clear the house when it is slammed by missiles. Buchanan reports to the President that the target has been destroyed.

7:19 A.M. – Attorney Sandra Palmer is alarmed when the FBI demands personnel records at her Washington office of the Islamic-American Alliance. Sandra adamantly refuses to turn over anything without a warrant. Frustrated, she calls her brother — Wayne Palmer.

7:21 A.M. – Sandra tells Wayne that the search was unfounded. She suggests he check out his aide Lennox, who she is convinced has been slowly destroying civil protections. Wayne is quick to defend Lennox, but agrees to look into the matter later.

7:23 A.M. – Walid Al-Rezani, the head of the I.A.A., kisses Sandra tenderly and thanks her for keeping up the good fight.

7:24 A.M. – Buchanan reports to the White House that Assad’s body has not been found. Assad is still alive.

7:25 A.M. – Fayed arrives at another warehouse. A man named Nasir is being fitted with a vest of C-4 explosives. He tells Fayed that he will not fail. Fayed promises that Nasir’s family will learn of his sacrifice.

7:31 A.M. – Jack breaks into an abandoned house. He and Assad carry the unconscious Omar into the empty premises and hide out. Assad tells Jack that he has gotten his people and the governments that support them to agree to a ceasefire with the West. Fayed is trying to sabotage that. Jack finds some clothes left in the house and changes.

7:32 A.M. – Chloe does an aerial frame enhancement of the satellite feed before Assad’s safe house exploded. She sees that Jack is the one helping Assad flee. She shows Buchanan the image, and he wants to keep it a secret. He knows that Jack must be right and is using Assad to find Fayed. Buchanan has Chloe look for new chatter on Fayed.

7:33 A.M. – Jack steals a car. He tells Assad that they need to use CTU’s resources. Assad is distrustful of CTU and is determined to find Fayed alone.

7:35 A.M. – Jack aggravates Omar’s open wound but Omar claims to be unaware where Fayed is. Suddenly, Jack stops. He is oddly reluctant to inflict any more pain on the man. This uncharacteristically disturbs him. He tells the puzzled Assad that he could see it in Omar’s eyes that he wasn’t going to talk.

7:36 A.M. – Assad sticks his knife into Omar, who gives up that he knows where Fayed’s men are going to meet. After Omar gives him the address, Assad kills him. Assad goes to leave but Jack is frozen. “I don’t know how to do this anymore,” Jack whispers.

7:41 A.M. – The FBI returns to the Washington I.A.A. office with a warrant. As Walid takes the agents to uncover the files, Sandra grabs an employee’s computer and starts typing furiously. Sandra informs the FBI agents that she has erased all the employee files. Despite the fact that she is the President’s sister, Sandra and Walid are arrested for obstructing official business. The agents impound every computer in the office.

7:44 A.M. – Ahmed chops a hole in the drywall of his house and unearths a box that he sticks into his backpack. Stan, the angry neighbor, enters the house and beats Ahmed senseless. Ahmed pulls a gun from the backpack and shoots Stan twice, killing him.

7:45 A.M. – Scott Wallace runs across the street to help his friend Ahmed. He arrives in the aftermath of the fight and tries to call emergency because Ahmed is injured. Ahmed pulls his gun on Scott and threatens him to follow his orders.

7:50 A.M. – Jack and Assad pull up to the location that Omar supplied. Assad spots Nasir and another man named Masheer. He can tell that they are Fayed’s men. One is wearing an explosive vest. Jack realizes Fayed is setting up another bombing. Jack and Assad follow the two men into the subway station.

7:51 A.M. – The bomber Nasir clutches the detonator in his right hand. The second man is only the handler, who will leave once Nasir is on the train. The handler Masheer will lead them to Fayed. As the train pulls up, Jack instructs Assad to follow the handler. He is going after the bomb.

7:52 A.M. – Jack boards the train with Nasir. Assad follows Masheer out of the station. Masheer calls Fayed to let him know that Nasir will martyr himself when the train arrives at Union Station. Masheer gets in his car and drives off.

7:53 A.M. – The train ticket agent approaches Jack, who tells him that he is a federal agent and that there is a suicide bomber on board. The agent moves away quietly.

7:54 A.M. – Jack sees Nasir palm the detonator. He lunges for Nasir’s hand and wrenches it backwards. They struggle, and Nasir is knocked toward the back door of the car. Nasir grabs the detonator. Jack quickly kicks Nasir hard so that he crashes through the back window of the train as the bomb explodes. The flames shoot into the tunnel and the passengers are knocked back. No one is seriously hurt. Jack slams on the emergency brake and the train screeches to a stop. He runs out the back of the car.

7:56 A.M. – Masheer calls Fayed from Union Station to report that there was no explosion and that he can see a cloud of black smoke blocks away. Fayed watches a news report of explosions in Baltimore and Chicago. He is confident that their other attacks are going off as planned.

7:57 A.M. – Milo updates Buchanan that, besides the other two bombings that just occurred, there was also a suicide bomber in Los Angeles. Nadia gets word that a passenger identifying himself as Jack Bauer prevented the bomb from killing innocent people. Buchanan wants visual confirmation from security cameras that it was Jack.

7:58 A.M. – Karen notifies the President that CTU intercepted a cell call between Fayed and the men orchestrating the bombings. Wayne realizes that Jack was right.

7:59 A.M. – Jack emerges from the subway tunnel’s emergency exit and gets a call from Assad, who is following the handler. Jack orders him to keep tailing the handler so that they can find Fayed.

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