9PM – 10PM

9:00 P.M. – Daniels assembles the President’s Cabinet via satellite to invoke the 25th Amendment.

9:01 P.M. – Although it will raise his blood pressure, Wayne has the doctor shoot him up with adrenaline. He wants to be able to face Daniels standing up.

9:02 P.M. – Jack tells Buchanan that he doesn’t trust Gredenko. Yet a challenge for the Presidency means that Gredenko’s pardon will not be binding. Jack asks for the Attorney General to draw up amnesty papers.

9:04 P.M. – Wayne defiantly walks into the conference room and is greeted by Daniels. The Cabinet members are authorized by the Constitution to make the final decision. The doctor who treated the President announces to them that he believes Wayne is fit enough to work.

9:07 P.M. – Wayne speaks up for himself, and blames his disagreement with Daniels over the nuclear strike as the reason for this vote. Daniels argues that they can interpret the 25th Amendment to remove a President whose policies they disagree with. He says he merely wanted to counterattack a warlike aggression when Wayne chose to do nothing.

9:09 P.M. – The Cabinet members prepare to vote.

9:13 P.M. – Nadia tells Milo that she wants to forget what happened between them. He doesn’t think either of them can forget about the kiss.

9:14 P.M. – Doyle summons Nadia to his office. He coldly explains that he didn’t single her out because he’s racist. He was just doing his job. He believes Milo caused the leak by logging in with the wrong security parameters. Doyle wants Nadia to get the evidence from Milo’s system to prove this. She feels angry and manipulated, but Doyle says she can help Milo avoid the same humiliation that she endured.

9:16 P.M. – Karen and Sandra try to convince a weakened Wayne to marginalize Daniels, but Wayne can’t do that without alienating Daniels’s supporters. The Cabinet is reconvened.

9:17 P.M. – Lennox calls for a vote. Seven people, including Karen, support the President. Seven oppose. The Attorney General explains that the Amendment requires the Vice President and the majority of the Cabinet must agree. Since there is no majority, Wayne remains in office. Wayne smiles in relief.

9:18 P.M. – Daniels interjects that Karen’s vote does not count because she resigned from her post. Karen contests that she did resume her duties, but Daniels claims he never recognized her as National Security Advisor after that. Since her vote isn’t valid, there is a majority split against Wayne. “I won’t let you steal the Presidency,” Wayne says forcefully. The Attorney General determines that this is a legal question. The Supreme Court will have to hear the issue. Wayne winces in pain.

9:20 P.M. – Daniels accuses Lennox of not being on his side. Lennox informs him that he has only been on the side of the United States of America.

9:24 P.M. – Nadia guiltily asks Milo for help resetting her station. When he leaves to go do it for her, she gets into his workstation and quickly downloads files onto a USB key drive.

9:25 P.M. – Nadia gives the key to Doyle and smugly says he was right about Milo being responsible for the security breach. She is surprised when he alters the logs so that no one will discover Milo’s mistake. “All I care about is finding those nukes,” he says. “And we have a better chance of doing that with Milo on board, whether he likes me or not.” She’s surprised again when Doyle quotes the Koran. He says he has read every religious book because he cannot find his own answers. Doyle is not the man Nadia thought he was.

9:26 P.M. – Nadia returns to her station. Milo asks her what Doyle wanted, and she lies. Yet Milo senses something is off about Nadia.

9:27 P.M. – Karen calls Buchanan and fills him in on the 25th Amendment vote. She is unsure whether her resignation will really hold up the decision. Buchanan comforts her. She is scared that Daniels will win and it will all be her fault.

9:28 P.M. – Gredenko verifies the agreements with his lawyer, and CTU prepares a team to pounce on Fayed. Jack threatens to kill Gredenko if he tips off Fayed.

9:29 P.M. – Gredenko phones Fayed and makes plans to meet at the Santa Monica Pier.

9:30 P.M. – Sandra writes the brief for the Supreme Court arguing that Daniels accepted Karen’s return to office.

9:31 P.M. – In the bunker lounge, Lisa discusses the case with Daniels. The Vice President is convinced that a weak Wayne will only encourage the terrorists to fight back. Lisa suggests she lie to the Supreme Court. She can say that Daniels told her Karen’s return would only be temporary. She believes Daniels will do what is right for the good of the country. He takes her hand warmly in thanks.

9:33 P.M. – Halil, one of Fayed’s men, advocates detonating the bombs themselves without Gredenko’s help. Fayed turns Halil down.

9:34 P.M. – Lennox enters the bunker lounge and shows the Vice President the bug he planted in the room to protect himself after Daniels had asked him to lie to the ambassador. Lennox plays back a tape of Lisa offering to perjure herself and Daniels accepting her proposition. This is a federal offense. Lennox wants Daniels to call off his challenge to Wayne’s presidency.

9:41 P.M. – Karen readies the launch codes so that Wayne can cancel the nuclear strike if the Supreme Court rules in his favor. Sandra happily brings news that Daniels withdrew his affidavit. Wayne will remain the President. When Karen and Sandra leave the room, Wayne calls the doctor because he is struggling with pain.

9:42 P.M. – Jack gets into position at the pier, and another agent injects Gredenko’s arm with a radioactive tracking device. Since Doyle’s team is still far away and Fayed gave explicit orders about time, Jack sends Gredenko to meet with Fayed.

9:43 P.M. – A cell phone rings, and Gredenko finds it hidden on a railing. No one is on the line. But Jack can see Gredenko read a text message instructing him where to go.

9:44 P.M. – Gredenko is grabbed by Fayed’s men and taken into a building.

9:45 P.M. – Gredenko silently shows Fayed the listening device CTU placed in his jacket. Gredenko unplugs it, and Morris loses audio at CTU. Gredenko explains to Fayed that the Americans forced his hand but that he has a plan.

9:46 P.M. – Jack heads to the building where CTU has traced Gredenko. Milo confirms that Gredenko is still inside but the room is empty. Jack finds Gredenko’s severed arm on the ground.

9:47 P.M. – Jack calls for the field team to invade, and he follows the trail of blood throughout the building. Fayed’s two men help the wounded Gredenko escape.

9:52 P.M. – Fayed’s men spot Jack alone and start firing. Jack ducks for cover but manages to take out the two guards single-handedly.

9:53 P.M. – As the CTU team starts after them, Fayed and Gredenko flee into a bar filled with patrons watching the news about the attacks. Gredenko realizes that they are trapped, and he points out Fayed as the terrorist being hunted. The other people recognize Fayed’s face from the news. Fayed shoots at Gredenko, but he misses and hits one of the people. The patrons grab Fayed and start punching him. Gredenko runs out the back door. Jack enters the bar and apprehends Fayed. He radios CTU that Gredenko is still at large.

9:54 P.M. – The White House doctor begrudgingly gives Wayne another dose of adrenaline which will raise his blood pressure even higher. It’s a chance Wayne is willing to take.

9:55 P.M. – Buchanan informs Wayne that Fayed is in custody but that the bombs have not been found. Jack will interrogate Fayed.

9:56 P.M. – A bloodied and weakened Gredenko hides under the pier. He falls down and dies as the ocean waves crash over his body.

9:57 P.M. – Karen and Lennox agree to a truce because they are both working for the good of the country. She asks why Daniels gave up so easily, and Lennox feigns ignorance. “Some day I’d love to know the real story,” she smiles.

9:58 P.M. – Lennox gets a call alerting him that Wayne ordered a nuclear strike. He and Karen are in shock.

9:59 P.M. – Lennox rushes to the conference room and confronts the President. Wayne defends his actions because everyone thought he was too weak to lead the country. “Do not confuse being reckless with being strong!” Lennox exhorts. The Joint Chiefs Commander confirms that the launch has occurred. Lennox watches in horror at the radar image of the missile emerging from the submarine.

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