My thoughts on the episodes as they air. Simple as that.

6AM – 10AM – “Day Five was hugely successful, and while for the Network Execs and such like that means ratings, for the rest of us it means it successfully balanced the need for ratings and media hype (in order to keep growing what looks like becoming something of a cash cow) as well as actually being good … so the all new day six has a tough act to follow.

10AM – 12PM – “These were two ambitious episodes, in many ways more so than the opening four which where in safer more tried and tested ground for the show. These took a huge leap into the unknown, if they didn’t come off it would take a while before the series could get itself back to more stable territory.”

12PM – 3PM – “On the whole three good episodes, and just at the right time, when it looked like the show could be drifting off into soap land these three episodes showed that 5 and 6 where the exception and not the rule.”

3PM – 6PM – “They were real nothing episodes with a couple of good moments, and to make matters worse they were the moments they’d already shown us in the trailer a week before hand.”

6PM – 10PM – “16 and 17 have allayed my fears, actually I’m wondering why I ever doubted.”

11PM – 1AM – “Episode 17 was always going to be hard to follow. The episode does it’s best with what it’s got. Which in the main plot is not much.”

1AM – 4AM – “After finishing the main threat storyline early, the assumption was that the show would simply repeat old b-plots to get them to the finish line, and if we’re honest there is certainly some of that in these three episodes. But I think that would be a harsh generalisation when it comes to these episodes.”

4AM – 6AM – “The first 20 minutes is guilty pleasure action, pure and simple, but you’d have to be dead not to love it, and it rounds out the die hard homage’s from this season perfectly. Escaping from an off shore oil rig, hanging from a helicopters rope ladder, seconds before f-18’s blew it to kingdom come, no action hero alive would say no to that.”

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