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This is really only a quick review, a state of the nation before the finale.

After finishing the main threat storyline early, the assumption was that the show would simply repeat old b-plots to get them to the finish line, and if we’re honest there is certainly some of that in these three episodes. But I think that would be a harsh generalisation when it comes to these episodes.

The show really does it’s best to make more unique situations from the reused plot lines, and at certain times they’ve succeed superbly. Any and all of the stuff between Jack and Audrey was played brilliantly.

Heller’s return was another nice touch, and one which was played with a understatement often lacking from some cameos.

The best part of these three episodes is what you’d have to call a homage to Die Hard. CTU being taken over as Jack roams around mercilessly picking off baddies who have strayed to far from the pack in 21.

And the action chase that took up the first third of 22 was simply breathtaking, and quite possibly some of the best action we’ve seen on the show all year, and certainly beats what most TV shows could produce.

One of the only negative things I would have to say about these three episodes, was the way Milo’s death was handled. His conversation with Nadia before hand telegraphed it really, which severely dented the shock, and it really wasn’t dealt with in 22, I guess as a consequence of needed to move pieces into place for the finale. But still, a little disappointing.

Phillip Bauer’s return to the storyline is a welcome one, although I can’t help but feel he is simply being used by the writers as a get out of jail free card to bust out of the corner they had gotten themselves into, which does cheapen his return a little, and makes it feel less organic, but if next week’s two hour finale can deliver i’d be willing to over look this.

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