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Episode Review: In Honor Of The 13

Alright, then: I’ll admit: I actually liked episode 13.

Stuff happened, y’know? Chloe  saved CTU, Renee saved Jack and heck, Jack got yet another chance at a Suicide Mission and then managed to cheat death by the skin of the teeth (or by the Bullet of Renee). Though I doubt that anyone watching truly believed that Jack would be offed by terrorists, I suppose it was nice to be reminded again of Jack’s willingness to Die For Something. Some might call it The Death Wish: one of Bauer’s character traits that have been following him since Day Two.

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More Reactions to the Cancellation of “24”

The folks on our affiliate site, AlmeidaIsGod have essentially felt the same about the show during this season. In a similar half-point season review to mine, Kasia put her thoughts down a couple of days ago, too.

I am just kind of bored with the show this season. I think that’s part of the reason why the Episode Summaries have been such a struggle, not just for me but for all of the writers… I have sort of reached the point now where I just don’t care enough anymore…

Following the news of cancellation, Kas, a true Almeidaist, tweets:

It really sucks hardcore that #24 will end its series run on network television without closure to the Tony Almeida character. … I’m not really that sad though, that’s the t hing. Maybe it is time to euthanize it? Does that sound too bitter? … Strangely I’m more sad about Lost ending than 24. Season 8 has disappointed me.

Who knows. Maybe they will bring Tony back in the movie… Hope dies last.

“24” Cancelled On TV But The Movie May Still Happen

Twitter continues to be the hottest tool for disseminating information these days.

Not long after Jon Cassar, Rodney Charters and Mary-Lynn Rajskub broke the news about 24’s run ending after 8 seasons (see the article below), news about the movie have been twittered.

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Running Out Of Steam – J_A’s Thoughts

I know I have been very, very quiet this season of 24. It’s not that I haven’t been watching – I have been. And I could give you two dozen reasons why I’ve been too busy to write reviews and articles about 24 when my real-world life got in the way.

But in my heart I know (damn, I’m quoting a certain young Middle-Eastern Presidential daughter) that I would have found the time to write about 24 if the season was anything like the previous one.

But the sad truth is – I don’t care enough.

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Can Jack ever find peace?

Having read and re-read Dan’s last two articles, and his beautiful analysis of just why Jack’s time has run out, I find myself having to agree – Season 7 has so nicely rounded up things for Jack that bringing him back for one final day – and possibly a movie or beyond – just seems unnecessary, no matter how I twist and turn it in my head. And regardless of whether or not I’ll miss 24 when it ends. The most organic thing for his character at this point would have been to let him go and rest in peace.

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Series Eight: The Final Day?

According to Rodney Charter’s recent twitter messages, it looks like Season 9 of 24 will NOT happen. The original tweets of the show’s director of photography reads as follows:

“Celebrating with Kiefer the extraordinary gift of 24. mindful that our continuance not expected, nor even discussed or in contractual talks.”
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