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iF Magazine Reviews 24: Redemption

Some how the lucky guys over at iF Magazine have been shown a finished cut of the upcoming S7 Prequel “24:Redemption” …

… And boy, what a ride. It’s nice to know Jack, after a year and half of television inactivity is back in action and ready to kick-ass in whole new package.

… Teamed with a former buddy turned missionary Carl Benton (Robert Carlyle), the two of them have been helping out children in Africa through education while a ruthless warlord (Tony Todd) is attempting to overthrow the government while abducting children into his militia …

… Suffice to say, the movie plays out in real-time over a two-hour period, it retains all the things 24 fans love … It also sets up a great group of new cast members that should provide an interesting, different season than we’ve seen before on 24.

I know it’s two months away, but man, after you see this movie, you’ll immediately want Season 7 to start. With the current economy a mess, and our own presidential race still on, not having Jack around to make things right in a fictional U.S. scenario has been solely missing …

… After the network run is over, it’s clear Jack Bauer as played by Kiefer Sutherland is a character that will be able to segue into a big budget film franchise with ease.

I’m not sure how much to trust a review from a someone who got an early preview, your always likely to be kinder when you’ve been given the VIP all access pass, read the full review at the link below.

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From Exile To Redemption

Just catching up on some news about the S7 Prequel TV movie. Previously called “24: Exile” is now officially titled “24: Redemption”, which is a curious name change and I wouldn’t be surprised if thats simply for DVD marketing sake, and that TV advertising for the first run and in show titles will simply be “24”.

Now for some updated news of the DVD, A UK Region 2 release has been confirmed for the 1st of December, which fits in with what we previously reported about Sky One airing the TV movie in the last week of November.

Dates for your diary.
Sunday 23rd November : US TV Airing
Tuesday 25th November : US DVD Release
Last Week November : UK TV Airing
Monday 1st December : UK DVD Release

Season Seven Production To Stop Again

According to various reports, production on Season Seven will take a 2 week break on September 25th after Episode 18 is done filming. The reason cited is that Howard Gordon isn’t satisfied with scripts and story ideas for the final 6 episodes, and given they’ve almost got 18 episodes of the season proper done with regular episodes not due to start airing until January it would be stupid not to pause to catch breath.

This is far from the first time production has stopped or been delayed on Season Seven, while in pre-production several different storylines and arcs where dismissed as “the wrong direction” or simply “too expensive”, which meant a delayed start to Production. Then came the writers strike which hit with only between 6 and 8 episodes written, which forced Fox to put back the season by a whole year.

It’s been extremely hard to judge the positives and negatives of the previous halts to production, but this one is entirely positive, and quite frankly was surely a no-brainer. Noises from the Kiefer and various Exec Producers have been very happy about the season they’ve produced up to this point, and what trailers we’ve been given certainly grabbed us. Hopes are high, the fate of a potentially lucrative franchise will live or die with this season. If it’s not almost pitch perfect it’ll be the swansong, get it right and a big screen outing is only a matter of time. And so if your not entirely happy with the last 6 episodes, then you’ve got to take a step back.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on the forums.

24: Exile DVD Details

The Season Seven prequel, entitled “24: Exile” will air in the US on Sunday 23rd of November, and a US Region 1 release of the special episode will follow only 2 days later on the 25th, which will reportedly contain an extended cut of the episode (don’t they always?) plus two featurettes, a Season 6 summary plus Season 7 trailer and Season 7’s “first act”. The set is currently available for pre-order for $19 from

For UK and International visitors, the details aren’t quite as clear cut. Sky One are on the record as saying they will air 24: Exile sometime in November, but you can bet they won’t be airing it until Fox have, which narrows it down to the last week in November. The DVD release is also listed on, claiming the DVD released on November 25th will be available for “all regions”, but we’ve seen that before, it’s likely that it will be available for import but that you’ll only be able to play it on a multi-region or region 1 dvd player. An all regions release on the 25th would likely upset a few national broadcasters.

As ever more news when I have it.

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24 Is Back In … “Exile”

Their has been a recent flood of news on the Day 7 Prequel, which is now “24: Exile”. The President Of Fox Entertainment notes…

“it tees off the season — it’s a separate day … It’s the day of the election of the president and swearing in, It’s a self-contained two hours.”

Which would seem to suggest it will indeed not be real time, although there are conflicting reports about that still. Meanwhile Kiefer has a few thoughts …

“It sets up the conflict that starts in the prequel and is carried all the way through Season 7.”

To finish with here’s a trailer for “24: Exile” that was aired recently at a press event, although clearly it was a slightly rushed job on the voice over.


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Odd News Regarding S7 Prequel – Updated

Just when the excitement should be building for the S7 Prequel TV Movie, some comments from actor Robert Carlyle have cast doubt on just how special an event it will be …

Is the movie sticking to the TV show’s real-time format?
It is. This two hours is two hours in real time and there’ll then be 22 episodes. I don’t know how they connect it to the first of those 22 episodes but it’s literally the third hour…

So it will lead straight into the new series?

Okay, so some odd wording in those quotes, so lets see if I can pick out the key points without assuming too much. Firstly, the prequel isn’t as we once thought two extra episodes of the season, it’s actually two episodes from the series proper. The prequel, will still be in real time, which i’d always assumed but there was some thought they might drop it for the prequel.

Possibly the most confusing and the most unclear part is Carlyle’s answer to the second question, his positive response would seem to indicate that there will be no time jump between the prequel and the series proper, atleast thats what many would assume. However his earlier comment saying “I don’t know how they (will) connect it to the first of those 22” suggests he’s not sure about that last part, and logically a time jump is the only way to get Jack back from Africa to start Day 7 in Washington.

Hope thats clear.

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Update: As ever, it seems the internet news media are rushing to publish ’24’ stories before everything is known about the story. And today after the above story broke, TV Guide where apparently the only ones to do some double checking.

I caught wind of that Q&A via and Carlyle’s take didn’t seem kosher, so I checked with Fox and confirmed that Day 7 indeed will be the usual 24 episodes/hours, wholly supplementary to the TV-movie …

The prequel itself picks up four years after the events of Day 6 — effectively planting Jack Bauer in the year 2017, if you have been keeping tabs — and then another few on-screen months will pass between the movie’s sure-to-be-thrilling climax and Jack’s appearance before Congress.

So ignore everything Carlyle said, except probably that the prequel will be in real time, I don’t think anyone has debunked that yet.

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