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24 Film in London?

“Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that a movie version of his hit US TV show 24 is to be made in London. The actor … told chat show host Jonathan Ross about his plans on his BBC One show, which airs on Friday.

‘We’re working on that,’ he said. ‘We’ll shoot the film here. We’re really excited about it.’

‘In the US, 24 was slow to catch on but in the UK it was big so Fox stuck with it, so thank you Britain.'”

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First 24 Hours

“Starting on 10 June, after Jonathan Ross, BBC One will be screening the hit series on Fridays, showiing two episodes back-to-back. See how Jack Bauer had his first worst day, in a plot involving an attempt to assassinate a Presidential candidate, comical amnesia, and Dennis Hopper escaping from prison.”

Good news for those who didn’t see the first series when it originally aired, almost four years ago now on BBC2, although it does come as a bit of a shock, since it was previously thought Sky One had all the UK rights shown up – it’s possible Sky are letting the Beeb repeat the first series to rope in more viewers for future showings on Sky.

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