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Fade To Black. The Finale Reviewed

What made ’24’ great was taking an idea so simple people couldn’t believe it hadn’t been thought of before, and doing it perfectly. The simpler a situation the show was depicting, the better it was, the purer it was.

Day One, A Federal agent is torn between his duty to protect a Senator, and his duty to protect his family. That’s all Day One was. Try as you might you won’t be able to come up with a similar one sentence description for Day Eight. Certainly there are parts which have been just a simple, the most simple an idea was Jack’s fight for justice during the last 7 hours. Which is why these last 7 hours where the best of these last 24. Why certain parts of these last two where so touching, emotional and even moving, whilst others where simply plot.

Everything involving Jack and Chloe was terrific. Logan was mostly the usual delight to watch. The action, as so often in these final episodes was tense and dramatic. Unfortunately however a number of other moments either fell flat or where horribly guilty of missed opportunities.

The show almost tortured those final moments at the UN podium until Taylor pulled out. How much better, more dramatic and hopeful would it have been if Taylor, looking resolved, steely, but oddly calm walked up to the podium after the others had signed and made a speech mirroring her Inauguration speech seen in Redemption, declaring her values of openness, peace and understanding – those which had lead her to seek high office, and whilst the initial work done in forging this peace her guiding principles meant she would unfortunately not be able to sign the treaty.

However in the places that mattered there was very little too complain about. These two hours wrapped up the Day 8 story nicely and neatly. But why then do I still feel a little reserved in my judgement?. Perhaps this is why…

The end of 24 needs to deal with what happens to those who go down that road. Can they turn back? Can there be a happy ending? Or is there simply a dead end?

I wrote that 6 months ago when looking back on 7×24 and looking forward to Series 8. Previously i’d written how 7×24 should be the last we saw of Jack Bauer, (and possibly 24) as it was the most perfect closure and judgement Jack was ever going to receive. The viewer could decide whether Jack died quietly and peacefully with Kim by his side or if simply the Jack Bauer we knew died on that hospital bed and a different man woke. Nothing in the past 24 episodes has fundamentally changed that opinion, most especially because we are no nearer an answer to the key question I pose above.

Perhaps it is an unanswerable question, perhaps that is precisely the point.

Overall a very fine end to the day, if only a satisfactory end to the show as a whole.

Best then perhaps that 8×24 is not “goodbye”, but merely “fair well, for now”.

In the meantime, back to the boxsets it is, and I would like to salute everyone who has contributed to the show these last 9 years.

Thank you very much for so much fine entertainment.

iF Magazine Reviews 24: Redemption

Some how the lucky guys over at iF Magazine have been shown a finished cut of the upcoming S7 Prequel “24:Redemption” …

… And boy, what a ride. It’s nice to know Jack, after a year and half of television inactivity is back in action and ready to kick-ass in whole new package.

… Teamed with a former buddy turned missionary Carl Benton (Robert Carlyle), the two of them have been helping out children in Africa through education while a ruthless warlord (Tony Todd) is attempting to overthrow the government while abducting children into his militia …

… Suffice to say, the movie plays out in real-time over a two-hour period, it retains all the things 24 fans love … It also sets up a great group of new cast members that should provide an interesting, different season than we’ve seen before on 24.

I know it’s two months away, but man, after you see this movie, you’ll immediately want Season 7 to start. With the current economy a mess, and our own presidential race still on, not having Jack around to make things right in a fictional U.S. scenario has been solely missing …

… After the network run is over, it’s clear Jack Bauer as played by Kiefer Sutherland is a character that will be able to segue into a big budget film franchise with ease.

I’m not sure how much to trust a review from a someone who got an early preview, your always likely to be kinder when you’ve been given the VIP all access pass, read the full review at the link below.

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From Exile To Redemption

Just catching up on some news about the S7 Prequel TV movie. Previously called “24: Exile” is now officially titled “24: Redemption”, which is a curious name change and I wouldn’t be surprised if thats simply for DVD marketing sake, and that TV advertising for the first run and in show titles will simply be “24”.

Now for some updated news of the DVD, A UK Region 2 release has been confirmed for the 1st of December, which fits in with what we previously reported about Sky One airing the TV movie in the last week of November.

Dates for your diary.
Sunday 23rd November : US TV Airing
Tuesday 25th November : US DVD Release
Last Week November : UK TV Airing
Monday 1st December : UK DVD Release

24: Exile DVD Details

The Season Seven prequel, entitled “24: Exile” will air in the US on Sunday 23rd of November, and a US Region 1 release of the special episode will follow only 2 days later on the 25th, which will reportedly contain an extended cut of the episode (don’t they always?) plus two featurettes, a Season 6 summary plus Season 7 trailer and Season 7’s “first act”. The set is currently available for pre-order for $19 from

For UK and International visitors, the details aren’t quite as clear cut. Sky One are on the record as saying they will air 24: Exile sometime in November, but you can bet they won’t be airing it until Fox have, which narrows it down to the last week in November. The DVD release is also listed on, claiming the DVD released on November 25th will be available for “all regions”, but we’ve seen that before, it’s likely that it will be available for import but that you’ll only be able to play it on a multi-region or region 1 dvd player. An all regions release on the 25th would likely upset a few national broadcasters.

As ever more news when I have it.

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S1 Special Edition Release For All Regions!?!

More interesting news about the Season One Special Edition DVD. According to this entry on the boxset will be released on 20th of May, for all regions! Now obviously this could be a miss print, and Amazon is currently the only non-US online shop listing it that I know of, but it seems doubtful they would put up a Amazon UK listing for it up without some sort of release date. This is currently no price given on the Amazon UK page.

If any of this changes or if I can get better confirmation i’ll be sure to let you know

There’s a wealth of Fox PR on the boxset at the link below.

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Whose Your Vote For President?

Barack Obama eventually won out in a heated battle between himself and no, not Hilary Clinton, but David Palmer. No word yet if this strong second place for Palmer will see him enter the presidential race for real at this late stage. Full results below

Barack Obama : 32%

David Palmer : 30%

Hilary Clinton : 13%

John McCain : 11%

Mike Huckabee : 8%

Mitt Romney : 4%

Ron Paul : 2%

The new poll asks how excited about the S1 Special Edition DVD you are.

Season 1 Special Edition DVD

As if to make up for no new 24 until next year, Fox have this morning officially announced the “24 Season 1 (Special Edition)” DVD. Many will remember the original Season 1 DVD release was pretty much devoid of extras. Full details below the image of the rather cool metal cover.

At the moment the only release date known is for the region one edition on May 20th. But i’m fairly certain a region two release can’t be that far behind.

Extras include (items in bold are extras not found on original release) :-

  • Season One Introduction by Kiefer Sutherland
  • All-new documentary The Genesis of 24
  • Five extended episodes (7:00PM – 8:00PM; 10:00PM – 11:00PM; 8:00PM – 9:00PM; 11:00PM – 12:00AM; 9:00PM – 10:00PM)
  • 25 extended / deleted scenes
  • Never-before-seen alternate season finale ending #2
  • Commentary on the series premiere episode (12:00AM-1:00AM) by director Stephen Hopkins and Director of Photography Peter Levy
  • Commentary on the series finale episode (11:00PM-12:00AM) by director Stephen Hopkins and actress Leslie Hope
  • The Rookie online short films (sponsored by Degree)
    • “Coffee Run”
    • “Get This To…”
  • Alternate season finale ending (with optional commentary by executive producer Joel Surnow)

For me the most interesting extras will be the commentaries on both the pilot and the series finale, it will be incredibly interesting to hear Stephen Hopkins, one of the key architects of the show’s unique style talk about these two key episodes. As well as to hear Leslie Hope talk about the series finale.

The boxset will retail for around $60 in the U.S.

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