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Titan acquires 24 rights

TITAN BOOKS COUNTS DOWN TO PUBLICATION OF 24 COMPANIONThe longest day of Jack Bauer’s life is good news for Titan Books! An established publisher in the categories of film, TV and popular culture, Titan Books has acquired from Fox Licensing & Merchandising, World English Language publishing rights to the first official full colour companion to 24.

For the past four years, millions of viewers have avidly followed Jack Bauer’s adventures, hour by hour, minute by minute, as the series became famous for its labyrinthine plots, thrilling action and nail-biting suspense. Now, for the first time, 24’s legions of fans can go behind the scenes of this unique show, with 24: The Official Companion Seasons 1 and 2 (Titan Books; 23 June 2006; ISBN: 1-84576-313-0). The guide will offer in-depth episode breakdowns, unseen photographs, and exclusive new interviews with the cast and crew of 24. Plans for a further volume to cover Seasons 3 and 4 are also in the works, although no publication date has been scheduled.

24, an action-filled programme that traces one day in the life of Special Agent Jack Bauer of the Los Angeles branch of CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit), was an immediate smash-hit. In its premiere season in the US, 24 ranked in the Top 5 rated television series among adults 25-54 and was the #1 rated series for Fox Broadcasting Company. Continuing its success, the series delivered its best ratings ever in Season 4, which drew 20% more viewers than the previous season. In the UK, 24 on Sky One ranks at the top of all programmes on satellite television. The series has also won multiple Emmy Awards, and Kiefer Sutherland’s portrayal of Jack Bauer won him a Golden Globe Award in 2001.

Titan Books also publishes a 24 graphic novel in the UK and Ireland (Titan Books; ISBN: 1-84576-220-7), an exciting collection that mixes photorealistic art with three all new stories ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.

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