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Fresh Movie Rumours Emerge

We’ve all heard the Movie rumours before, every time they emerge they appear to have a little more weight and reality behind them, and while it’s started to become a little boy who cried wolf, the latest batch that have arisen today have more weight than any previous.

Reports in and and Entertainment Weekly’s website have the same common details. Fox have recently heard a pitch by “scribe Billy Ray (“State of Play,” “Flightplan”) … which takes Jack Bauer to Europe”.

Both articles point out the circumstances under which the project would move forward. “Fox doesn’t have a deal for a ninth season of “24” and hasn’t yet decided whether to order another season.”, Ratings in the coming weeks are apparently the key factor in the possible renewal for the ninth season. While not laid out explicitly in either article, it would appear that Fox as a corporate entity aren’t facing a straight choice between a ninth season and a Movie. Rather the Fox Television Network must decide if they wish to enter talks over a ninth season. If the network pass then it’s up to 20th Century Fox TV and Film Studios to decide if to move forward with the Movie.

There is however a third option, if the Fox Network pass, 20th Century Fox could offer a ninth season of the show to the other U.S. networks. With all these complex corporate dealings to be undertaken you do start to wonder exactly where and if the creative process of the show weighs in on the decision. As note… “A decision is needed soon; … the producers are preparing to write the 23rd and 24th episodes of the current season so they need to know whether to pen a series finale.”

Personally i’ve always thought a 24 Movie would be interesting, although if the decision is made because the number don’t add up on a ninth season and not because creatively the producers thought it was the way they want to go, then suddenly i’m less interested.

News From Comic Con Panel

For the first time in the shows history, they’ve had a panel at Comic Con, and more interesting opinions about series 6 from the writers themselves, and details about series 7 have emerged or been confirmed. Some none spoilery bits from the various coverage on the internet below, follow links for more spoilery info.

All four producers agreed that season 6 was a disappointment, a turnaround from the FOX executives who defended the quality of the latest season earlier this week at the Television Critics Association press tour … About Charles Logan, they reassured fans that unless you see someone die, they’re probably not dead … In regards to the idea of a 24 movie, the producers were rather candid.  They will most likely do it after the final season, otherwise there would be a compromise and they would have to outsource either the show or the film, as they couldn’t handle both.  As for the format, they said the first hour would be just like a regular movie, but that the real-time format would kick in about half-way through … The producers desperately wanted to cast Donald Sutherland as Jack’s father last season, but couldn’t get the deal to work.

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There was also a little tidbit which got some people very excited, though it wasn’t the first we’ve heard this rumour on the internet, which first emerged near the end of last season. A detailed article on it follows.

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Jon Cassar Interviewed

With almost 50 hours of 24 to his name, Jon Cassar has experienced six of the longest days of his life over the past six years. As a director and executive producer of Fox’s seminal action-adventure show, he’s guided Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) through more hair-raising adventures than most TV characters currently on the air.But Cassar wouldn’t have it any other way. 24 is an experience he notes is unlike any other and with a 24 feature film on the boards, Jack Bauer’s long days don’t appear to be ending any time soon.

Cassar, who also released a book on the series 24: BEHIND THE SCENES, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with iF Magazine to discuss Season Six, Jack’s never-ending journey and the status of the 24 movie.

Interview with Jon Cassar, covering all the obvious topics. Some of his answers have been floating around the internet for a little while, others I guess nobody has bothered to ask until now.

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Kiefer Faces ‘Mirrors’

Kiefer Sutherland will spend his “24” hiatus starring in Mirrors, a supernatural thriller to be directed by Alexandre Aja, reports Variety. New Regency is financing the film and will distribute through 20th Century Fox.Sutherland became available to star in the movie when plans to carry his Jack Bauer character into a “24” feature were postponed because the script wasn’t ready. Fox won’t start the clock on that film until next summer, when Sutherland completes the seventh season of the show.

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Confirmed: Movie Postponed

“What’s the deal with the 24 movie?
We were going to make it in the break this year, but it’s just too much to ask the writers to do. We are going to do it. It’s just a question of when.”

That’s Kiefer answering a question about the movie only last thursday at a party to promote the new series. So confirmation that the movie, which was due to start shooting this may in the three month hiatus period between series six and seven will defintely not go forward during that time. It would appear now that earliest the film could shoot is the hiatus period between series seven and eight (should the show get that far), for a release late 2008.

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24: The Movie Postponed

24 cast and crew where on Larry King last night, and co-creator Robert Cochran stated that the movie filming in the 3 month hiatus between days 6 and 7 for a late 2007 release is now unlikely. With a tight schedule being most likely to blame.

Cochran made the suggestion that a film version would most likely have to wait until the TV show had finished, which if reports regarding Kiefer’s last contract are accurate could be as late as summer 2009 after a potential eighth day has been filmed.

This news will come as a big disappointment for fans, as all previous reports had the film progressing well, with some quoting Kiefer as having said the screenplay had been finished, and with Cochran and Surnow ready to take time away from the show to start prep for the film.

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Sutherland talks more season six

“… While Bauer was being whisked off by the Chinese for crimes he committed in Season 4, Sutherland won’t spoil whether or not the series will be set in China this year.

‘I don’t want to ruin any of that,’ he says … Even with an additional bit of prodding, Sutherland still was tight with the details on the new season, …

‘We always seem to run into great problems when we shoot on a plane, even if it’s an hour program … If I was to be in China, I would stay there for the day.’

The ironic part is that in real time, the Jack Bauer character should be close to 60 since every season, there’s usually a one to two year jump in between. Sutherland laughs though and notes, ‘I’m probably now my age [on the show]. I think I started out a little younger.’ …

… ‘One of the fantastic things about our writers, is the options are always open for everything,’ says Sutherland. ‘In certain areas and I think one of the discussions about 24 that I think has been interesting is that people have a serious moral dilemma with some of the things that Jack Bauer has done. So that rides a very thin line already. So we’ll see.’ …

… Meanwhile, there’s already been talk that a 24 movie will be shot next summer on the show’s hiatus and Sutherland gave hints as to what the format might be.

‘It’s something we really really want to make,’ he adds, noting that the movie would be a standalone event that wouldn’t tie in with existing storylines happening on the TV show. ‘The real key difference would be, the 24 film, would be a two hour representation of a 24 hour day. It would be the first thing we didn’t do in real time …’

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