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Kiefer, Eva & Me

“Sssssh! A nobody with a radio is telling us to please be quiet. And no flash photography. The cameras are about to roll. This is so exciting. We are a part of history. Well, not really. We know this. And we know we’re speaking in italics a lot. We can’t help ourselves. We know the difference between fact and fiction, person and persona. But still. When is this movie going to be released? We will get the DVD. Sssssh!

And . . . action! Kiefer heads down the street, toward Lafayette Square. He is dressed in gray pants and a white shirt. He walks purposefully and . . . straight.


The scene is repeated, again and again. It isn’t much of a scene. We wish something would happen. We wish Gabrielle would come running up and maybe throw her arms in the air, and a car would zoom by, and a bad guy would flop out, dead. Something. But no, it’s just Kiefer walking, which from our vantage point is really just a tiny head bobbing.”

Story from on the set of Kiefer’s new film the Sentinel, and about how he’s a ‘nice guy’

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Sutherland is the sentinel

Kiefer Sutherland,….will headline the Regency Enterprises drama The Sentinel,….as a Secret Service agent who’s having a covert affair with the First Lady. When another agent turns up dead, Sutherland’s character becomes the prime suspect and slowly get entangled in a plot to assassinate the President,….Michael Douglas is producing the project through his Outlook Pictures. Filming will begin this May in Toronto.”

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