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Chloe Most Deserves A Banner

I’ve been asking you over the last three weeks which of ten characters most deserves a banner. Results were as follows

Chloe O’Brian – 26%
Aaron Pierce – 16%
Kim Bauer – 15%
Michelle Dessler – 13%
Bill Buchanan – 12%
Audrey Raines – 5%
Wayne Palmer – 4%
Curtis Manning – 3%
Mike Novick – 3%
Sherry Palmer – 2%

I’ll have a Chloe banner up soon.

The new poll asks how more or less likely you are to watch Series 7 due to the delay caused by the writers strike.

Which Forgotten Favourite Would You Most Like To See Return To The Show?

You’ve been answering for the last two weeks, and the results: –

Mandy : 37%
Theo Stoller : 26%
Richard Walsh : 12%
Yusuf Auda : 6%
Diane Huxley : 5%
Walt Cummings : 4%
Bob Warner : 3%
Paula Schaeffer : 2%
Alberta Green : 1%
Robert Ellis : 1%
Shari Rothenberg : 1%
Jonathan Wallace : 1%

So Mandy would be your choice, although Theo Stoller was in the lead for a fair while, a good showing for a character whose only been in two episodes.

And now, in the new poll, I’m asking for the second time, Which Character Most Deserves A Banner?, this one was going to wait until just before the new series started, but since we don’t know when that will be, so i’m putting it up now. Voting ends on Christmas Eve, and i’ll endeavour to have the selected characters banner up before New Year.


So the WGA strike has just entered it’s fifth week, and while negotiations between both sides are still ongoing the optimism that existed last week that a agreement was near has been replace by a fear that the strike may “go the distance” so to speak.

Unfortunately I haven’t got another 24 & Strike related video for you, so instead I thought I’d put up just one of the many fabulous videos in the “Speechless” campaign where many Screen Actors Guild members show there solidarity with the Writers. That’s a really bad description, but just watch and see how many faces you recognise, then hunt around on Youtube for more.


Also of note is the Pencils2MediaMoguls, show your support for the writers, pledge one dollar which will buy one box of pencils to send to a media mogul. And for every box you can be entered into a raffle to win prizes such as a phone call from a TV star or a signed script, or even a ticket watch a hockey game with Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica. Although there are at this time no prizes specific to 24.

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How Do You Feel About The WGA Strike?

…which has postponed series 7? Some mixed feelings here, which is probably to be expected for such a complex issue.

45% – Neither, Just Want It Sorted Out Soon
32% – Support The WGA
19% – Angry At Both Sides
5% – Support The Studios & The Networks

The new poll asks, Which Forgotten Favourite Would You Most Like To See Return To The Show? You’ve got 12 options which i’ll run through quickly.

Richard Walsh (Series 1) – Jack’s closest friend at the agency and mentor. Last Seen: Being shot by a unknown sniper.

Mandy – (Series 1, 2 & 4) – Hired gun with a multitude of skills. Last Seen: Being pardoned for her crimes in exchange for giving up Marwan.

Alberta Green – (Series 1) – Career minded CTU employee who was brought in to replace Jack when it was believe he’d “gone rogue”. Last Seen: Being overruled by Ryan Chappelle regarding Jack’s reinstatement.

Robert Ellis – (Series 1) – Behind the scenes go-to guy who helped set up Operation Nightfall. Last Seen: Being strangled in a men’s room of a bar in New Orlean’s whilst on the phone to Jack.

Paula Schaeffer – (Series 2) – CTU Tech Analyst, was being socially ackward before anyone had ever heard of Chloe O’Brian. Last Seen: Going into cardiac arrest on a gurney after the bombing of CTU.

Bob Warner – (Series 2) – Business Man whose family being inexplicably tie up in a terrorist plot on his daughter’s wedding day. Last Seen: Visiting his daughter Marie in prison trying to understand her actions.

Yusuf Auda – (Series 2) – Middle east intelligence agent who helped Jack and Kate secure “the chip”. Last Seen: Huddled in a phonebooth after being shot several times.

Jonathan Wallace – (Series 2) – Soldier turned hired gun, killed his entire military squad before blackmailing Jack when his employers double crossed him. Last Seen: Bleeding out in an urgent care centre.

Walt Cummings – (Series 4 & 5) – Charles Logan’s Chief Of Staff, responsible for ordering a hit on Jack at the end of series 4, and then a key conspirator in series 5. Last Seen: Hanging from his neck-tie in a presumed suicide that was later revealed to have been staged.

Diane Huxley – (Series 5) – Jack’s “land lady” at the start of Series 5, got dragged into things when her son followed Jack and eventually was taken hostage in the airport siege. Last Seen: Leaving CTU with her son.

Theo Stoller – (Series 5) – Deep cover German intelligence agent, who got in the way between Jack and a suspect. Last Seen: Being double crossed by Jack after giving up the suspect.

Shari Rothenberg – (Series 5) – CTU low level analyst given a provisional promotion to help out after the gas attack on CTU left them severally undermanned. Also more than a little odd, so much so she freaked Chloe out at times. Last Seen: Telling her superiors she let a locked up Chloe escape.

Poll will run for two weeks, good luck choosing.

24 Without The Writers

So the writers strike is still going on, and I know many are frustrated with it, but one of the good things to come out of the strike I think is the amount of funny, insightful and relevant videos that keep springing up on Youtube. Nothing proves the WGA’s central point that everything is moving towards the internet more than how effective a tool youtube and weblogs have been for them.

The latest 24/Strike related video shows what the show might be like if the network tried producing episodes without the writers input.


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Melia over at just posted about this and I thought I would flag it up for others. I know this is quite a complex issue and that there is many sides to this, but for those who are behind the WGA and want a way to show your support then is the place to be.

For me, I’m split between wanting to see the scripted dramas on my TV and wanting the writers (and other members of production crews) to get what they deserve.