End Of The Day

Jack was fuming, regretting what he had just done, would he regret it for a long time to come?, would he rue his decision not to kill Nina???. He had to put that thought out of his mind. He had got though the day, his family were safe. As he walked towards the conference room he could feel the anticipation grow, he couldn’t wait for the moment when he would fell the sweet embrace of Kim and Teri, when that moment came he would know that the day was over. The day would be over and they could go home, and tomorrow morning, maybe they could plan the holiday him and Teri and been talking about for so long.

He walked into the conference room, and was almost immediately pulled into a hug by Kim, as he hugged back, all thought of the past twenty four hours had gone. Right now he couldn’t think of a reason not to be happy, especially since any moment Teri would join them.

He pulled out of the hug and looked at Kim, his beautiful daughter, who clearly shared his joy at there reunion. He looked around, to see a cheery expression on Teri’s face, but he couldn’t find Teri. He found this puzzling, why hadn’t they told Teri that Kim was here, it was odd, but then again, they had all just been so busy, they probably just had other things on their minds. It had been a long day.

He looked again at Kim and voiced his question “Where’s your mom?”, she didn’t know, which he assumed was the case. He would go and find her, he decided, he told Kim this, and was off. As he walked though the bullpen, he looked around at his brilliant team, the team that had made today such a triumph. It was these guys that deserved the recognition, not him, who’s name was being banded around as “the one responsible for saving Palmer”.

He walked though the corridor, opened a door, to be met with the horror of a security guard, lying on the floor, bleeding uncontrollably, Nina’s path of destruction, no doubt, But? Who else was caught in that path of destruction? “Have you searched the Floor?” he only just caught the attention of the security guards who were looking after there friend, “HAVE YOU SEARCHED THE FLOOR?”, so he repeated his desperate question as he thought the impossible. The guards looked up “Not yet sir”.

He was breathing hard now, as he started his own search, he opened the first door, looked inside, clear, so he closed the door, but then he looked again, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he didn’t want to be believe. His heart was racing, beating uncontrollably, he picked Teri up, she was lifeless, he leant against a wall. Cradling her in his body. She wasn’t lifeless, she was just acting, playing around, she had always been so good at playing around. He swept her air back, as if to reveal a large smile on her face. He found no smile. Just her placid face. Looking very calm, as if she was sleeping, Yes that was what she was doing, she was sleeping. She would wake up in moment. That moment came and went. He had been crying, almost unknowingly for a long time. He hugged her body to him, as he thought back to what felt like a lifetime ago, when he and Kim were playing chess. It was only twenty four hours ago. Twenty four hours ago, he had his family around him, oh what he would give to start the day again. So that he could undo the mistakes he had made.

Even the last mistake he had made, just a few minutes before. Maybe he would regret that decision for a long time to come.

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