Based on Operation Nightfall, the mission to take out Victor Drazen, which took place two years previous to Day One. This is what I call a Real Time piece, for the obvisous reason that “events take place in real time” or atleast that’s the theory. I say that’s the theory, becuase it’s hard to write, to get the tense right, and to really make it seem like real time.

12AM – 1AM – “The on board clock showed that it was just a few seconds past midnight, it’ll be three o’clock in L.A. now, the pilot thought just as a man jumped out of the military plane, he was in all black and free fell until the last minute when he released his chute, that man was…”

1AM – 2AM – “At Townsend’s house he shouted down the phone and then realized that he was in danger, he took a CD from his computer with everything that he found in the Delta system then and pressed ‘esc’ on his keyboard, instantly the screen changed…”

2AM – 3AM – “In downtown L.A. a Russian man banged on the door of a small apartment, shouting something in Russian as he did so, frustrated at the lack of response, he shouted louder, drawing the attention of a few people further down the corridor of the apartment block…”

3AM – 4AM – “Johnson strolled into the control room, filled with monitors, showing maps and diagrams relating to Operation Nightfall. “Do we have Nightfall’s radio frequencies and encryption codes from JSOC yet?”…”Not Yet Sir” an aide answered back…”

4AM – 5AM – “At an address downtown, a Russian man was on the phone, disturbed at what he was being told. “What do you mean?….are you sure?….okay, I can clear the place out in ten minutes”. The Russian man looked around the apartment, panic stricken…”

5AM – 6AM – “Two hours from Drazen’s compound in Dakovica, Kosovo, and the Nightfall team assembles on the ground on the edge of the forest which covered three quarters of the neighboring area. “Bury your halo gear and have some water, we’ve got a long walk ahead of us…”

6AM – 7AM – “Townsend couldn’t quite take in what he was being told. The unidentified man sat on a chair opposite him, silent, letting his words sink in. Could Townsend believe him?, he wasn’t sure, and so he decided to break the silence which had lasted so long…”

7AM – 8AM – “They turned the corner yet again, Davidoff seemed to be taking the scenic route to the SG safe house. SG was a term he had heard when Davidoff was on the phone to his boss Rene…”

8AM – 9AM – “…The sheer darkness of the car park was not lost on Amy, she couldn’t quite understand why her contact had wanted to meet her here, unless it was some perverted historical reference…”

9AM – 10AM – “He couldn’t see anything, he didn’t know where he was, everything was black. The last thing he remembered was the Sixth street Bridge, the horror of seeing Delta’s dead face, from there, nothing…”

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