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Previously on Nightfall The plan is very simple, your mission is to track nightfall, capture Drazen and make sure nightfall blow his compound….

…..I want you to go back to the office, see what my assistant’s found on the e-mail addresses…..I’ve got one more thing to check out.”

…. Your to valuable an asset to them, to crucial to there future plans….They want to start a second Cold War, a rematch, one they think they can win…. They have some agent planting cells in the U.S. intelligence agencies, to find out weaknesses, so they and you can exploit them….

…. Bury your halo gear and have some water, we’ve got a long walk ahead of us….

…. Sergei Redbrov….Russian origin….petty criminal….illegal immigrant, deported last year back to Russia, was thought to still be in Russia….his name was John Ackerman….

….I can help with some of the shall we say ‘government interference’ you’ve been having………I suggest we meet, Griffith Park observatory.….you of course wouldn’t be alone…. We’ve got a meeting set up with one of Bonnier’s associates in half an hour at the Griffith park observatory…..we want you to go…..

The Following Takes Place between 6 am and 7 am on the Day of Operation Nightfall

06:02 — (21:02)

Townsend couldn’t quite take in what he was being told. The unidentified man sat on a chair opposite him, silent, letting his words sink in. Could Townsend believe him?, he wasn’t sure, and so he decided to break the silence which had lasted so long. “Why should I believe you?, and even if I do why should I go along with it? Let you recruit me?”
“Always does take a lot of convincing, but think about it, how crazy would I have to be to tell you everything I have, if it wasn’t true?”
“Maybe, but that doesn’t answer my second question, why should I let you recruit me?”
“Well, you’re here for a reason, officially or unofficially, your investigating Rene Bonnier, even if you don’t know it yet. I’m just offering you the chance to continue that investigation.”
“Where’s this meeting meant to take place?”
“You gonna help us them?”
“Maybe, I haven’t decided yet.”
“What’s the point of the meeting?”
“Were hoping they’ll ask for your help.”
“You want to put me undercover?! That’s a little more than a meeting!!”
“Are you in, or not?”
“Yeah, I’m in, by the way, what do I call you?”

06:08 — (21:08)

District was all but empty; it was more luxurious than CTU’s man LA office, especially the conference rooms which had been known to hold Government cabinet meetings when the need would arise. Mason walked through the lobby of the building and into Walsh’s office where a light was still on and Richard’s underpaid and overqualified assistant was still hard at work.
“Hi Tracy, I see I’m not the only one Richard persuaded to give up there free time.”
“Hi Mr. Mason.”
“You can call me George.”
“Okay, George.”
“So, what have you found on those e-mail addresses?”
“Not much, the e-mail addresses are dead ends. The website, what was it, svyliaimports.com is registered by a hosting company in Berlin, nothing unusual there.”
“I don’t believe this, Richard’s got us running around like head-less chicken for nothing.”
“What should we do now?”
“I dunno, as much as I want to go home, we should probably wait until Richard calls.”

06:13 — (21:13)

Griffith Park really was beautiful at Night, and the observatory, but Davidoff didn’t have time to admire it for long. He had to plant his men before the government agent he was meeting here arrived. Four men in black suits trailed behind him as he walked into the centre of the observatory, as he did so he raised his arms casually, allocating a hiding place for each of his men with each action.

“Has there been any activity?”, asked Rene Bonnier over the phone.
“No sir, nothing.”, replied the man who had been watching the fourth address on the list.
“Wait another hour, if nobody shows, get back here.”
“Yes Sir.”, Rene hung up, leaving the watch out thinking what his boss would do to him, when he found out he was lying, or if he would even survive to see his boss again.
“That was your boss?, I assume”, said Richard Walsh, behind him would had a gun to the man’s head.
“What’s his name?”
“I don’t know.”, replied the man truthfully.


Martina watched the country side flash by as her mother drove through the empty country roads. Martina wished she felt well enough to take some pictures, but she didn’t, and for some reason he mind kept wandering over to a phone conversation of Andre’s she had overheard, he had been shouting and screaming down the phone, she didn’t know why it bothered her, but it did.

06:20 — (21:20)

“How long have you been working for him?” asked Walsh, his frustration growing.
“Two maybe three weeks.”
“Who recruited you?”
“Nobody, I just got a call one day, asking if wanted to pick up some easy cash.”
“Listen, your wasting my time, either you give me something useful, a name, a place or a description in the next fifteen seconds, or I’ll have to shoot you.”
“Please no, I don’t know anything useful, they don’t trust me, it’s how they work.”
“Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen…”
“I already told you, I don’t know anything, your about to shoot me, what do I have to gain from lying to you?”
“…eight, seven, six, five….your running out of time, think hard, there must be something…..three, two….”, the man was shaking, scared senseless, not helped my the sound of Richard pulling back the safety on his gun. He knew what was coming next, but it didn’t, instead it was replaced by a ringing of Walsh’s phone. Walsh took his phone out of his pocket and answered it. “Walsh.”
“Richard, where are you?” Mason near shouted down the phone.
“George, the addresses we checked out where all being watched.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I’ve got one of the lookouts with me.”
“He told you anything yet?”
“No, not yet.”
“Well what do you want me to do; we haven’t found anything on those e-mail addresses.”
“You want to know if you can go home.”
“Can you blame me?”
“Not really, just see if you can get in contact with Townsend, I haven’t been able to.”

06:28 — (21:28)

Townsend walked into the entrance of Griffith Park cautiously, he didn’t know what to expect, something which was always a reason for concern. He walked towards the observatory which lay at the far end of the park, he was looked around as he walked, analyzing every detail in the hope of picking up anything which could give him an advantage if things got ugly. He watched the observatory getting ever closer; having looked at everything else there was to look at, not having found anything out of the ordinary.

Davidoff looked on as the unidentified agent walked the last few metres to the observatory and up the steps the meet Davidoff. They met in the middle of the observatory; no one else was around, except for Davidoff’s men who Townsend hadn’t spotted on his rather brief reconnaissance. Townsend was unsure exactly what to say, but he knew he was expected to speak first, so he did. “I’m sorry I’m late, had to be sure I wasn’t followed.”
“It’s quite alright, but let’s skip the small talk, and get on with business shall we.”
“Of course.”
“Me and my associates are very curious about what you have to offer, although we wish to be clear exactly what it is you have to offer apart from the words, government interference”
“What do I have to offer? Any problems whatsoever with government, I can help disappear.”, Townsend did his best to sound like he knew what he was talking about, he could only guess how well he was doing.
“What proof do you have that you can live up to that claim?”, with that Townsend swiftly removed a electronic fob from his jacket pocket and threw it at Davidoff who caught it in mid-air. “What’s this?”
“On there is the ID info I removed from a crime lab computer on one of your agents, an agent who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge about four and a half hours ago.”, Davidoff’s initial reaction changed quickly as he realized the potential significance of what Townsend had just given him. From his pocket Davidoff took out a PDA and inserted the fob into a port at the side, a smile spread across his face as he recognized the details of his former colleague.
“And you removed this from there computer? Will they realize?”
“Maybe, but it’ll take them forty eight hours or so before they do, if they do, and even then, there unlikely to be able to make another positive id on the body for another twenty four hours after that. I figure that should give you enough time to remove the body for good or replace it with another, if it matters that much to you.”
“This is very impressive, very impressive indeed; I wonder if you would care to come back to meet some of my other associates, we could use your help on some other matters concerning your government.”
“I’m glad you’re suitably impressed, but there is still the matter of a fee to discuss.”
“One hundred thousand, u.s.”, Davidoff was playing him, Townsend could see it and so he turned and started to walk away, calling Davidoff’s bluff. “Where are you going?.”, came the comment from behind Townsend.
“You’re wasting my time, so I’m leaving.”, Townsend replied, as he continued to walk.
“No, you’re not going anywhere.”
“Whose gonna stop me?” said Townsend as he stopped and turned to look at Davidoff, quickly Davidoff clicked his figures and the four hidden men revealed themselves to Townsend. Townsend was shaken, but he did his best to keep it from showing.
“Now, you get to keep your life, I’ll keep the hundred thousand.”
“I don’t work for anything less than half a million, but you can add another quarter because you clearly don’t trust Me.”, Townsend replied, ignoring Davidoff’s threat.
“Why should we pay you that much?” A smile spread across Townsend’s face as his reply formed in his mind.
“Because quite simply you need me, more than I need you.”, Townsend’s cocksure answer suitably covered his nerves. Acceptance spread across Davidoff’s face as he nodded for his men to put there guns down.
“Seven hundred and fifty thousand.”

06:48 — (21:48)

At the rundown old apartment block, which was once home to the safe house Walsh and Mason had a few hours earlier retrieved the delta disc from. Officer McKeith was doing his token rounds as part of the chief’s ‘big plan’ to clean up the area. But there was little point, he was one man, and he was hardly in peak health, the inhabitants of the building seemed to understand this by now and for the most part left him alone. All of which made for a usually uneventful and therefore rather boring part of his week. But oddly, he noticed something out of the ordinary, a door which had been smashed in, the apartment block was hardly in a great state of repair, but this was different, the damage was recent, only six hours old at most. He had nothing better to do, and so he decided to investigate. On entering, the sight of a computer still on in the corner immediately peaked his interest. He walked over and looked at the computer screen, almost immediately a smile grew across his face, he didn’t have a clue what the information meant, but he wasn’t thick, he knew there were a couple of a journalists who would pay quite substantially for this sort of information.


“Lets take another break, we’re ahead of schedule and I want to get our bearings.” Shouted Jack Bauer to the rest of Nightfall as he pulled out a map as the rest of the team found a place to rest and drink some water. “Okay listen up, where about two hours walk away from the road which leads to the Drazen compound, once there, we’ll split into two teams and undertake two recon runs of the compound….”

06:57 — (21:57)

Walsh was getting tired, he’d didn’t like interrogating suspects, he’d thought he had been promoted above it, and for good reason, he really wasn’t any good at it, it had been a miracle he had gotten anything useful out of him at all, and he still didn’t know if the registration plate he had been given was useful at all. But he wasn’t going to get anything else out of him, and Walsh knew that. If might come to regret letting the lookout go he wasn’t sure, he would have to wait and see.

06:59:58 … 06:59:59 … 07:00:00

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