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Previously On Nightfall… …The plan is very simple, your mission is to track Nightfall, capture Drazen and make sure Nightfall blow his compound…

….what have you found on those e-mail addresses?… dead-ends,….the addresses we checked out where all being watched,. I’ve got one of the lookouts….

….Your to valuable an asset to there future plans …. They want to start a second cold war, one they can win …. They have cells planting agents in U.S. intelligence agencies, to find weaknesses ….

… where about two hours away from the Drazen compound, once there we’ll split into two teams and undertake recon runs of the compound ….

…. Any problems what so ever with government I can make disappear … we’ve got a meeting setup ..We want you to go …

…. Sergei Redbrov … Russian Origin … petty criminal … illegal immigrant … on there is the ID info I removed from a crime lab computer …. Will they realize? … if they do, .. I figure that should give you enough time ….

The following takes place between 7AM and 8AM on the day of operation nightfall.

07:01 –– (22:01 L.A. Local Time)

They turned the corner yet again, Davidoff seemed to be taking the scenic route to the SG safe house. SG was a term he had heard when Davidoff was on the phone to his boss Rene. Townsend had assumed that it was the name of there organization, although he didn’t know what it stood for. He tried to figure it out as he went through his memory of there journey so far, recalling every turn and every distance.


They had been traveling for over two hours, and had finally Drazen’s wife and daughter had reached the compound that had become home for them over the last two months.

07:04 — (22:04)

Townsend & Davidoff got out of the car outside of what appear to be a disused warehouse in an industrial estate about twenty mile from Griffith Park where there original meeting took place. Davidoff lead the way to a small side door of the warehouse and knocked twice on the metal doors. A voice from inside asked something in Russian, to which Davidoff instantly replied. At hearing the correct response the door swung open and Davidoff walked, Townsend followed. Townsend continued to follow Davidoff as he walked through a maze of dark corridors, doors hut as they walked past – the sight of a new comer an odd one.

Davidoff stopped for a second to talk to a colleague, meanwhile Townsend noticed a door which was still open – he noted some boxes marked ‘U.S. Military’. When Davidoff finished his conversation, he glanced over at Townsend, seeing his interest in the boxes he shut the door and turned to Townsend “While you may be welcome here, not everything which goes on here concerns you.” With that he started back up the corridor, finally they arrived at an open door, and a brighter room. Inside Rene Bonnier was stood, his back to Davidoff and the newcomer, as he spoke into a cell phone. He turned briefly to acknowledge there arrival while still continuing with his call in fluent Russian. As Rene continued Townsend observed his new surroundings. He was stood in a medium sized room, bland grey walls. Six computer screens lined the back wall, four lay dormant but two displayed various government databases. By the time Townsend was done, Rene was off the phone and he immediately turned and spoke to Townsend.
“Davidoff has told me of your offer to help us, it’s most generous.”
“He gave me plenty of reasons to do so, – and I must say your resources are quite impressive, you preparing for a war?” – Davidoff was nervous that Townsend has seen so much, but Rene took the comment in his stride.
“There’s a difference between preparing for a war and being ready for one.”

07:13 — (22:13)

At the CTU District HQ, George Mason was in disbelief, “You let him go!? Why?”
“He didn’t have anything else George”, was Richard Walsh’s annoyed reply
“How do you know?”
“I know.”
“Excuse me if I don’t quite take your word for that.”
“Well you don’t have to, but I have what I believe is the only useful information he had.”
“Which was?”
“The license plate of his contact.”


Kosovo, the Nightfall team were still on there march towards the Drazen compound. They were inside the Davokica forest which made up much of the area around the compound. They did so in a column of two, with Jack and Saunders at the head of the column. Jack hadn’t said anything to Saunders since the orders he had issued when they last stopped to rest. The silence made Steven nervous, and so he started a conversation. “Why Drazen?”
“Why did they pick Drazen to be the target? Why not someone else?”
“I’m not sure what you mean.”
“I mean there’s got to be five or six possible targets for this mission, all of whom would have made just as effective targets.”
“It’s not about effective targets.”
“What is it about?”
“It’s about we have our orders, and we’re going to carry them out.” – Jack brushed off the question.
“You don’t strike me as the kind of soldier who doesn’t think about his orders.” Jack knew now that he would have to answer Saunders question.
“Steven, let’s be clear, I do think about the orders, very carefully, and if I had a problem with my orders I would voice them and I’d be at home with my family right now, as we probably all would. But I believe in this mission, and the intelligence it’s based on.” Saunders didn’t know what to say in reply, and so did he didn’t.

07:21 –– (22:21)

Back at the SG safe house, Rene and Johnny were sat at a table; Davidoff had reluctantly left them alone to talk. “Down to business.”
“Fine by me.”
“First let me ask, how much do you know about our operation?”
“Now much, bits and pieces, connecting the dots, I’d say your trying to plant sleeper agents inside U.S. government agencies.” Rene was left breathless at his objectives being put so bluntly. “…what exactly do you need me for?…”
“Central to our plan is having reliable flight information for those government agencies.”
“Any particular agency?”
“What is it called?,… the Counter Terrorist Unit, …amongst others.” – Townsend was taken aback, but he covered it well, he looked up, catching Rene’s gaze, who expected a reply from him. He quickly did so.
“Personally, I don’t have access to that sort of information, but I do know where you can get it.”
“CTU, along with several other agencies, share a private airfield. The airfield keeps a computer log for all scheduled departures and arrivals, unfortunately it’s not remotely accessible, so to gain access to it we would need to be at the terminal itself.”
“What kind of security?”
“How many do you need?”
“Six, including myself.”
“Two Humvees should do”
“Mac 11’s or AK 47’s”

07:27 –– (22:27)

David Palmer sat in his chair, bored, unable to sleep, watching TV to take his mind off the mission he had authorized,….,the assassination he had authorized. The TV was on, but he was listening, and it certainly wasn’t distracting him, and things got worse when he flicked the channel. “….welcome to capital beat, tonight we’re discussing the government dossier published today regarding the main threats to peace in the Balkans,….., here with me tonight is deputy white house chief of staff Josh Lyman, whose kindly risking his job yet again to be here tonight,…., Also with me is Republican Senator for California Rob Ritchie, and finally we also have L.A. Time Journalist Amy Turner,…., thank you all for being here,….,Josh why don’t you start us off by explaining for our viewers what the dossier says,…., Well not to sound to smug about it, but is says we’re right,….,Right about what?,….,We’re right about most things but in this case, we’re right when we say that the best way forward for stability in the region is through a peaceful settlement, instead of using violence and military power to effectively enforce peace. In short this dossier backs up this administrations policy that the U.S. should not interfere in every other countries business, it’s not up to us to police the world.” Palmer couldn’t help put linger on the thought, had he done the right thing?, he picked up the remote and turned off the TV, not wanting to think about it anymore than he already had.

Elsewhere, a U.S. Army General in charge of Class One detention facilities across the U.S. including one in Saugus continued watching. The debate had started to heat up as the Times Journalist made claims that the U.S. had already sanctioned surgical strikes and assassinations, it was the same Journalist that had been called half an hour ago by an Officer McKeith who had found the delta files regarding operation nightfall in a rundown apartment block in downtown L.A. As the Journalist explained her currently sketchy evidence of her claims, the Army General grew more nervous, he knew she was referring to Nightfall, and he couldn’t allow it. He turned to a subordinate and said “deal with it.”

07:37 –– (22:37)

Back at Walsh’s Office, Mason was still utterly bemused and bored with the situation, “You’re pushing your luck Richard, half an hour, half an hour and it still hasn’t found a match on that license plate.”
“Just wait a little longer.”
“Why should I?”
“Because I asked you to”

07:39 –– (22:39)

CTU Airfield, L.A., under the cover of darkness Townsend, Davidoff and the SG Strike Team pulled up in two Humvee’s. Silently they piled out of the military cars and assembled at the front of the cars where Townsend had a map of the spread out over the bonnet of one of the cars. Davidoff started to point out the individual targets on the map when Townsend cut him off. “There is one primary target, the airfield’s control tower which also serves as the main office, that’s where the information we need will be kept.”, Davidoff stared at Townsend , he wanted to be in command, but the look Townsend gave him in reply left him in no doubt who Rene had put in charge of this mission. He looked away and Townsend continued. “Security appears to be minimal but I want a team of two to do a recon run around the airfield, report back in three minutes.”

07:43 –– (22:43)

At the L.A. Television studio, the Times Journalist had just finished her segment and now stood backstage as she made a phone call. “…you did well,…” said the voice at the other end of the line, it was her assistant.
“Thanks, have you found out anything more about the information the police officer phone in?”
“Yes actually, someone called, but he didn’t leave a name, said they knew more, but wouldn’t go into any detail over the phone…”
“He wants to meet?”
“Where? When?”
“…in 45 minutes at a parking lot in Studio City…”
“…your gonna take the meeting?…”
“Why not?”
“…seems a little odd doesn’t it?…”
“Didn’t stop Woodward”

07:46 –– (22:46)

At the CTU Airfield, recon had been finished and now the SG Strike Team nealt at the perimeter fence of the Airfield, while Davidoff cut a hole in the fence with a pair of wire cutters, big enough for the team to fit through. Once on the other side of the fence they backed against a walled of an out building that stood a few feet away from the fence. Townsend looked around the corner and saw the airfield’s tower 100 feet away, there were no guards between them and the tower, but two figures could be seen within the tower itself in the uppermost section which was accessible by a metal staircase on the outside of the tower. Townsend by Davidoff, who saw what Townsend did. “What are you waiting for?”
“I’d rather do this with the least number of civilian causalities”
“What’s your plan?”
“…we need to distract the two controllers inside the tower.”
“And how do we do that?”
“I’m still working on that.”, Davidoff couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he couldn’t put up with this stupidity any longer, he wouldn’t. He walked away from the wall his body had been pressed against and round the corner of the outbuilding towards the tower. “What the hell are you doing?!?” came Townsend’s urgent inquiry. Davidoff didn’t bother to turn back when he responded.
“What your to stupid to do.”, Davidoff kept walking, to Townsend’s utter disbelief. Davidoff was three quarters of the way to the tower before Townsend has decided what to do, he turned to the remaining four members of his team.
“Cover us.” Before turning back towards the tower and taking off, half jogging, half running. By the time he reached the metal staircase, Davidoff was at the top, who was now removing his silenced gun from a holster and opened the door. He did so quietly, and the two controllers would not have noticed the intrusion but for the rush of cold air which accompanied it. As both turned around to seek the source of the change in climate Davidoff shot them both in the head. Townsend came through the door only seconds after Davidoff had, who turned to Townsend.
“Where’s the information?”. Townsend shook off his momentary surprise at seeing the two dead bodies and moved towards an ancient looking computer terminal in the corner. He quickly found what they were looking for, and access wasn’t a problem as one of the two controllers was already logged on. Townsend moved back to let Davidoff take a look, as he did so Townsend looked outside the tower at the surrounding airfield. “Yes, this is very good.” Davidoff commented quietly as he moved away from the computer and picked up his gun he had laid on a nearby table, all the while Townsend was studying his surroundings, foolishly paying little attention to Davidoff. “…it seems you have outlived your usefulness.” Said Davidoff as he took the safety off his gun, and raised it to the back of Townsend’s head.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Carrying out the final part of my mission.” Davidoff pulled the trigger.

07:59:58 … 07:59:59 … 08:00:00

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