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Previously on Nightfall … my boss has been planning it for months, he’s got two delta teams out in Kosovo now, the first thinks that their mission is to kill Drazen, but there just there to act as cover while the second takes him to a detention centre they’ve got prepared for him …

… You’re to valuable an asset to there future plans …

… there is no story, and I trust I don’t have to spell out what might happen if you try to prove otherwise …

… We’re about two hours away from the Drazen compound, once there we’ll split into two teams and undertake recon runs of the compound …

… I’ve got one of the lookouts … I have the license plate of his contact …

… central to our plan is having reliable flight information for those government agencies … I know where you can get it …

… What are you doing? … Carrying out the final part of my mission … Da-vid, is it done? … he’s dead, it’s Townsend … I got a little annoyed, you ordered him to kill me … You got the flight information? … its price just doubled … be under the Sixth Street Bridge in twenty five minutes … you looking for your back-up? … Of-course not, wh-y?..

The Following Takes Place between 9 am and 10 am on the Day of Operation Nightfall


“Just face is Richard; this guy gave you some random plate that doesn’t exist.” Mason said, now truly wishing he was anywhere but in Walsh’s office which seemed to be getting smaller and more dull by the minute.
“Wait until it’s finished the search at least George.”
“No Richard, I’m done for the night, you see it’s stuff like this why nobody ever makes realistic films about the agency, because they’d put everyone to sleep.” With that George got up and made for the door of Walsh’s office when he’s dramatic exit was rudely interrupted by a “bleep, bleep” from Richards computer. George stopped mid-way to the door and hung his head and turned on the spot. “What’s it found?”
“A positive match.”
“I guessed that much, what information has it given you?”
“Nothing?!, what do you mean?”
“It’s classified.”
“Well that’s just great, nearly two hours to find a match, and it’s classified, you had to get the computer that had a sense of irony didn’t you.”
“Calm down George, I can get the relevant clearance, it’s just gonna take me a while.”
“How did I know you were gonna say that.”

09:06 – (00:06)

He couldn’t see anything, he didn’t know where he was, everything was black. The last thing he remembered was the Sixth street Bridge, the horror of seeing Delta’s dead face, from there, nothing. He heard voices, but they seemed distant, he couldn’t seem to focus upon them, he couldn’t seem to focus on anything. His sight started to come back to him, but it didn’t help him much, it was constantly shifting, changing. He thought he saw someone close by, standing over him, he was white, well built, athletic, a few years younger than Townsend but yet when he spoke he talked down to him. “What have you gotten yourself into now? I would have never thought you capable”. Townsend shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, he was hallucinating, he had to be, because he couldn’t be seeing what he thought he saw. He closed his eyes and opened them again. This time the room came into clearer view, the man who had spoken to him was gone, replaced by Rene, sitting in a chair, opposite Townsend. As he tried to move he realized he was tied to a chair. He stared at Rene, who stared back, almost as if learning something new every second he looked at Townsend. Finally Rene broke the silence.

“Where’s the flight information?”
“Where’s my money?” Townsend returned quickly.
“There is no money, not any more.”
“Then there’s no flight information.”, Townsend couldn’t help but return, his cover had been blow, his operation was effectively over before it had begun, the only thing left was for him to get out, to save himself, but he felt compelled to carry on.
“I’m not negotiating with you, we know you where working undercover, the only deal to be made here is we get the flight information and we don’t kill you.”
“You won’t kill me.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“You want the flight information, if you kill me, you won’t get it, well not easily anyway.”
“Of course, your right, but I think you mind find there are worse things than death.”


Drazen sat on a sofa opposite several computer screens, each one displayed the image of a different member of the SG board. They had set-up a conference call between him and the suits, he wasn’t entirely convinced the whole deal wasn’t going south. He wanted some reassurances.

“Everything is fine Victor”
“Everything is NOT fine, if everything was fine, we would not be talking now.”
“Temporary set backs will not stop you, stop us from achieving our larger goals.”
“Larger goals, listen to yourself, you talk as if this was a business, we want to pick apart the ‘last remaining superpower’, not compete with there business empires.”


“This is team B calling in, we’ve finished our recon run, there’s nothing out of the ordinary.”
“There’s no extra security been added since the last intelligence report on the place?” replied Bauer.
“No sir.”
“Good, get back here, we’re digging in to wait for Drazen.”
“Yes, sir”


Johnson had been dug in for God knows how many hours outside Drazen’s safe house, he’d been able to pick up bits of his conversations with the woman, and with someone over window conference. It was a shame Drazen would never get a trial, the material he’d recorded would prove what a monster Drazen was, the rest of the world and even the rest of America might be apathetic to his crimes, but Johnson was now convinced his mission was the right one. As he thought over that, another stray thought entered his consiousness, one which he quickly banished to the back of his mind, when was believing a course of action was the right and just one all the proof that was needed?…

Johnson was gratefully he would have to admit broken from his metaphorical thought process by the sight of Drazen emerging from the safe house. The serbian walked over to the black SUV that he had arrived in, and that hadn’t moved since then.

Quickly Johnson rose, being careful not to be seen, he swiftly packed up the limited amount of gear that he’d gotten out of his bag, and made his way to back into the forest. If he set off now, directly through the forest he could make it to the crossroads faster than Drazen’s SUV could driving the long and winding dirt track that connected to the main road about a quarter mile to the north.

09:27 — (00:27)

Twenty minutes, give or take, of his life he’d never get back, George thought to himself as he sat in Richard’s office. “Got it.” Richard pronounced after he put down the phone.
“Your sure this time?, this isn’t another contact stringing you along, trying to make himself look good?” George said of an old friend of Richards who claimed to have the necessary clearance, but actually had a lower clearance than both Mason and Walsh.
“This one will work.”, Richard punched in the code he had written down

09:29 — (00:29)

Focus on something other than the pain, that’s what those stupid courses said, don’t focus on the pain. How earth could he do that, it hurt like hell. One of Rene’s thugs hit Townsend again in the chest, momentarily winding him. “WHERE IS IT?” screamed one of his interrogators. Townsend took a couple of deep breaths and regained his composure.
“There’s no need to get so angry just because you lost the TV guide.” Townsend’s quick return was followed by another blow to his chest that knocked more wind out of him, leaving him breathless. “There’s nothing on at this time, nothing good anyway.”, another blow hit Townsend in his head, knocking him and the chair he was tied to over, and leaving him unconscious.
“Leave him, let him wake up on his own, I’ve got to make a call.” Said Rene as he left the room, fishing his cell out of his pocket at the same time.

09:33 — (00:33) L.A. Time — (11:33) Russian Time

Rene punched a number into his cell, at the other end Dimitri Goetz picked up. “Yes Rene, what is it? Are we on schedule?”
“Not quite Dimitri.”
“This is unacceptable Rene, we have explained the importance of your operation…” Dimitri paused for a second, “…what is the hold up?”
“The man I told you about, the one that secured the flight information.”
“What about him?”
“He won’t break, not in the time we have.”
“Offer him something else.”
“We have nothing to offer him.”
“We don’t, you might, check your e-mails, we sent you all the information we could find about him.” With that Dimitri hung up. Rene walked over to a computer that was setup in the corner and opened an e-mail that had just come in from Dimitri and started to read.


And to think, George had been so close to ignoring the phone when Richard rang. It was his day off, his first day off in a fortnight, he’d planned to watch a whole day of rubbish TV, one of the 300 TV channels he got but never watched had a Tom Cruise marathon, right now he was probably missing Jack Nicholson scream ‘you can’t handle the truth’. Never mind, if this latest lead didn’t pan out, he’d be off, the amount of times he’d told himself that in the last eight hours he couldn’t count, but he could tell Richard was now thinking that as well.

They’d just arrived at a warehouse on an mostly disused industrial estate. Quite how the license plate Richard had gotten had lead here he’d forgotten, but it seemed to make sense at the time Richard had told him.

Walsh had parked on a embankment that overlooked the warehouse. In isolation it looked to be unoccupied, but when compared to others on the estate, it was easy to pick out the signs which showed it was in use, or atleast had been recently. “Now what?” George asked.
“We wait”, George didn’t know why he asked, he already knew the answer.
“How do we know that were in the right place?”
“Johnny’s car’s down there, parked by the side. The fact that he’s not been able to contact us shows he was on to something, whatever that was has lead him here.


Johnson had arrived at the crossroads ahead of Drazen’s SUV, where his driver headed not towards the nearest town as Johnson had assumed he would, but in the opposite direction. A quick scan of what Johnson knew of the surrounding area revealed had revealed the reason why. The clearing that was now in front of him, in which stood an all black helicopter. Drazen was yet to arrive, and so Johnson decided to take the oppourtunity that was presented to him.

09:46 — (00:46)

At the SG Safe house, Rene was walking back to the room where they were torturing Townsend, still digesting the information he had read in the e-mail from Dimitri, “Rene!” came the shout from a paper shuffler he only half recognized, Rene turned to answer him.
“Yes? What is it?”
“Sergoi says the two CTU agents who were poking around our addresses earlier have been spotted outside.”
“Tell him I’ll be there in a minute, I have something else to deal with first.”

Rene pushed open the door and entered the room where they were holding Townsend. “Leave us.” He said to the interrogator who was about to thump the now conscious Townsend again, with a hurt look on his face, like he’d had his favorite toy taken away from him, the interrogator left and the closed the door.

“Your quite tough, not that tough, chances are if we had enough time we’d break you, but we don’t.”
“I’ll just be going then.”
“In light of our restricted time, I’m gonna offer you something besides your life.”
“Information? What Information?”
“The information you’ve been wanting since you where eighteen.”
“How a woman’s brain works?”
“You know the information I’m talking about.”
“I don’t.”, Rene was getting frustrated, he didn’t have the time to spell it out to Townsend, but he would have to. He leant over him, putting his mouth to with a centimeter of Townsend’s ear and whispered something, Townsend’s eyes bulged, ready to pop out of their sockets. Rene saw the effect this new information had on Townsend as he walked around him and back to his initial spot. “How do you know?” Townsend asked?
“I was their.”, Townsend’s mind was racing in confusion,
“Do we have a deal?”, Rene brought him back to the present.
“Yes.”, was all Townsend could reply, only half an hour ago he couldn’t think about anything but ensuring Rene didn’t get the information he needed, now suddenly it had been put out of his mind by something more personally important.
“Good, now we have to deal with your friends outside.”


She was just double checking everything before she set off, it was a high-value operation she had been entrusted with. Her phone went off as she flicked through some papers.
“Yelena, we’ve got a problem.”
“What is it?”
“Victor’s helicopter has been heard from since it took of, and our Sat Tracking shows it way off course.”
“Where’s it headed?”
“West, best we can make out it’s headed for Italy.”

09:56 — (00:56)

In the twenty minutes or so that they’d been there they’d seen and heard nothing, and yet there were clear signs that there had been recent activity. George was about to nod off, he’d give his right arm for something to happen, anything, just something. “There’s no point us waiting here all night, let’s take a closer look.” Richard said, breaking up George’s thoughts. They started to walk done the steep bank that had afforded them a great view of the warehouse. It was still eerily quiet.

Mason was knocked off his feet, turning his head he saw a ball of flames engulf the warehouse.

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