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Carlos Bernard’s Pilot: 101 Ways To Die

From AlmeidaIsGod[dot]com

The new animated mobile comic “101 Ways To Die” stars Carlos Bernard doing the voice of the lead character Eddie Luck, a veteran of the war in Iraq who awakens from a two-year coma to discover that his family has been kidnapped by a shady organization known as “Sleeping Giant”, who is using the family as leverage to coerce Eddie into becoming their assassin.  This is the side project I mentioned yesterday in the post about the SCI FI Wire interview.  I received an e-mail personally from the project’s creator, Marcello Picone, letting me know it was now available for viewing and asking me to spread to word to all of Carlos Bernard’s many fans who visit this site.  Apparently, if the mobile comic becomes popular enough, there is a chance it could turn into a live action series, so if you like it, pass it on!

This project of Bernard’s has been mentioned in an interview earlier this week, which can be found here:

Interview with Scifiwire

Check out the video below. Personally, as a Tony-addict, I loved hearing his voice and loved seeing him doing something other than Tony Almeida. Hopefully this will get picked up as a series, so please go check it out and like Kasia of AIG already asked, pass it on!

101 Ways to Die Pilot from 101 Ways to Die on Vimeo.