’24’ has momentum but no depth

“…Nothing else on TV zips along at such a breakneck pace,…That rush is the drama’s best, and worst, attribute. Keeping both eyes clearly on the speedometer means treating the characters as little more than crash-test dummies that might not survive the next collision. It’s all whoosh and no wit… …All that said, “24” is never boring. Split screens haven’t been this effective since the 1970 film “Woodstock,” and I’m tempted to buy the soundtrack, if only to have the warped tick-tocking on file. It sounds like someone dripping acid on the “60 Minutes” stopwatch…

…But I’d give up a few moments of nonstop action and camera tricks to find out a little more about Bauer. What are his hobbies? Does he enjoy long walks in the moonlight? Ginger or Mary Ann? Perhaps then I’d care a little bit more about what happens to him and treat “24” as more than just a lap around the track…”

source : modbee.com

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