24: Becoming a boring soap?

Has 24 jumped the shark?, It’s too soon to tell … The show got off to such a high-octane start the first four hours. But last night I found my mind wandering while it was on. I even paused the episode for a few minutes to rest my tired eyes. I mean, that never happens. Never.

A U.S. reviewer worries the show is going off the rails.

source : palmbeachpost.com – spoilers for non-US viewers

5 thoughts on “24: Becoming a boring soap?”

  1. Personally, not only was this last show slow, but it went way too far in shoving the PC message down my throat.

    Okay, I get it!
    profiling: bad.
    Detention camps: bad
    Vigilante Justice: bad

    I wish the writers would get over trying to appease the CAIR/ACLU crowd and get on with running rough-shod over everyone in their way.

    What has always been great about the series is the fact that it didn’t matter if you were a neo-con or a liberal, all got ran over by the Jack Bauer Freight Train.

    For some reason, this season, they (the writers) have decided to slow down and throw some bones out to those people who would be offended by a box of Cheerios, much less 24.

  2. I agree as well… episode 6 pretty much stunk, jack wasnt in it all that much either, but episode 1-5 were awesome IMO

  3. 24 is not Becoming boring at all and i know that the last episode didn’t have Jack in it a lot. and i didn’t like that but 24 will never to me get boring. I love this show and i love Kiefer Sutherland

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