Jack’s Jeans In Charity Auction

This came into my inbox today, Children’s charity “Variety” have a pair of jeans worn by Kiefer as part of his Jack Bauer wardrode during the course of season 6 up for auction on ebay. So if you want to own a genuine part of the show, now is your chance, and the money is going to charity.

This is from the ebay page.

These jeans are a unique wardrobe item.  Generally, a costume is worn in only one scene or a few scenes in a movie or television show.  Since an entire season of 24 takes place over only one day, these jeans were worn repeatedly and can be seen throughout an entire season.

Certificate of Authenticity will be provided to the winner.  The winner will also recieve an image of the jeans being worn by Jack Bauer on the set.

Get bidding!

auction : cgi.ebay.com

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