Production Delayed Again

Fresh reports surfaced last night about production delays to the new season. At first I thought it was simply a re-reporting of the earlier delay but this morning it has become clear that there has indeed been a second production delay. The first came after the decision was passed down from FOX that ambitious plans to shoot some scenes in Africa would be too expensive, leading to a page one re-write and a production delay of a month (late August instead of late July).

The exact reason for the second delay is as yet unknown, but it will likely see production now start in roughly three weeks. Though several sources go with a slightly vague “more scripts need to be finished”, possibly suggesting the first four episodes, though wording in another article “enough scripts for the new seasonlong plot” – ( leaves me with the faint hope of the writers going for more forward planning, indeed possibly demanding it before production can start.

One article is brave enough to mention the elephant in the room, the question if these production delays will mean it’s premiere date of the 13th of January will have to be moved back or change its usual 4 episodes over 2 night premiere format. Though with fans likely to need convincing of the many changes made to the show, the 4in2 format would help draw skeptical fans and so FOX will not make that call unless they have no other choice.

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  1. well, here’s something that once again makes me think – at first glance – that they’re running out of ideas and thus need a longer time to come up with stuff.

    at second glance, however, it could be what you’re suggesting, that they want more episodes written before the production begins, so that they don’t find themselves having ended the principal storyline 6 eps before the end of the season and having to tackle on something to it again like in ep 7. indeed I wish the second option were true, so that we would get a more coherent storyline. and I also hope – in general – that the season will not consist of 5 different storylines but one big arc that spans the season and slowly reveals the plot episode by episode.

    let’s hope they know what they’re doing. especially because of all the changes they’re supposedly making to the show.

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