Forum Thoughts on 8×05 & 8×06

As the clock ticks on so does the debate, and generally speaking episodes five and six did not meet with universal acclaim…

The good old 24 pitfall of it taking too long for nothing to happen was very much in play. And I don’t really understand why. SteveB

It was all about Renee, and actually her story was quite interesting- and thanks to the excellent casting of Callum Keith Rennie it was worth watching. SteveB

I find myself very much liking individual element, individual characters and individual moments, and the amount I liked in these episodes was much more than in previous episodes, hardy24

it feels like a proper slow burn story, and not simply stalling. hardy24

aside from renee & jack’s story, which is really good and interesting, all of the other stuff just feels like fillers to me. stalling J_A

One thought on “Forum Thoughts on 8×05 & 8×06”

  1. This show has become totally unwatchable. The entire scenario with Dana Walsh is STUPID. No one who works in security would ever act like that even if they ran the risk of expsoure. They know exactly what people who are blackmailers would do and that there is never “only one time”.The writers have totally lost their way and essentially changed the way characters have behaved from prior seasons. In short the writers need to be fired.

    I will wait to see if they hire new writers for next year, but for this season I am over it.

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