11 Emmy Nominations

July 17th, 2005

A couple of days ago the nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards was announced, with 24 getting 11. The most notable are for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series – Kiefer Sutherland. Here’s a full list. Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series – Kiefer Sutherland
Outstanding Cinematography For A Single – Camera Series
Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series (3 nominations)
Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore)
Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series
Outstanding Stunt Coordination

source : www.fox.com
more : www.cnn.com

Series Four DVD

July 4th, 2005

The series is over in the UK and the U.S., and while those in America are looking at a Christmas release for the Series four DVD, in the UK we have just under 5 weeks to wait. I thought I would let you know what fans can expect. Currently special features are set to include roughly an hours worth of deleted scenes, with commentary from Jon Cassar, and you will be able to reinsert them into the episodes they come.

Deleted Scenes: –
Ronnie roughs up suspect before joining conference room meeting
Curtis checks up on Marianne and they butt heads.
Marianne complains to Driscoll about Sarah
Marianne gets information from Sarah that she tries to pass off to Poweel. Curtis catches her.
Behrooz moves to the Driver’s seat and tells Dine they need to get help
Jack and Tony talk to the Building’s landlord and discover that it is owened by Galaxy financial.
Sarah updates Heller about the power plant casualities.
Jack argues with Secretary Heller about reinstating Tony.
Sec. Heller tells Driscoll to reinstate Tony even though she disagrees.
Original version of Killing Mariane and taking Curtis prisoner.
Curtis gets questioned and tortured.
Driscoll gives Heller an update of Power Plant meltdowns.
Mclennan Forester meeting about the override device.
Heller gives Audrey something to do and notices Tony and Curtis arguing.
Marwan tells his wife and son goodbye.
Jacks finds Alam.
Jacks works on Alam’s wound and talks to him about Mclennan-Forster.
Paul thanks Jack for saving his life.
Sceptre calls Conlin for Backup. Jack explains to Paul the plan of action.
Alam decides to stay and defend the store.
Original Version. Jack calls Audrey to tell her Paul has been shot.
Audrey gets Paul’s wedding ring.
Chloe tells Buchanan they should let Behrooz know that Dina is dead.
Curtis talks to Chloe about finding Behrooz.
Curtis saves Behriiz.
Chloe complains to Michelle about working under Edgar.
Azara gets a lead from Nabila.
Edgar blows off Azara’s lead.
Azara and Chloe bring the lead to Michelle and Tony. Edgar apologizes to Azara.
Original Ending. Chloe tells Jack that she killed someone.
Mandy’s Love scene.
Mandy goes through Tony’s wallet and talks about Michelle.
Mandy grabs her neighbors and makes the guy put on Tony’s clothes.
Jack updates Buchanan from the apartment complex.
Mandy tells the neighbors that they are posing as her and Tony.
Chloe tells Michelle to calm donw.
Jack checks on Tony. Tony thanks Jack.
Chloe and Edgar see Behroox and have a moment.
Jack thanks Tony and Michelle.

Behind the scenes docs will include: –
– LOCK AND LOAD (19 mins)

Other Special Features Include: –

preorder : www.amazon.co.uk
cover art : S4DVD01.jpg

The plight of ‘submission’

May 30th, 2005

In the U.S. the fourth series has had the best ratings of any series, many put this down to a much more populist pleasing storyline which neo-conservative critics have absolutely loved – although some wanted it to go further – thinking it pulled to many punches in the name of political correctness, although I quite frankly don’t see how it could have gone much further. Normally I don’t like linking to such one-sided articles but in the name of presenting both sides I will. Here’s a small clipit first.

“Phew — that was close. The creators of “24,” Fox Television’s thriller-diller starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terror super-agent Jack Bauer, almost put together a compelling television series rooted in the onerous reality of the war on jihad terrorism. But thanks, apparently, to a few helpful suggestions from the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), they managed to steer clear of all political and historical relevance.”

source : www.townhall.com

’24’ and a greater tolerance for torture

May 25th, 2005

“…I was conscious of the menacing and stereotypical image of Arabs. Although I wonder how much you can actually counteract it even when you’re aware of it. Also, I wonder how many viewers were even aware of the extremely distorted image and how it affected them. I lost count of the number of terrorist characters who killed themselves rather than be taken alive and tortured by Bauer to get whatever information he was after…

…While a viewer might be able to filter out the ‘evil Arab’ image, the acceptance of torture as a necessary strategy was more difficult to resist. Carried along by the suspense and the looming disaster, it was easy to think Bauer was justified [in his use of torture]…

…I started wondering if the show was programming viewers to have a greater tolerance for torture. The season coincided with the continuing revelations about the torture of prisoners at Abu Graib, Guantanamo Bay and … the torture deaths of two prisoners at the Bagram detention center…

…The show’s depiction of torture also was unrealistic. After breaking a few fingers, or whatever method he used, Bauer always got the information he needed. Experts say torture rarely results in reliable information because the subject will say anything to stop the abuse.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about a show that you can’t stop to think about. On the other hand, the messages of a popular television program that demands viewers suspend their sense of what’s plausible could be having more of an effect than we realize.”

source : www.insidebayarea.com

Press Reaction Before & After Two Hour Finale

May 25th, 2005

Here’s a few articles from the vast amount online discussing the much awaited two-hour finale episode of ’24’ which aired last night in the U.S., there not recommended reading for anyone who is not up to date with U.S. airings of the show. Before…

“They’re promising a doozy for tonight’s fourth-season finale. And they’d better come through. This show needs a serious jolt…I still watch every week, but I’m starting to feel strung along by the plot’s ever-more contrived conniptions.”

source : www.newsday.com
more : www.foxnews.com
more : metromix.chicagotribune.com


“This was a terrifically enjoyable season of “24.” Part of the fun was watching the writers wing it week after week, resulting in some plotlines dead-ending, but others paying off — none more memorably than the beautifully staged reentries of Tony and Chloe.”

source : www.suntimes.com
more : www.chicagotribune.com

Another 2 Years of ’24’?

May 15th, 2005

“24 (FOX) – Co-creator/co-showrunner Bob Cochran has inked a two-year, seven-figure overall deal with the show’s producer 20th Century Fox Television. The pact, as you’d expect, covers his duties on “24” for the length of the deal as well as develop (along with fellow “24” co-creator/co-showrunner Joel Surnow) new projects for the studio.”

This report from futon critic points to atleast two more series of ’24’, this pretty much sets in stone other reports that there will be a fifth series, and probably kills off any hopes that NBC had of nicking the show from FOX.

source : www.thefutoncritic.com

UPDATE – Wednesday 18th May

“Stealing some of the thunder from networks with early upfront presentations, FOX reportedly has a deal in place to bring back “24” for two seasons,…, negotiations between FOX and the studio over ’24’ were complicated by the producers’ attempt to secure a higher license fee in order to handle the lofty production costs on the fourth year drama. There had been rumors that the lengthy discussions might allow another network — possibly NBC — to sneak in and steal the show…”

source : tv.zap2it.com
more : www.hollywoodreporter.com

24: thinly disguised propaganda?

April 5th, 2005

“… Its propaganda value is revealed in story lines that promote racist stereotypes of Arab Americans and other ethnic groups. Even more politically insidious, this year’s season is replete with scenes of torture administered to various suspected terrorists or their associates by US government operatives. 24 offers such stomach-turning scenes every week … Moreover, this systematic presentation of torture is intended to inure the population and convey the message that this barbaric treatment is somehow acceptable in the ‘global war on terror.’ The torture scenes in 24 are obviously based on real incidents such as those inflicted by prison guards and interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, or carried out by foreign government operatives against prisoners “rendered” by the US to other countries. Incidents and allegations of such torture are now found regularly in the pages of US newspapers.

This season, two major themes have emerged in the story lines that serve a definite right-wing agenda. Blatant anti-Arab sentiments that parallel the calls for racial profiling of people of Arab descent or Islamic religious convictions flow from the way the principal characters are presented in this year’s season.”

That is just a short clipit from an article discussing the view that the current series of 24 is being used as Neo Conversative propaganda. It makes some valid points even if it’s blighted by some hatred of those it is discussing.

source : www.wsws.org

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