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Episode Review: In Honor Of The 13

Alright, then: I’ll admit: I actually liked episode 13.

Stuff happened, y’know? Chloe  saved CTU, Renee saved Jack and heck, Jack got yet another chance at a Suicide Mission and then managed to cheat death by the skin of the teeth (or by the Bullet of Renee). Though I doubt that anyone watching truly believed that Jack would be offed by terrorists, I suppose it was nice to be reminded again of Jack’s willingness to Die For Something. Some might call it The Death Wish: one of Bauer’s character traits that have been following him since Day Two.

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Funny Greg Itzin Video

Not entirely newsworthy, but it’s a funny video with Greg Itzin in it, thats enough for me, although it may have a slight 24 twist at the end.

How Do You Feel About The WGA Strike?

…which has postponed series 7? Some mixed feelings here, which is probably to be expected for such a complex issue.

45% – Neither, Just Want It Sorted Out Soon
32% – Support The WGA
19% – Angry At Both Sides
5% – Support The Studios & The Networks

The new poll asks, Which Forgotten Favourite Would You Most Like To See Return To The Show? You’ve got 12 options which i’ll run through quickly.

Richard Walsh (Series 1) – Jack’s closest friend at the agency and mentor. Last Seen: Being shot by a unknown sniper.

Mandy – (Series 1, 2 & 4) – Hired gun with a multitude of skills. Last Seen: Being pardoned for her crimes in exchange for giving up Marwan.

Alberta Green – (Series 1) – Career minded CTU employee who was brought in to replace Jack when it was believe he’d “gone rogue”. Last Seen: Being overruled by Ryan Chappelle regarding Jack’s reinstatement.

Robert Ellis – (Series 1) – Behind the scenes go-to guy who helped set up Operation Nightfall. Last Seen: Being strangled in a men’s room of a bar in New Orlean’s whilst on the phone to Jack.

Paula Schaeffer – (Series 2) – CTU Tech Analyst, was being socially ackward before anyone had ever heard of Chloe O’Brian. Last Seen: Going into cardiac arrest on a gurney after the bombing of CTU.

Bob Warner – (Series 2) – Business Man whose family being inexplicably tie up in a terrorist plot on his daughter’s wedding day. Last Seen: Visiting his daughter Marie in prison trying to understand her actions.

Yusuf Auda – (Series 2) – Middle east intelligence agent who helped Jack and Kate secure “the chip”. Last Seen: Huddled in a phonebooth after being shot several times.

Jonathan Wallace – (Series 2) – Soldier turned hired gun, killed his entire military squad before blackmailing Jack when his employers double crossed him. Last Seen: Bleeding out in an urgent care centre.

Walt Cummings – (Series 4 & 5) – Charles Logan’s Chief Of Staff, responsible for ordering a hit on Jack at the end of series 4, and then a key conspirator in series 5. Last Seen: Hanging from his neck-tie in a presumed suicide that was later revealed to have been staged.

Diane Huxley – (Series 5) – Jack’s “land lady” at the start of Series 5, got dragged into things when her son followed Jack and eventually was taken hostage in the airport siege. Last Seen: Leaving CTU with her son.

Theo Stoller – (Series 5) – Deep cover German intelligence agent, who got in the way between Jack and a suspect. Last Seen: Being double crossed by Jack after giving up the suspect.

Shari Rothenberg – (Series 5) – CTU low level analyst given a provisional promotion to help out after the gas attack on CTU left them severally undermanned. Also more than a little odd, so much so she freaked Chloe out at times. Last Seen: Telling her superiors she let a locked up Chloe escape.

Poll will run for two weeks, good luck choosing.

24 Gets 6 Emmy Nominations

The emmy nominations where announced today, with 24 coming away with 6 nominations. The most meaningful nomination (especcially since they missed out on a best drama nomination, which they won last year) is Kiefer being nominated for Best Actor (which he won last year). He goes up against James Spader (Boston Legal), Hugh Laurie (House), Denis Leary (Rescue Me) & James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) for the award.

The other categories the show got nominated for were, Outstanding Guest Actress (Jean Smart), Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Sean Callery), Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series, Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Bill Gocke, Jeff Gomillion, Kenneth Kobett, Michael Olman) & Outstanding Stunt Coordination (Jeff Cadiente)

Another Interview For Good Measure

Carlo Rota took what you could call a circuitous route into the world of acting. The son of a world-famous Italian Chef, Carlo began his adult days in the culinary industry, working under his father. One day, Carlo decided to be an actor. That was sixteen years ago. Since then, Carlo has worked on screen and stage in diverse and interesting projects. He is probably best known for his current role on 24 as Morris O’Brian who, if you’ve been watching this season, has had a rough go of it. Carlo stopped by recently to discuss his history, his experience on 24, and a very interesting upcoming project.

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Latest day maintains momentum

To the delight of millions of viewers, federal agent Jack Bauer … may be having the longest day of his life, [and] far from losing its momentum, the suspenseful anti-terrorism series returned to the water coolers and online discussion boards with the explosion of a nuclear device in California [and] the death of a familiar face…

Insightful overview of series six and the show as a whole.

source : – spoilers for non-US viewers

Meet the drama queen

“Kim Raver’s a survivor. So far the actress — who seems to have a thing for numbers — has made it through five years of the gritty police drama ‘Third Watch,’ and two seasons of ramped-up thriller ’24.’ …… While paging through a script one day on the set, she came across a scene where Audrey was fingered as was a spy. ‘I thought that was it,’ Raver recalls with a laugh while sitting at a Santa Monica coffee shop with the equivalent of a Big Gulp of chai sitting before her.

‘I couldn’t (expletive) believe it. I was literally in the hair and makeup chair and I took the script I had half my makeup done and curlers half done — and I went up to Howard (Gordon, executive producer) and Kiefer (Sutherland) and said, Is this for real?’

Audrey was exonerated but not until after being tortured — ‘That was a lot of fun, actually, even though it shouldn’t have been’ …

… ‘Being on ’24,’ you have (a target on your back), but because I’m in a relationship with Jack Bauer, that’s like a double target!” …

… she speaks with particular relish of ’24’. ‘I love that show and I love working with Kiefer. We have a similar way of working together. It’s such an extraordinary experience.’

source : – possible series six spoilers