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Episode Review: In Honor Of The 13

Alright, then: I’ll admit: I actually liked episode 13.

Stuff happened, y’know? Chloe ¬†saved CTU, Renee saved Jack and heck, Jack got yet another chance at a Suicide Mission and then managed to cheat death by the skin of the teeth (or by the Bullet of Renee). Though I doubt that anyone watching truly believed that Jack would be offed by terrorists, I suppose it was nice to be reminded again of Jack’s willingness to Die For Something. Some might call it The Death Wish: one of Bauer’s character traits that have been following him since Day Two.

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24’s Greatest Moments – Update

Fox’s 24 Greatest Moments poll has entered it’s next stage, with votes now being cast on the best moments of Day Three.

The Day Two Results were:-
1. Mason gives up his life – 22.28%
2. I need a hacksaw – 18.98%
3. Jack pretends to kill Ali’s child – 16.08%
4. Palmer collapses – 13.83%
5. Jack warns Nina – 9.51%
6. Jack turns on a terrorist – 7.81%
7. Marie shoots Reza – 7.52%
8. Nina has a demand – 3.96%

“Mason gives up his life” and “I need a hacksaw” will join “Jack finds Teri dead” and “Nina is the mole” in the final round of voting.

Series 3 goes UK Free-to-Air

After a long wait, during which most UK fans have resorted to other means to see the third (and fourth) series, it has been announced that the third series will get it’s first Free-to-air screening on the all-new ‘Sky Three’ channel due for launch next month on Freeview (a digital television service which requires only a ¬£50 set-top box to receive). Speculation would suggest Sky have waited this long so as not to dent the shows real pulling power which has seen thousands sign up for their Pay-TV service.

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