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Start The Clock

So the Season Eight Premiere has come and gone, and obviously it would be slightly odd for it to pass without some new post on a site called “24fans”. This is just a quick post to let you know what you can expect from the site over the course of Day Eight.

Unfortunately both myself and J_A reside outside of America, meaning we can’t post along with the U.S. schedule. Myself I will be posting my thoughts on the new episodes as they air in the U.K. roughly a week after the U.S., and if you wish hard enough I’m sure J_A will share her thoughts on a Tony-less Eighth Day.

We’re also always on the look out for new contributors, so if you fancy posting your thoughts on the latest episodes where a lot of fellow fans can read and disagree with you, get in contact with me at [email protected] with a little bit about your self, along with a sample piece about the new season of atleast 200 words.

From Exile To Redemption

Just catching up on some news about the S7 Prequel TV movie. Previously called “24: Exile” is now officially titled “24: Redemption”, which is a curious name change and I wouldn’t be surprised if thats simply for DVD marketing sake, and that TV advertising for the first run and in show titles will simply be “24”.

Now for some updated news of the DVD, A UK Region 2 release has been confirmed for the 1st of December, which fits in with what we previously reported about Sky One airing the TV movie in the last week of November.

Dates for your diary.
Sunday 23rd November : US TV Airing
Tuesday 25th November : US DVD Release
Last Week November : UK TV Airing
Monday 1st December : UK DVD Release

24: Exile DVD Details

The Season Seven prequel, entitled “24: Exile” will air in the US on Sunday 23rd of November, and a US Region 1 release of the special episode will follow only 2 days later on the 25th, which will reportedly contain an extended cut of the episode (don’t they always?) plus two featurettes, a Season 6 summary plus Season 7 trailer and Season 7’s “first act”. The set is currently available for pre-order for $19 from

For UK and International visitors, the details aren’t quite as clear cut. Sky One are on the record as saying they will air 24: Exile sometime in November, but you can bet they won’t be airing it until Fox have, which narrows it down to the last week in November. The DVD release is also listed on, claiming the DVD released on November 25th will be available for “all regions”, but we’ve seen that before, it’s likely that it will be available for import but that you’ll only be able to play it on a multi-region or region 1 dvd player. An all regions release on the 25th would likely upset a few national broadcasters.

As ever more news when I have it.

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Series 3 goes UK Free-to-Air

After a long wait, during which most UK fans have resorted to other means to see the third (and fourth) series, it has been announced that the third series will get it’s first Free-to-air screening on the all-new ‘Sky Three’ channel due for launch next month on Freeview (a digital television service which requires only a £50 set-top box to receive). Speculation would suggest Sky have waited this long so as not to dent the shows real pulling power which has seen thousands sign up for their Pay-TV service.

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