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24 Is Back In … “Exile”

Their has been a recent flood of news on the Day 7 Prequel, which is now “24: Exile”. The President Of Fox Entertainment notes…

“it tees off the season — it’s a separate day … It’s the day of the election of the president and swearing in, It’s a self-contained two hours.”

Which would seem to suggest it will indeed not be real time, although there are conflicting reports about that still. Meanwhile Kiefer has a few thoughts …

“It sets up the conflict that starts in the prequel and is carried all the way through Season 7.”

To finish with here’s a trailer for “24: Exile” that was aired recently at a press event, although clearly it was a slightly rushed job on the voice over.


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CTU: Provo

I often receive emails from various people asking me to look at various 24 related materials they’ve made, hoping i’ll post about them here, not to downplay the efforts made but if I posted about any and everything which gets sent my way, it’s all this site would be, and so i’ve got to save my breath until something truly worth posting about comes along, which is the case now.

CTU: Provo” is a fanmade ‘parody-homage’ which runs to a full 90 minutes. Don’t be mislead by the word fanmade, the film has very impressive production qualities, enjoys an excellent cast, a solid script and direction which at times is more inventive than that shown on the show itself in recent times.

The film follows the team of a CTU field office, a Jack Bauer wannabe and his best-friend as they try to avert a eco-terrorist threat made against the most unlikely of targets, the small town of Provo, Utah. What ensues is at times, exciting, funny or just down right silly, but always highly entertaining. In short, if your in need of something to watch while you soldier on through the torturous wait until Series 7, then this is heaven sent and highly recommended.

Watch the trailer above and then head on over to the website to download the full length film, at the moment it’s only available as a direct download of 1GB, but i’m told torrent downloads will be up as soon as possible. I’ll probably be posting a full review in a week or so.

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Funny Greg Itzin Video

Not entirely newsworthy, but it’s a funny video with Greg Itzin in it, thats enough for me, although it may have a slight 24 twist at the end.