Sutherland talks more season six

“… While Bauer was being whisked off by the Chinese for crimes he committed in Season 4, Sutherland won’t spoil whether or not the series will be set in China this year.

‘I don’t want to ruin any of that,’ he says … Even with an additional bit of prodding, Sutherland still was tight with the details on the new season, …

‘We always seem to run into great problems when we shoot on a plane, even if it’s an hour program … If I was to be in China, I would stay there for the day.’

The ironic part is that in real time, the Jack Bauer character should be close to 60 since every season, there’s usually a one to two year jump in between. Sutherland laughs though and notes, ‘I’m probably now my age [on the show]. I think I started out a little younger.’ …

… ‘One of the fantastic things about our writers, is the options are always open for everything,’ says Sutherland. ‘In certain areas and I think one of the discussions about 24 that I think has been interesting is that people have a serious moral dilemma with some of the things that Jack Bauer has done. So that rides a very thin line already. So we’ll see.’ …

… Meanwhile, there’s already been talk that a 24 movie will be shot next summer on the show’s hiatus and Sutherland gave hints as to what the format might be.

‘It’s something we really really want to make,’ he adds, noting that the movie would be a standalone event that wouldn’t tie in with existing storylines happening on the TV show. ‘The real key difference would be, the 24 film, would be a two hour representation of a 24 hour day. It would be the first thing we didn’t do in real time …’

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