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Meet the drama queen

November 9th, 2006

“Kim Raver’s a survivor. So far the actress — who seems to have a thing for numbers — has made it through five years of the gritty police drama ‘Third Watch,’ and two seasons of ramped-up thriller ’24.’ …… While paging through a script one day on the set, she came across a scene where Audrey was fingered as was a spy. ‘I thought that was it,’ Raver recalls with a laugh while sitting at a Santa Monica coffee shop with the equivalent of a Big Gulp of chai sitting before her.

‘I couldn’t (expletive) believe it. I was literally in the hair and makeup chair and I took the script I had half my makeup done and curlers half done — and I went up to Howard (Gordon, executive producer) and Kiefer (Sutherland) and said, Is this for real?’

Audrey was exonerated but not until after being tortured — ‘That was a lot of fun, actually, even though it shouldn’t have been’ …

… ‘Being on ’24,’ you have (a target on your back), but because I’m in a relationship with Jack Bauer, that’s like a double target!” …

… she speaks with particular relish of ’24’. ‘I love that show and I love working with Kiefer. We have a similar way of working together. It’s such an extraordinary experience.’

source : – possible series six spoilers