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Fox’s 24 is one of those shows that’s better judged over an entire season — individual episodes that don’t really work are easily glossed over if the majority of the two dozen episodes end up having a strong narrative flow and plenty of thrilling surprises, as Season 5 certainly did.

But now that one-third of Season 6 has aired, it’s appropriate to check in and see where 24 is headed, with the caveat that these concerns could melt away by the end of Jack Bauer’s sixth bad day.The focus on Bauer’s family drama has been too soapy for some, but I’ve mostly enjoyed it — the Bauer family dynamics have given star Kiefer Sutherland some prime opportunities for virtuoso acting, and James Cromwell was a great choice to play Papa Bauer, the most subtly evil character we’ve seen on the show in some time.

Short overview of the series so far, which makes a number of valid points (some with which I agree, other which I don’t), ranging from ongoing story choices to the politics of the show – although she doesn’t get into them as much as I’d like, but still recommended reading if you’ve got just a few minutes. Spoilers for people outside the U.S., although not earth shattering ones.

source : metromix.chicagotribune.com

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  1. I have been an avid 24 watcher since the beginning. I actually think that season 2 was the best, but they are all good with the exception of the current season. Things seem to have taken a turn towards the soap opera realm. The whole CTU environment is wrong. The characters are all very miscasted, to include the current President, and the current “love triangle” going on at CTU is totally out of character. Then we have Jack and his brother and father falling into the scene. That’s not bad, but it doesn’t seem to fit the twists of previous years. The idea of terrorists using suicide bombers and nuclear weapons is more real than we all want to admit. However, the writers are not focusing on that as much as they are the soap opera which now surrounds the show. Overall, I’m very diappointed in the show this year and I’m not the only one.

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