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I’ve got links to two new cast interviews. One with Marisol Nichols, the other with Roger Cross.

How is it working with Kiefer Sutherland? Is he anything like Jack, is he intense on-set?

I have been around him several times but I haven’t had to work with him. From what I’ve heard, he’s extremely serious when he works, extremely dedicated, a very focused, serious guy. Every time I see him, though, he’s goofing around, playing games, having fun, like totally opposite. From what I’ve met and from what I know of him, Kiefer’s way more laid-back than Jack Bauer.

24 is probably the most intense show on TV; there aren’t a lot of light moments. Does the on-set atmosphere reflect that at all?

It is actually the opposite. It is the most laid-back atmosphere I’ve ever been on. You would think that we’d all have to be so serious, but we’re goofing around like mad in-between takes and we might do a little dance and tell a joke, I’m always telling jokes. It’s very laid-back. And then as soon as the cameras role, you get back and you do your job and it’s very, very serious but I think that comedy balances out a little bit.

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Coming into this season, Season 6, did you have any sort of idea that you were going to be killed off?

(laughs) You know at the end of last year, I asked them what the plans were for the character. Because there were times where you know my character wasn’t doing a whole lot and it was kind of like well, do we have greater plans for him and what’s going to happen? And we discussed it, my management discussed it with them to see what they were talking about, was going to happen, just sort of where to take the character and things like that. We kind of together said, well if you’re going to let him go out, what kind of death scene would it be? So I had a pretty good inkling that they were going to use it for a dramatic moment.

When did you find out for sure?

Before the season started they talked to me and said that we’re going to be definitely through the first four and that’s what they’d like to do and that they’re going to shoot him. He’s not going to definitely be dead but they want to shoot him. So I was like oh, okay, and that was it.

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