Palmer Paved Way For Barack Obama?

A quote from Dennis Haysbert cropped up today in the daily mirror, saying his portrayal of David Palmer on 24 helped to pave the way for Barack Obama.

Dennis Haysbert said millions of fans of the show have got used to the idea of having an African American as president.

And if Obama does win the race for the White House, the actor reckons 24 will deserve some of the credit.

Haysbert, 53, said: “It opened up the public to the notion that if the right man came along – I believe Obama is the right man – that a black man could be president.” …

Haysbert reckons the Illinois senator has similar qualities to his TV president. He added: “A man with control over his emotions and intelligence.”

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3 thoughts on “Palmer Paved Way For Barack Obama?”

  1. hehe, I totally agree too. haven’t we always kept saying that if David Palmer ran for president, we’d elect him? :D. and the more about obama I read, the more palmer-esque he seems :D. I hope he does win. obama for president!

  2. There might be some truth to it, but i’d actually compare Obama more to the character of Matthew Santos on The West Wing, (first latino candidate and president).

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