January ’09 For Day 7!?

Various sources (TV Guide, Variety, IGN) are reporting that 24 returning with Day 7 in January 2009 is an almost certainty. Needless to say you probably shouldn’t be marking it in our calendar just yet, wait for official confirmation from Fox before you do that. Personally I don’t honestly see Fox allowing a gap of some 19 months between seasons, it would surely be ratings poison. I still hold out hope of it premiering this fall.

I’ll post more when I have it. Once again, sound off in the comments with your opinions.

7 thoughts on “January ’09 For Day 7!?”

  1. I hope not – but then the alternative – 12 episodes now, 12 in October than 24 in January might be considered overkill and might harm the series just as much… Of course, as a viewer, I’d love it on now 🙂 A compromise would be good…

  2. premiere in the fall and bring season 8 (if at all) in january 2010, with a bit of a longer hiatus than usual, that would be acceptable. they simply shouldn’t have put out that preview. it’s tormenting… to have to wait till 2009.. ouch

  3. The only downside with a Fall release…is that it’ll butt heads with the World Series (something the switch to the Spring schedule solved) AND for this year in particular…we’d have to put up with updates on the Presidential race throughout the show.

    Personally, I’m okay with waiting until Jan ’09. Get the writers back, fine tune the coming season, and hit us with the greatest 24 season to date.

  4. This would suck but I thought there was an alternative like Ed said so doesn’t mean 24 will return, well not 100% sure, it will return in Jan. 09

  5. It’s been confirmed people, go to ign.com they have a news article about the situation and towards the bottom of the article it says that FOX has confirmed the January 2009 air date for season 7.

    BTW, everyone should just calm down, we all knew that this was going to happen, they were never going to actually go with the 2 mini season idea. In some ways the delay is a good thing as it will build even more hype for the show in my opinion.

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