Day Five DVD News

Here’s the PR Spin for the upcoming Day Five DVD Release …

“The excitement is building … , the critically acclaimed Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning phenomenal TV show. Available on November 6th 2006, Season 5 sees the team at CTU take high octane action and non-stop thrills and suspense to a new level. Season 5 is available as a single season box set (RRP:£49.99) or as part of a complete series to date box set with seasons 1-4 (RRP:£149.99).

The clock is ticking on another day in CTU and time is not on their side as the lives of millions are at risk from the devastating effect of terrorists plans. As the brains behind the days atrocities are slowly revealed, shocking revelations come to light about high powered government officials and their real agendas – will the country ever recover from the appalling betrayal of those who are charged with their safekeeping and well being…

No commercials. No waiting a week to watch the next gripping episode. No excuse not to go out and buy 24 Season 5 on DVD – the format 24 was made for!”

The extras include 12 cast and crew commentaries, 40 deleted scenes (with optional commentary), 4 featurettes. The region 2 dvd will likely include the Series 5 Prequel, and the region 1 will likely include a new Series 6 Prequel.

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