S6 DVD News

News has sprung forth about the Season 6 DVD’s, as yesterday Fox released a Press Release and DVD cover image for the region 1 boxset. The special features list is quite impressive, including the now customary 12 episode commentaries, which is welcome news, although some of the choses for commentaries still baffle me and having no commentary on the final episode I think is a mistake. But it looks like they’ve attempting to make up for with the other extras, which include 25 deleted scenes, vieweable in three different ways. Also included is a “alternate ending”, which sounds very exciting, given the various rumours which where flying round the internet about ending for S6, all of which weren’t true, maybe we’ll find out they were “almost true”.

It should be noted that this is for the region 1 american release, I have no concrete info that these details will be the same for the UK R2 release, although that Fox can confirm these details almost a month before the UK release hopefully means every is ready to go on a UK boxset.

The UK release is the 1st of October while the US release is the 4th of December, follow link below for more details

source : tvshowsondvd.com

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