“24” Cancelled On TV But The Movie May Still Happen

Twitter continues to be the hottest tool for disseminating information these days.

Not long after Jon Cassar, Rodney Charters and Mary-Lynn Rajskub broke the news about 24’s run ending after 8 seasons (see the article below), news about the movie have been twittered.

The news come from an interview with one of the showrunners, Howard Gordon. The article states that the movie is still essentially a go (although it gives no time frame on that), and discusses the possible fate of Jack Bauer. Also, it explains that ultimately the decision to cancel “24” was made because:

“…from our point of view, the story was done.”

Now, that may be true, since the writers have been approaching the finale with the thought in mind that it will possibly be the series-ender, not just a season-ender.

But it also may roughly translate as: “We’ve had so much trouble coming up with ideas for THIS season, we can’t possibly imagine doing one more year of this, without it being another carbon copy of earlier seasons.”

You can find the full article here. It may contain mild spoilers, depending on your definition of the word.

Another article was just posted (yes, again, twitter), on L.A. Times online. Aside from giving a more comprehensive take on the show’s past, present and future, the article cites Kiefer Sutherland’s reflection of the series run:

“We’ve done eight years we’re very proud of, and we’re very excited about going into the film world with this” …. “It’s very sad, the only thing tempering this from being all-out heartbreak is the fact that we have this sense of accomplishment. That’s the only thing holding people up. Because, for me, and all these people who’ve been with us since the beginning, it’s a very special thing and it’s very sad to see it end.”

And it offers a light at the end of the tunnel considering the show’s development in the second half of the season. At least there’s a promise of improvement. Howard Gordon promises that:

“We’re taking some risks and it’s going to a place that I gotta say is pretty challenging. My feeling is that when the seconds tick down, I hope people are sitting forward saying they want more. How it ends is far grayer and more complex and more ’24’ like than anything else.”

And Sutherland adds:

“What I do like about the ending and what I can say about it is that it’s very definitive about where Jack is going to end up.” …. “It can be perceived as a cliffhanger on some level, but there’s no questioning his options. That’s something we’ve never been able to do in the context of this series.”

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  1. Rob, no plans to close the website. If there is a movie on the horizon we’ll do our best to keep you informed about it.

  2. I agree with Dan. If nothing else, we can still keep tabs on the former staff and actors and turn to celebrating the best of the show in retrospect 😉

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